Stormy Nights- Interiors Candle Review

Vendor/Brand: Interiors (Family Dollar)

Product: Single Wick 18 Oz, Scented Candle 

Price: $5 

Scent: Stormy Nights

Throw: Light

The wick had me fearful of some major sooting so I decided this would be strictly a melting candle in my beloved but hardly ever used candle crock. On cold it smells very strong and like a freshly showered man would smell. This candle really reminds me of the car mirror air freshener trees in the scent I believe to be named Black Ice by the Little Tree’s Brand. 

Melting the candle down I expected more of a powerful punch than it gave as the masculine scent was SO strong on cold.

The candle threw pretty light in the crock both times that I tested it. I let the full candle pool out and let it melt for several hours each time but still the end result was just a low throw. 
Until Next Burn, 


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