Scents and A Touch of Artsy Magic

Brand/Vendor: Super Tarts

Price: $4.25

Product: Clamshell

Scent: Harry (Harry Potter)

Scent Description: Magically Delicious and French Baguette.

Throw: Knock Out Strong

Brandi’s Magically Delicious can go either two ways. Either it can give a blend more of a bread/yeasty type wang or it can add a nice touch of sweet bakery to the mix when blended with the right fragrances (Good Witch is a perfect example). To my nose it differs on blend to blend.

This melt however tends to be all yeasty as the french baguette really shines through while the MG comes through as more doughy than sweet adding an all around bread note. If you enjoy your home smelling of baked, sweet bread than this is the melt for you. Just be cautious of melting this in smaller rooms as even one cube threw me out of my bedroom and forced me to move my warmer into the kitchen since we have higher ceilings there.

I’ve been lacking on blogging as of late. My list of reasons are long but I’ll try and keep it brief. As you may (or not) know I had to try moving my blog over to another platform when I ran out of memory space on this platform. Followers remained following here rapidly while content wasn’t being posted and my other platform stayed at a stand still. Discouragement of life also set in along with health issues I’ve been struggling with on and off.

I have also been doing rather well the past several months not buying vendor wax. Most temptation has subsided for wax for now as something else has my attention as of late. This leads me into my next topic and hobbie that takes up most of my spare time and money. Crafting.

I love anything to do with crafting, art, painting, drawing ect. Being hands on and creating gives me purpose and fills a need in me that is so strong and so important and is just what makes me, well me. My most recent medium that I’ve been learning to work with is polymers clay and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Above is one set of the knitting wands I’ve been working on, a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans jar, a broom stick book mark, glow in the dark ghost charms and a ghost cuddling a pumpkin magnet. I’ll admit I’m not the best at it yet but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

So what does this mean for the future of the blog? What does this mean for my future with wax and candles?

Oh, believe me, My love of wax and candles is still here! I melt every night when I get home from work or have a candle going in the kitchen as I cook dinner. So there will be reviews to come. Also I am behind on a few hauls that I still need to post so bare with me.

As for the blog, today’s post will be a test on whether or not I decide if I move up to the WordPress plan and continue blogging here. If I do continue blogging here I will be sharing more of my crafting journey and cooking for my ic/gluten free life along with candle and wax reviews.

How have you guys been?! Thank you to all the new followers and my current readers as well.

Until Next Melt,

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