A Cup Of Tea- Taste Test and Review

My poison of choice is peppermint tea. It used to be plain de-caffeinated black tea but because of limited drink options due to health reasons, peppermint tea it is. Nothing like winding down after a long day with a hot cup of tea in your favorite mug. Since I don’t drink coffee it is also nice to have to occasionally drink in the mornings when I crave something hot. 
As I’ve mentioned in a few post (and a few post to come) TJ Maxx/ Homesgoods has been my place of fun these past few weeks. I have found many neat things to share with you all. One of them being these Lavender Honey Spoons I’ll be reviewing here for you today. 

The bag includes 5 spoons that are single wrapped, vacummed sealed than twist tied. Having them single wrapped makes them perfect for sharing or gifting to others. I can’t help but think how cute these would be in a gift set along side a tea cup and a few packages of tea! 

First off let me add a little warning here that if you do decide to taste/lick this on it’s own before stirring it in your tea/coffee (hey, who am I to judge, it might be good in any hot beverage?) just be forewarned that it is strong and rather sweet! I’ve tried this on two different tea time occasions (both in which were peppermint tea) and each one was slow to melt which allows for sweetening throughout your tea sipping and let’s you control the amount with which you would like to add. The first time I was at work and had let the whole spoon melt and found it a tad too strong for my liking while this past time it melted out completely with a different brand of peppermint tea and a bigger mug and it was wonderful. I still found that I liked my two tea spoons of sugar to help balance out the peppermint but otherwise the spoon gives off a sweet candied lavender almost like what you could compare and think the sugared lavender twist melt at Wal-Mart would taste like with added benefits of golden honey. 

On the search through my home for tea scents, I found that I don’t have many tea inspired melts amd candles on hand. The few I was able to find are pictured above posed with darling Miss’s Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast. 

  • London Tea & Calling (Tea & Lemon) from Bath & Body mini candle and three wick
  • Tea With The Queen Bunny Melt from The Bathing Garden-This tart is the most amazing scent of roobios red tea. Very comforting and mild, just like the drink
  • Tea With Mango & Mint From The Bathing Garden- Freshly Brewed White Tea Leaves rounded out with mint and ripe mango.
  • Doomsday From Super Tarts –Plum Iced Tea & Lemon Slices 
  • (Not pictured) Slytherin From Super Tarts-Honeydew Melon, Blackberry and White Tea

Are you a tea drinker? What’s your favorite type of tea? Do you like tea in wax? Let me know! 


5 thoughts on “A Cup Of Tea- Taste Test and Review

  1. amandac99 says:

    OMG I love this post and I hardcore need those tea spoons! Haha! I am an avid tea drinker and I enjoy a wide variety of flavors, both hot and iced. Peppermint is definitely a favorite and it’s so refreshing iced in the summer too.

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  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    I love this! Pinkies up for all the fun tea stuff. 🙂 That little Mrs. Potts is adorable – love her big eyes. I am a tea purist – black, hot, smidge of sugar. Those little spoons sound lovely, though – I bet they’d be great dipped in lemonade.

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  3. Julie Johnson says:

    I was catching up on my blog reading (been a crazy few weeks for me) and I saw this and squealed! I am so excited to try this lavender honey spoon. Thank you so very much. I am on a peppermint tea kick too and in the morning it is so nice to wake up to. I will carry my spoon to work and have a cup of tea as a pick-me-up.

    I love that last photo so much! I like tea scents but not tea and cake scents in wax. Picky, I know. But those white and green and rooibos teas are so pretty in wax. ❤ You have me wanting to check out my TJ Maxx.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Oh I completely understand being picky with tea scents in wax. Not all can be treated the same especially tea and cakes. I’m not a fan of tea and cakes but you get me a nice tea blend especially with lemon I’m your gal.
      Oh I’m so happy you are excited for the spoon! Yeah I was worried if you hadn’t seen the blog it might not make since, or the candies either for that matter, but I took a chance and sent you some since I know how much of a tea lover you were. I hope you enjoy!!


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