Something A Bit Different- A Ginger Candy Taste Test

Ginger has been used for centuries to treat inflammatory conditions to reduce inflammation. Ginger is also said to help in soothing nausea and digestive issues. With its many uses it’s quiet a handy seasoning/spice to keep on hand. 

One Friday afternoon my mother and I were shopping and had stopped by our local TJ Maxx Home Good’s to do some mother daughter shopping. Along side many fun beauty products and home decor, they have has some of the most interesting drinks (teas, coffee, sodas), snacks/candy (gummies, caramelized nuts, chips, crackers, cookies ect.) This is when I found an assortment bag of ginger candies called Gem Gem’s that sparked my interest. 

Included in the bag was a pouch of: Just Ginger, Zesty Lemon, Oh, Oh Orange and Gimme More Mango. 

I’m unfamiliar with ginger as it isn’t a spice I use on a regular and I haven’t had it in a candy form either so I was interested in giving these a try. I appreciated that the company put together a sampling of each flavoring in one sample package like this so that it gives the buyer a chance to see what they like. I also love the bright packaging and artwork on the side decorating each one. Something I love even more is that each of the candies are individually wrapped for sharing and/or the ease of on the go snacking.

Made from just a few ingredients such as ginger, tapioca starch and cane sugar and the flavored ones have their added natural flavorings. 

I decided to go for the plain ginger first to get a feel of what I’m working with. Very tacky and chewy out of the package but lightly dusted in what I believe to be powdered sugar. Chew this well like you would a caramel. It isnt as tough as a caramel just has that sticky, stick-to-your-teeth consistency. The spice though.. wowza, that is different. It’s hot and spicy leaving your taste buds tingling. 

Zesty Lemon– Oh this is delicious. The ginger is much more palatable and toned down. The lemon isn’t sour but more of a bright sunshine lemon zest that is lightly flavored in the background. (This would be a good wax melt too!) 

Gimme More Mango!– Too strong for my liking. I associate mango with strong wax or perfume notes so it comes off very perfumey to me yet my husband really liked it and describes it as more of a fresh mango juice with light spice. 

Oh, Oh, Orange-

Another great one! Freshly squeezed orange juice to sweeten and brighten this chewy candy. 

I returned back to TJ Maxx and I was able to find a big bag (5 oz) of the Zesty Lemon along side another sampler bag. The big bags run about $2.99 each and the sampler bags are $3.99. I would recommend the lemon and orange. They both really do a great job of being subtle enough to still enjoy the ginger yet take some of the heat off the pallet. 
If interested these can also be purchased through The Vitamin Shop or I believe you can find them on Amazon. Their website can be found here
Are you a ginger fan? Have you had these candies before? Let me know! 


4 thoughts on “Something A Bit Different- A Ginger Candy Taste Test

  1. jaybird says:

    What have we got here? I love ginger! Ginger spice (the actual spice, not the singer from Spice Girls, no?) I really do love it, and fresh ginger root, though it always goes to waste bc any recipe calls for only one knob’s worth – as you know now, a little goes a long way. When I worked at Yankee my friend, also a TJ Maxxinista would bring in a bag of crystallized ginger candy, it was incredibly potent but I couldn’t get enough! I’d find excuses to grab stuff from the back room just to grab some candy. It was in a clear bag, but I can’t remember the brand. Oh, now that you’ve tried it, you must try ginger-infused chocolate, amazing! Come to think it, I love it in wax too, the only time ging hasn’t worked out was the ginger gum I tried once😷 no bueno. Enjoy your candies, I’ll be checking the shelves for it the next time I shop.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Ooo ginger infused chocolate? Now that sounds beast! I wouldn’t have even thought to mix the two. I don’t know about the straight crystallized ginger as that would probably be way too much for me since even these straight ginger chews has my tongue burning afterwards. I used to be able to handle heat much better but now I’m whimping out pretty easy lol.
      The spice girls reference gave me a good chuckle. I haven’t seen the Spice Girls in some time.
      I’m excited to look for it in wax now to give it a go!

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  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Mmm, those sound great. I always think I’m not much of a ginger fan, but my “usage” would suggest otherwise – there’s this place in town called The Scone Witch that makes these incredible currant and ginger scones that I just adore, and I’ve got a bottle of honey ginger lemonade chilling in the fridge right now. I also used to nibble on candied ginger and drink ginger tea in university when my tummy was stressed and unhappy – it’s pretty decent stuff, works well, nice and burny! The mango one sounds dee-licious, but I get the wax association – it’s a favourite scent of mine, and I might have a hard time viewing it as a foodstuff. Although I still love dried mango plenty, so who the heck knows?

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      The Scone Witch. What an interesting/fun name. Speaks to my fall loving heart!
      And honey ginger lemonade… now that is intriguing! Though what lemonade doesn’t jump out to me.
      Yes, you mango lover you, would probably find a love for these little things.
      That’s what I’m hoping these little chews will do for me will be nausea settlers and it says ginger can aid in helping with inflammation so maybe, we will see.

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