Band Of Bloggers- August 

How well do you know your favourite Band of Bloggerette? Sure, we’re all reasonably up to date on each other’s interests, hobbies and the pretty, glittery things that make our hearts go pitter pat, but when it comes to the vitally important markers of a person’s character – favourite band, desert island scent, fight stance in the zombie apocalypse – how well do we truly know our virtual neighbours? 🙂 Let’s delve into 10 deeply random questions and find out, shall we?

1. No really, zombie apocalypse survival strategy: Fight or flight?

I’m going to have to be a whimp and say probably flight yet im not very fast either.. so I wonder if my best bet is to try to stick it out and fight? I’m pretty dedicated when I put my mind to something so if it was staying alive I think I would fight until the end yet it wouldn’t take too long.

2. You’ve been a bad, bad kitty and you have just one final meal coming your way. What’s on your plate?

This is a tough one. I’m not really sure what I would pick because in all honesty I would probably be a complete wreck/bucket of tears and wouldn’t be able to eat let alone enjoy anything. Though I feel that I would probably go simple and nostalgic like a few peanut butter sandwiches (single slice, folded in half to create the sandwhich) and dunked into a good ole bowl of veggie tomato soup or fried deer steak and hashbrown casserole. Though if I had the option of fast food probably Pizza Pro Cheese Sticks or Chick-fil-a.. but again how do you choose? 

3. Aside from wax (or nail polish, or crafting supplies, or beauty products) what item do you have major multiples of?

Well, you’ve completely knocked me out of the game especially when you said crafting supplies. Let’s see, I would say I have quite a bit of board games as I mentioned in my earlier collection post, though I also have too many leggings. Leggings I hardly ever wear unless it’s around the house since I don’t have a lot of tops that go with them or that are the  correct length. Some of them are pictured above

4. You’ve just won the lottery. Before best friends you didn’t even know you had begin to show up on your doorstep, what’s the first thing you buy without even thinking twice?

Probably a new car. Pretty generic right? My car is around a 2005 so it’s about that time to get into a new one but it sure is nice to not have to make a car payment! 

5.Biggest celebrity crush? This can be anybody – an actress, a musician, a fictional character from a favourite movie, book or television show, or maybe even an historical figure.

I currently don’t have one. I wracked my brain on this question and I just don’t have any drool worthy, juicy crushes. Though for the sake of the blog, my husband reminded me that back in the day I used to have a thing for Patrick Swayze especially in the role of Dirty Dancing, Outsiders and Ghost, but who didn’t? I also thought that Benidict Cumberbatch Sherlock didn’t look too shabby either as I stumbled down that incredible series thanks to the hubs.

As for actors I simply look up to, you know I gotta say my Girls! (Golden Girls) Betty White is still incredible and as beautiful as ever! 

 6.Flats or heels? Or are you running barefoot through life like some sort of hippie?

Are converses an option? Ha-ha! 

Okay, Flats. I love the look of heels and how dressy they can make an outfit look but I just have no idea how one wears those on a daily! My feet hurt after an hour date in them and I’ll be having trouble walking back to the car dreading my decision the whole walk back and playfully whining to my husband about how I hope he enjoys  that I dress up nice for him :P.  Though when I’m home, barefoot is the way to go. 

7. Whether it was created through a customs order or simple pick-and-mix blending at home, what’s the greatest scent blend you’ve ever stumbled upon?

I haven’t created many customs though I have been blending a lot here recently. Not a custom just a favorite, pink lavender peppermint is a must have. Though I was pretty impressed when I stumbled on blending Brandi’s (ST) Lauvea (Lavender Buttercream Sugar Crystals) with So White Peppermint from Rose Girls. My favorite candle from Bath and Body Works to this day is still probably Tea and Lemon (London Calling) 

8. It’s snack time!  Are you reaching for the sweet or the salty?

SALTY! This would be almost any kind of chips or crackers even down to plain tortilla chips. I would say my favorite though are Cheese-its or those Goldfish and chips I am all about those baked lays especially the bbq ones. 

9. What’s a personal style moment you’d never care to re-live?

I’m assuming you mean like a fashion style or haircut of the past so I would definitely choose a haircut that I had as a child by accident that completely made me look like a boy! I had to wear bows or headbands in my hair just to try and help things out; it was so short. I believe it started around the tops of my ears on the sides. I just cried and missed my hair. 

