Haven Street Candle Company- Coastline Sunset

Vendor/Brand: Haven Street Candle

Scent: Coastal Sunset 

Product: One Wick  5.044 oz Scented Candle

Price: 3.99

Throw: Strong 

“Not a highly scented candle, A richly scented!” I found that wording interesting. 

This candle was another one of my Ross Dress For Less finds. I didn’t know what to expect from the performance since most of my candles have been complete duds as of late and with this being a smaller sized candle and not a brand that I’ve heard about, I wasn’t holding my breath. 

I was wonderfully surprised within less than 10 minutes of lighting, my bedroom was filled with a scent compareable to an ocean breeze scent with light coconut notes.

This small candle carried a mighty punch strong enough for my high ceilings and medium bedroom. Not the cleanest burn on terms of leaving some wax on the sides of the glass but the wick required little to no mantinece and burned beautifully without sooting. If I find more of this brand I’ll definitely be picking up more. 

You can also find out more about this brand here @havenstreetcandles on Instagram or havenstreetcandles.com if you are unable to find them at Ross’s. 

Until Next Burn, 


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