Pink Ladies Frenchie- A MeltDown Challenge

 “The Pink Ladies pledge is to act cool, to look cool and to be cool. Till death due us part, think pink!”

Frenchie played by the talented Didi Conn is probably one if not my favorite character from the Grease movies. Her spunkiness and kindness set her apart from everyone else. Her dreams to hit it big in beauty school may have lead her down the wrong path of dropping out of high school but without it we wouldn’t have got the classic “Beauty School Drop Out’ song to mention the bubble gum pink hair-do she wore in Grease 2.


For Frenchie’s blend I have incorporated:

Front Porch Biolage Shampoo-

For her dreams of beauty school and crazy hairdo. 

Wilma’s Handmade Pink Sugar –

To represent the Pink Ladies!

Vintage Road Candles Sweet 16 : Bubble Gum & Cotton Candy 

 For her bubble gum/cotton candy pink hair.

The throw was on the lighter side. Of what I could smell I could detect the pink sugar and cleanliness of the biolage mingling together which made the biolage a lot more tolerable to my nose as usually I don’t care for it as a stand alone scent. I left the room and let it mellow out for a few hours. When I returned back in the room it had sweetened up a bit more with a light pink sugar shampoo blend. Not my favorite I must admit but overall not terrible or the worst thing I’ve ever smelled. 
Whose your favorite character from Grease?  Let me know!
Until Next Melt, 


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