10. You are going to live in a biodome beneath the sea for the next three years and have been allotted space for just ONE book (tiny dome!)  What cherished book will keep you entertained for the next 1095 days?

I have pondered this and without being disqualified and saying my iPad with the kindle app, I assume a cook book to practice my under water cooking skills is a no go as well? In that case I would than choose my Bible as it would be the perfect time to catch up on my reading and have no worldly distractions/excuses to stand in the way. 

If you’d like to play along at home, please feel free to answer these questions in the comment section below, and we hope you’ll visit these Band of Blogger blogs and help support the blogger community!

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10 thoughts on “Band Of Bloggers- August 

  1. amandac99 says:

    I feel you on the leggings! I used to only have a few neutral pairs like black and gray but I got sucked down the crazy patterned rabbit hole of Lularoe and have also been liking Fabulegs brand too. Fortunately I was able to find some long tops to go with them.

    I dig those baked Lays too.

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of the Bible… *hangs head*

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I used to only wear neutral colors to, which I still have several pairs of but than my mom bought me a few Lularoe when she fell head over heels in love with them so the red ones are Lularoe.


  2. jaybird says:

    Yes! How randomly awesome that we both featured our Converse kicks? I like your style with the black toecap too, I’m always scuffing my white ones (don’t look too closely at my pic;) I think the next pair I get will be a darker color, maybe oxblood. I sympathize with ya on the car situation, mine is an ’02, but no payments make me a happy driver; then again, I’ll be dropping it off at the mechanics for the third time in 4 months, so maybe a newer reliable one is the way to go?
    Interesting that you couldn’t think of a celeb crush, but your husband remembered. Shel and I tease each other about our crushes occasionally, and good ol Swayze, I loved what a gentle dance teacher he was in Dirty Dancing, *tears*


    • themeltdownblog says:

      I know right! Totally cool that we both featured them!
      What’s cool about these converses is that my husband actually went on their site and customized these for me so that they would be black toed and purple. Then the sides have my name seemed/sewed in on the sides. Surprised me with them for Christmas days before our wedding and I wore them under my dress lol.
      Ooo so you living the old car life too buuuutttt you totally get how nice it is to not have a car payment. I’m only paying liability on the car right now so I know as soon as new car strikes you’ve got car payment and higher insurance. Yikes.
      Yeah, swayze was an old crush but it was never a strong crush either so I’m kind of shocked he remembered it. I just liked him as an actor especially in the Outsiders too.


  3. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Hey, no way, a cookbook totally counts – some of them are really great reading. I have an old Ben & Jerry’s cookbook that not only has really great cookie and ice cream recipes in it, it also has the most adorable little illustrations, and a cool tale of how B & J came to be. I love that thing. 🙂 So a cookbook totally counts. The question is, are you going to share your delicious creations or what?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Julie Johnson says:

    Love your answers!! And love your purple Chucks! I wear mine to work all the time. I love your book choice. And looks like I need to come over and play some board games. I wish my husband liked to play. Sometimes I play with the girls but they are too young for some of the more complicated trivia type games I have. Patrick was a cutie wasn’t he? I just watched Doctor Strange the other night and Benedict was fun to watch in a non-Sherlock role. Though don’t get me wrong… I LOVE Sherlock. That is just all I know him from. Your Halloween leggings look super fun! I have some purple and pink dragon leggings and some blue dodo bird leggings from Lularoe that are fun to wear. Usually the kids at school get a kick out of them. Though that could be because I am a grown woman wearing dodo birds on my legs. And pink dragons spewing fire. Maybe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Omgh both the pink dragon leggings and the dodo birds sound totally adorable! I’ll have to see a picture!!
      Yes!!! Board game night!! I think you would enjoy Sheriff of Nottingham and Ticket to Ride. Love Letter is another fun one and I think your girls could also play all of the above. Fun for the whole family.
      Dr strange was just.. too strange for me. It was nice to see him in another role but like I said.. weird movie lol.
      Converses are amazing, as I was telling Jay earlier these are special to me since my husband designed them for me and that I also wore them under my wedding dress.


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