Sniff My Tarts Mystery Box

My luck with mystery boxes hasn’t been too bad as of late and because I didn’t make a custom order with Sniff My Tarts I decided to go for one of their boxes. That way I’ll still get the chance to try custom blends and maybe find some favorites that I wouldn’t have come up with myself that I can try the next opening. The boxes ran for $36.50 shipped with a 2 week turn around time. I ordered on the 18th of June and received it July 10th. 
Let us dive right in, 

Everything arrived in a PFRE and in this adorable I love unicorns bag. Diving further in, everything was divided into four lots that ranged from 3-4 pieces in each bubble wrap bag. 

Baby Powder/Vanilla Lace 

Vanilla Lace is becoming popular fast. It may become the next salty sea air or shaving cream with vendors wanting to mix it with everything. The vanilla lace is a nice touch but the talculm powder is a little astringent to the nose almost giving me the feeling to sneeze. Maybe I can use this as a blender scent.
Angel Food Cake/Bubble Gum/Candy Crush

I grinned ear to ear when I saw this because angel food cake was a scent of SMT that I had wanted to try. Although this one is mostly bubble gum dominate on cold I’m still able to detect a fluffy, egg cake batter with a light vanilla in the distance that I’m hoping will come out when warmed.
Pink Sugar/Sticky Bread 

Shockingly enough I enjoy this on cold so far. Usually I’m not the biggest bread fan with its yeast undertones but this is different. The pink sugar compliments a cinnabon type without the sharp cinnamon leaving you with a gooey, sticky bun and glazed sugar. 

Vanilla Waffle Cone/Lemon Sugar Type/Blueberry Noel

Another note I was happy to see and try was the blueberry noel. Vanilla waffle cone is another scent I adore yet this blend.. I’m just not sure yet. I’m wondering if it’s just because it is SO tart on account of the lemon sugar and BN. Ill let this one sit and cure awhile before I make my final decision.
Ginger Ale Type/Huckle Berry/Mango
Something is really off about this..yak! From the description everything looks like it would be a scent I would prefer but it must be the huckle berry or the Mix of everything? It smells of burnt rubber or plastic and makes my stomach turn. I’ll let this sit and see if that plastic smell goes away.

Sugar Cookie Crunch/Apricot Vanilla/ Star Fruit & Mango 

Apricot and mango dominate, this is a very fruity blend. I like how the sweetness has a chance to comes out more because of the tartness being suppressed by the vanilla and sugar cookie. A very nice blend.

Marshmallow Fluff/Serendipity/Fruit Loops Type

There’s that odd smell again.. almost like burnt rubber or a funky plastic! In this one it’s more subtle and fades into a fruit loop scent. If you aren’t careful that smell transfers to the pallet and you can almost taste it. 

Note: I had a chance to melt a piece of this one and no plastic/burnt rubber was detected! A nice fruit loop sugar blend

Sweet Lavender/Apricot Vanilla

I’ve seen lavender blended with fruits but I usually don’t reach for it. What has taken me so long to jump into this trend? This is great! Apricot soaked in ceamy vanilla topped with sweet lavender buds. 

Glazed Doughnuts/Strawberry Glaze/Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie 

Though the strawberry glaze may remind me off a strawberry lip gloss I used to wear as a child the VMS adds this creaminess that makes it almost edible as you lick your lips clean of the glaze residue of a the doughnut.

Cranberry Sauce/Georgia Peach

Tart cranberries and juicy red apples spiced with freshly ground cinnamon and undertones of peach juice. 

Sugar Corn Pudding

Almost giving off a fallish bakery vibe I think I’ll put this one back as a blender for fall. Cinnamon sugar dominate with a toasted top cakey edge. 

Pink Sugar/Gain Laundry/BlackBerry

Wha-hoo! This is soo good. Jay,  I think this would be a winner for you too. The perfect balance of Gain and sweet pink sugar with the added benefits and sweetness of the BlackBerry. I’ll have to remember this blend
And the best for last..

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks/Marshmallow Noel/Candy

Guys! I have no idea how I got this lucky that this particular scent in this quantity made it in my box but I am beyond thrilled!! I love SMT Marshmallow Noel and her peppermint. I had considered placing an order just to get some peppermint blends especially Pink Peppermint Noel. I’m so stoked. Ugh, it smells so beautiful. Not medicinal but more of a candy cane cooling to the nose, peppermint.

All in all I am very happy with my mystery box. Did you order a box or a custom order?
 Let me know! 
Until Next Melt, 


6 thoughts on “Sniff My Tarts Mystery Box

  1. jaybird says:

    Ahh, I kept waiting for “my” blend, that is, not actually mine bc I don’t think I made the next impending orders list, but I’m learning to be patient. No choice, really.
    In general, I think you scored! I’d prob love vanilla lace/baby powder bc I normally love bp. Also, I had an apricot/lavender/angel food cake blend in my order but didn’t get it. When you melt it, let me know how the Apricot turns out. Under no circumstances could I do bubble gum though. What the heck is up with that ginger ale/huckleberry blend? How can something that sounds so promising end up so scary? Maybe it will develop better in time, once or twice I’ve had that happen. I also like the sound of Sugar Cookie Crunch and that cute little Sugar corn pudding.
    As far as the Gain blend, PS and Blackberry are probably a smart choice, I’m sure I’d dig it. Now, I’ve tried SMT’S peppermint swizzle sticks-and have some coming, it’s divine. Enjoy your goodies😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I will probably put you a chunk of that baby powder lace back and the sugar corn pudding for the next package I send out for you.
      Yes when I melt it I’ll be sure to let you know.
      The bubble gum I’m really unsure of but I hope it won’t be overbearing in the melt when melting.
      I’m really liking the peppermint swizzle sticks so I can’t wait to cut into that cookie!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie Johnson says:

    That cookie!!!! That blend!!! I am drooling over it. I miss having Marshmallow Candy in my life. Enjoy it girly! You got some great scents! I am glad you gave the iffy ones a chance. Sometimes they do have a strange note to them, happy it burns off. Enjoy your unicorn goodies. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Thank You! I am so excited to have some more peppermint in my life. I am very happy that strange note went away though I’m still iffy to give the ginger ale one a try because it is very strong in that one


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