Diamond Ring- Breakup  

Diamond Ring Candles

Product: One Wick Scented Ring Candle 

Scent: Berry Cooler

Throw: Non-existent 

I feel the need to start from the beginning before I go further. My first post on this blog was a review of a Diamond Ring Candle. On this post I gave it rave reviews on it’s throw, clean burn performance and just expressed that overall I was happy with my experience. Since then I have posted at least two other reviews on this company and have burned several others. 

This past Christmas my husband bought me several more DR Candles as again we were both pleased with our past experieces and expected nothing else. That being said, I don’t know if there has been a change in the way they are now making the candles or if we have just received old/bad batch of candles ect but I have had the worst luck with them as of late. 

Not only have I received poor or no throw (I assumed some of the lighter scents maybe just wouldn’t do as well?), I’ve also struggled with a few tunneling issues and the wicks sooting like mad. One night sooting to the extent that I was so concerned as we watched tv and had one (the candle you see above) burning and could see the wick giving off a stream of smoke. I won’t put up with dirty, sooting candles. This leaves me no other option than to melt them in my candle crock. 

When I first started experiencing problems I just assumed it had to be something I was doing or just a fluke since this was a familiar brand that I had grown to love but after testing a few others with the same result, I had, had enough. I will probably melt through the rest I have left in my candle crock as I do not like to waste candles but I do not have high hopes and I went ahead and told my husband that I think we are through with this company. I’m just greatly disappointed. 

Have you burned any candles from this brand? What are your thoughts?

Until Next Burn, 


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