Bond, James Bond

Vendor/Brand: Super Tarts

Scent Name: 

007A Sexy Blend of Classic Tuxedos, $100 Bills and Golden Amber. 

Price: 4:00

Throw: Light 

Warmer Used: Glade 20 Wyatt 

“Bond.. James Bond. ”

A very handsome blend indeed on cold. Smells of a man’s cologne with the spice of rich honeyed amber. 

One cube threw very light in my tea light warmer which left me struggling to notice it’s presence the first time I melted this. The second time was in my glade as I normally would melt in. Almost the same results except possibly the slightest bit more of a throw though I still forgot I was melting anything within less than an hour of melting. On cold it was very strong so for it to come off so light it surprises me. 

Not a repurchase but it may be one that could work for you as I’ve heard a few people really enjoy this scent and have got good performance from it. It just didn’t work for me and my home. 

Until Next Melt, 


3 thoughts on “Bond, James Bond

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Slightly tangential here, but there’s this urban legend here in Canada that our new $100 bills – which are made up of this odd sort of plastic polymer that resists wrinkling and tearing and major counterfeiting efforts…but does unfortunately tend to MELT – contain some sort of scratch ‘n’ sniff component that makes them smell like maple syrup. I mean, I really wouldn’t put it past the Bank of Canada – we put maple syrup on freakin’ everything up here.

    Shame about the throw on this guy; sounded very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      “I KNEW YOU ALL PUT MAPLE SYRUP ON EVERYTHING!” Lol just kidding, though that is odd that not only does it have a tendency to melt and I’m sure give off a sticky factor when it’s melting but it also is known for smelling like syrup too. At least it has a pleasant smell, I wouldn’t dare smell or want to know where all an American dollar bill has been.


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