Pamper Night- Jelly Mask

Hurry, someone help before it’s too late and I sink back down into the amazing rabbit hole that is Lush! Lush was my first obsession before falling next for candles and soon after; wax. Lush, while on the pricer side (but for good reason) has some very nice products when it comes to pampering oneself. Once I heard about these new face mask that didn’t require being refrigerated and could ship from online (I do not have a store close to me), I was sold on trying one. Unlike normal face mask that have a short shelf life before they expire and have to keep in the fridge, the new jelly mask have a shelf life of up to four months and can live wherever your heart desires. Though I hear for a more relaxing experience with your mask, popping it in the fridge can give cooling properties which is always nice after a long day. 

Vendor/Brand: Lush Cosmetics 

Price: $13.95

Product: Jelly Face Mask, 2.1 oz

Scent: The Birth of Venus 

Smells like: 

First sniff once opening the jar it smells of calming chamomile tea and soft lavender sprigs. Its been too long Lush.. ugh, this just smells so gorgeous.  Once on the face it isn’t strong if any noticeable scent at all if that is a worry of yours. 

Feels like: 

If you’ve ever had one of Lush’s shower jellies, it feels a bit like that on the top but more of a sponge type when you break into it. Once you begin to work a small chunk into a paste the texter changes into more of a cottage cheese consistency before creaming out into a smooth mask you can spread on your face.  (And yes, it will make you resemble a Smurf but a very cute Smurf!)

5-7 minutes wearing this mask it did begin to tighten on my face. It wasn’t uncomfortable though unlike some mask I have experienced that have left my face unable to move with it on and caused redness afterwards. After the 10 minute mark it was pretty much completely dry. Now to rinse it off!

This is where I’ve heard mixed reviews. I’ve heard with it being a jelly mask that it never fully dries causing the removal process to be difficult while others say it was a piece of cake. A few swipes with a warm washcloth had it completely off my face in no time, no scrubbing required. Simple, easy removal. I think it all depends on how thick you put on the mask in how your results come out. I believe putting it on thinner is better. 

Finishing off my short night of pampering, I enjoyed an older bath bomb I’ve hoarded since last Christmas; So White. It may have not preformed very well on account of it being old but it still smelled wonderful and did it’s job of softening the skin. 

Have you tried any of Lush’s face mask? Which is your favorite? Any recommendations? Let me know! 
If you are are new here, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your stay and come back to visit! I review all things fragrant and share with you my obsessions, collection’s, hauls and hobbies! 


4 thoughts on “Pamper Night- Jelly Mask

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    I very, very badly want to poke my finger directly into the centre of that pot of jelly! It looks so touchable – squish, squish, squish. 🙂

    I’ve been a bit off Lush as of late – kind of overdid it on bath bombs that all turned out to be expensive duds. But some of their Halloween stuff is calling me back, and I ALSO have a bath bomb from last Christmas that needs to be dealt with – I wonder if it’ll just sink to the bottom? Enjoy your goodies!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      If it’s from last Christmas it may.. that’s what my So White did from this past Christmas. I guess it just differs from product to product because down old products preform well while others just are duds even after a few months.
      Oh yes, very squishy!! I had to poke it myself a few times, tee-hee.
      I think you would like the mask, do you do face mask? This is actually my first official full pot of Lush face mask.


      • themeltdownblog says:

        I was a little weary to try this at first since the usual retail sheet mask burn my skin like no other. (The Yes To brand is a big fat NO for my skin as it turns my face red as a tomatoe) but I’ve just always have been curious with Lush skincare especially their mask. So I went for it and I’m so glad I did. I’m still wondering about Mask of Magnaminty if that would be too much for my face to handle or if I’d enjoy it as I’ve heard rave reviews and it’s a best seller.


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