Small ScentSationals Wax Haul

Retail wax: ScentSational/Better Homes & Gardens aka Wal-Mart Wax is I’m sure where most of us waxies first dipped our toes into the water of wax melts. It’s where we first began and where we continue to return to for affordable dependable wax fixes especially come fall! This past weekend I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart looking for fall melts which of course they didn’t have out yet. Did I walk out empty handed? Of course not! All but two are ScentSationals, the others are Better Homes & Gardens.  

Vanilla Bean Value Pack– 12 cubes of vanilla creaminess. Not to be mistaken with Vanilla Cookie Crunch from BH&G, as it has more of a vanilla bakery while VB is more cream and true vanilla. My plan for this is to try blending it with other scents to achieve that extra creaminess I want in my melts. I have really been enjoying ice cream in my vendor wax so I’m excited to see how this compares. 

Strawberries and Cream– A favorite of mine that is great melting alone or blends well with many other melts. Sweet cream and tart candied strawberries. 

Calypso Sands-Ocean mist and light aquatic florals with only a kiss of honeydew to sweeten this melt. 

Caribbean Sea Breeze- Strong coconut and ocean waves reminding me more of a perfume than rolling tides.  Though this would go nice im the bedroom during the summer.

White Sandlewood 
Manly, outdoorsy, cologne type. 

Fruit Medley- 

Smells exactly like it’s named. A fresh, sweet mix of tart fruits. Citrus and kiwi dominate.

What are some of your favorite retail wax scents? 

Until Next Melt, 


2 thoughts on “Small ScentSationals Wax Haul

  1. jaybird says:

    I stepped into the various wax worlds all backwards. First Yankee, then large small vendors, then smaller vendors, then I finally tried Walmart wax just last October. Certainly affordable with some solid performers and on trend scents, the cons being, having to wade through all of the clamshelsss, some of the blends give me an instant headache. Also, many have a similar smell, I did find a Salty Sea Driftwood that I enjoyed this summer, been mixing it with vendor wax and fresh air blends. Calypso Sands sounds interesting.

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