The Bathing Garden Sleepy Bundle-

If you’ve been a reader or a follower on my Instagram for any length of time you know I really enjoy my peppermint blends especially for nighttime melting. Mixed with pink sugar or lavender you’ve got me hooked for sure. I’ve heard many rave reviews on The Bathing Garden’s Sleepy so when the scent came available in a bundle for a scent of a month; In the cart it went!

SleepyPink Sugar, Peppermint and Vanilla.

The bundle included a clamshell, flower shaped melt, aloe butter whipped soap and an aloe butter sugar scrub for $18.25 with $7.50 shipping. 

Those sprinkles though! Condensed, granulated sugar whipped to perfection with creamy aloe butter to soften and moisturize the skin. The sleepy smell is very light but once used I believe it will be more dominate.


I’ve never had a whipped soap so I wasn’t sure on what the consistency would be like. Shannons aloe butter soap is very, very thick and tacky on first touch/poke. Not much of a Sleepy smell, only picking up on the formulation of the soap. I scooped out a small quarter sized piece that more resembled a putty (silly putty maybe?) and tried it for the first time. It had softening and great lather result yet its constancy is so thick if not rubbed in all the way pieces fall to the floor of the shower in chunks. 


Summer in a Jar Mango Butter Sugar Scrub- 

 Strongest smelling of the scrubs on cold I’ve tried so far which smells of delicious mango juice.

BlackBerry Jam & Lemon Curd-  This is beautiful, wonderful even. I really want to melt it with a laundry melt. Lemon curd dominate with notes of tart blackberry. 

Pumpkin Pie Spice- Whew wee! This is strong true spice. I’m wondering if pumpkin spice is what is dusting the top of the melt. Careful smelling this as some of the dust went right up my nose. 

Haunted Hayride-

A farmstand apple and strands of freshly rolled haybales. Really good, I think this one will be a repurchase for me. 

Have you tried the sleepy scent? Are you gearing up for Shannons Halloween Collection? 
Until Next Melt, 


6 thoughts on “The Bathing Garden Sleepy Bundle-

  1. jaybird says:

    I like Sleepy (on cold) still haven’t melted my snowflake from last winter! TBG does peppermint, all mints, really well. That whipped soap looks really strange in texture, almost gelatinous-don’t think I’d care for it, been trying out a lot and I like a looser, wetter spreadable soap.
    I received my partial order this week and got the same samples, PPS is interesting. When I sniff my Summer in a jar scrub, I can barely detect a scent though, maybe it will open up for me on use. I’m still deciding if I’ll do a Halloween order or wait till winter, none of the samples I sniffed were a must, except Cemetery Keys. Do you think you’ll order?

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      I’m not sure. I guess I’ll see what is offered this go around and see if anything captures my eye. I like haunted hayride yet one time melting it to enjoy might be enough for me than move along to another fall scent.
      Yeah, the soap really isn’t my thing. I’d rather have more of an actual whipped soap that’s airy and fluffy than this goo yet I’ll still use it up to not waste anything. The scrub I can already tell will be phenomenal though as I’ve had her scrubs before and they were amazing.


  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Oh, that scrub is so darn cute – I love just about all The Bathing Garden’s scrubs, actually find just about any scent more palatable in scrub than wax format. Those little sprinkles, though – they always make me happy to look down in my shower and see them. 🙂

    Semi-pro tip on the soap: It works so much better if you scoop out a little bit, smush it around on a bath poof for a bit and then apply it to your bod that way. Otherwise, as you discovered, it just drops to the floor, a waste AND a slipping hazard. Enjoy your goodies!

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      I’ve considered a loofah for the soap yet I can’t seem to keep one ‘clean’ per say if you catch my drift after it being in the shower for awhile it just seems to get gross and have a film on it that I would rather not rub on my body lol so I haven’t used one in quiet some time. Just a boring ole wash rag.
      Yes her scrubs are not only works of art but amazing on the skin as well! It usually takes me so long to get through a scrub though so one will last me awhile so I try to hold back on buying them.
      I totally agree on that soapy goo being a slipping hazard! Though I’m sure it will be great for shaving if smushed down enough to not clog up the razor with it’s goopiness (you have no idea how many times my spell check wanted to change goopieness to happiness😂😂).


  3. Julie Johnson says:

    The Sleepy tart and scrub are my faves. If the bundle would have come with lotion instead of soap I might have sprung for it. I am not a fan of TBG soap. I like FuturePrimitive and Solstice Scents though. I do like Haunted Hayride and Pumpkin Pie Spice. But not sure if I will order with the new changes. We’ll see.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      I’m not so sure of the new changes myself to be honest.
      Yeah I wish I had known of the soap earlier.. it is not my favorite. I’m using it little by little as more of a shaving soap but I have to make myself use it so I don’t waste


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