Super Tarts Wax Wednesday & Bam Bags

*cricket cricket* hmm.. That is odd. I could have sworn I used to do these hauls all the time but now it’s been ages since I’ve ordered from ST. I went ahead and placed an order on Wax Wednesday with all of the hussle and bussle and finally received it than my two winter bam bags made it in too so I figured we would combine the two. I didn’t grab much as I made it in late to Wax Wednesday. (don’t get me started or there will be a rant to follow) It is probably for the best as I’m realizing more and more that I need to go on a low buy/ no buy soon until I go through some of this wax. 

Skip ahead several weeks later.. I have neglected to post this haul. It has been on my to do list to sit down with these fragrances and give you cold thoughts but the past week and a half I have been so congested that I haven’t had the nose for it. So that I dont keep you guys waiting any longer and before this post becomes anymore irrelevant I have attached below the scent notes and pictures of what I bought. Please let me know if you would like warmed reviews on any of these.

Wax Wednesday:


Dream Girl (Pink)Sugar dusted mandarin oranges and cotton candy mimosas.

Peter Parker (Blue)Fresh picked strawberries and sweet lollie. 

Both new to me scents and of what I can smell they smell pretty good. I believe my husband would enjoy these more than I would since fruity/tropical scents are more his forte. I may try adding some cake batter or vanilla alongside some lemon to Peter Parker to see if I can get a little Flash (Flash- Fresh Picked Strawberries, Sweet Lemonade and Creamy Cake) action since I missed that Petal and Bam Bag. 

Middle Earth– Dirt, rosemary and fresh mint leaf. 

Repurchase. Always good to have at least a clam of this on hand at all times. 

GrudgeBlueberry muffins, vanilla bean noel, sandalwood and fall leaves.

A new one for me, I was intrigued by the blend of blueberry muffins (yes please!) sandalwood and fall leaves. Technically a fall melt but I will be melting this one when my nose clears. 

BabadookCola, pumpkin ice cream & frosted cupcakes. 

I bought this melt in hopes of it being close to my hoard worthy Coven. Guys I’m telling you, the cola just adds a sweetness to the bakery tones that is like no other! This melt is a bit different but once I get my nose back I may have to do a side by side comparison. 

Diva Duck- Iced lemonade, sweet lollipops, & grape soda 

Another repurchase. Mr. Meltdown and I were craving some grape scents. Hopefully this will satisfy my craving for a grape soda pronto before I break my ban against sodas. This Thanksgiving marked a year since I’ve had a carbonated beverage! 

Bam Bags Pre-order 

White Walkers: Spearmint, peppermint, fresh mint leaf and VBN

A great melt to have on hand for headaches, stuffy noses or just to relax! Every kind of mint blended smoothly with rich vanilla bean to help sweeten and take the edge off. You better believe I’ve already dived into melting some of this. 

Merry Mouse: Sweet lollipops, iced lemonade and christmas trees. 

This one surprised me. It doesn’t smell the way you would think it would. It takes on a bakery, vanilla like scent (again this is to my nose) once it’s melting. On cold it is just rather sweet and lemony with a twang of pine floating around but when melting it almost smells like a lemon pie maybe? I’m not sure. I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve passed this one on to a friend in hopes that she might enjoy it more. Fingers crossed as I just remembered she doesn’t like lemon.. but I remembered she loved pine so maybe! 50/50 chance. 

I’ll have one other Super Tarts goodie to share with you once it arrives and I get photos of it so be on the look out for it. Did you get anything from Wax Wednesday? Is it a sore subject? Let me know!
Until Next Melt, 


3 thoughts on “Super Tarts Wax Wednesday & Bam Bags

  1. jaybird says:

    Hope your congestion is clearing up! I hate to not be able to melt during the cozy winter nights.
    So what’s the deal with these petals? The ounces and price? Not sure what the purpose is, unless it’s more than a clam but less than a loaf? I hadn’t heard about ’em, of course, completely in the dark anymore with ST.
    I’m noticing a lot more fruity blends coming out and I’m not a fan of fruity, especially STs, but that blueberry one turned my head. Let me know your thoughts, if it isn’t too berry, I’d be interested.


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