American Home Wax Melts-Yankee Candle

If you’ve been a follower of mine for any length of time, you have probably heard of my luck with Yankee products or as I call it the Yankee Curse. Candles and tarts from this company just do not preform well for me. When I heard that the company had changed up a few things this year including the formula on a few of their products I thought I would give them another shot. That is when I picked up a handful of tarts and a candle (which I will be reviewing in another post) at my local Wal-Mart from their American Home collection. 

Product: 2.6 oz , 6 shot clamshell 

Price: $3.58 

Warmer Used: Glade 20W. 

The directions call to use one ‘shot’ or round at a time.

“An island fruit cocktail of tangy oranges and pineapple, sweet mango and peaches, and soft white coconut — just add a warm ocean breeze and a colorful umbrella”

This smells strangely familiar. Sugary and familiar. I believe it to be the same scent of Tropical Twist Trident Gum. Very good and throws wonderfully. I would repurchase this one. 

The fresh, outdoor scent of a lazy afternoon lying beneath the trees and staring at the sunlit leaves above”

This threw like a beast! At first it almost burned my nose and throat but it mellowed out more as it melted. Very clean like dial soap or shampoo type with maybe a hint of bamboo leaves. 

A refreshing mix of fresh citrus with a dash of red cherry that puts a sweet face on the hottest summer day”

Cherry slushie topped with a slice of citrus fruit chilled and forming a layer of ice crystals over the top and side of the glass

Overall I am happy with the results. I can report back that all of these threw very strong for several hours. It is so great to finally get good performance from a Yankee brand! Not to mention the ease of purchase to just walk into a Wal-Mart and grab them off the shelf. 

Have you tried any fragrances from the American Home collection?

Until Next Melt, 


2 thoughts on “American Home Wax Melts-Yankee Candle

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Haven’t tried anything from American Home, but I’ve found I’ve had better results with Yankee stuff in the last year, particularly the tarts. Had a bit of a dud with Peeps recently, but it was already a very, very light scent – didn’t have much presence warm or cold.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Really? I may need to pick up a tart or two than and give them a whirl with the new formula. Yeah, I’ve always wanted to try peeps since everyone raves about it but I figured it would be light.


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