Yet Another Super Tarts Haul 

Let us just dive into the goodies:

Butter Mint Ice Cream X2-Buttercream Mint Blended With Vanilla Ice Cream

This was a quick favorite used mostly as a blender scent as it just adds this creaminess like no other. Not as strong on the mint as I would like though the ice cream makes up for what the mint is lacking. 

Lorelei-Coffee, Midnight Ice Cream and Cinnamon Donuts

I have spoken about this one in a previous haul. Just a really good coffee dominate melt without being overbearing in your face. 
Elsa-Cotton Candy ICE Cream

Very light on cold but I’m liking what I’m able to pick up on; soft, fluffy spun sugar and rich vanilla ice cream. I think I am a big fan of Brandi’s ice cream on account of that creamy goodness and the cotton candy just adds a hint of sweetness. Blender scent. 

Blanche-Downey, a Nice Musky Odor With Hints of Fresh Green Ozone, Patchouli and Sweet Lollipops

A nice laundered, crisp melt sweetened by the sweet lolli. This is really nice, highly recommend! 

Mama’s Family-Blackberry Jam, Gain and Lemon Curd

Lemon curd dominate, not too tangy nor sour. Sweet blackberries followed by a squeeze of Gain. 

Alien-Apple Cider and Vanilla Bean Doughnuts

This screams fall! Oo, this gets me excited for the upcoming months. Tangy apple cider and a cinnamon ginger blend with a buttery vanilla bakery. 

Poltergeist-Icy Spearmint, Vanilla Cupcakes and Sugar Cookies

A strong blast of spearmint, more minty than toothpaste like, hits the nose first that’s less intense with the vanilla cupcakes and cookies

Bridget Jones-Harvest Ale and Shaving Cream

I wasn’t expecting any type of fall scent to come from this yet that is all I can smell when I smell this. I should have expected it reading harvest ale though my mind just thought like a ginger ale. Though when I remove the clam from its package and smelled it, it gave off an almost bubblegum-ish vibe. This will be an interesting melt. 

Sleepless In Seattle-Cafe Latte, Cola and Marshmallow Fluff

 I’m not sure really what I had hoped to come from this but the cola mixed with coffee sounded interesting so I went for it. Coffee dominate of course, I had hoped for more of that sweet cola and marshmallow to come out when melting instead of just latte. 
Have you ordered anything from ST lately? Let me know! 

Until Next Melt


2 thoughts on “Yet Another Super Tarts Haul 

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I am trying my very best to just stay away because either I’ve tried most the scents offered before or own them now. Though there are several that I want especially since they are in the potion packs shapes


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