Dogwood and Muscadines Soaplab Haul

You just never know what you’ll find along the way of a fun outing day adventure! The husband and I have been going around and exploring on the weekends which has led me to find some indie vendors from the areas we visited. I have two to share with you, one I will share with you today.

Dogwood & Muscadines Soaplab is an indie vendor I stumbled upon while flea marketing. Once I ran across this vendors booth I immediately knew I had hit buried treasure. The blogger in me failed to take pictures as I was caught up in the moment sniffing everything in sight and picking the items that would go home with me.

The cubical booth was set up as to the right of me on the wall hung all the many wax melts in six cubed clam shells while to the left of me sported her crocheted and knitted items. The center hosted a huge white shelf of travel tin wood wick candles in a variety of scents.

Lick Me All Over- unable to find a scent description, it smells of a soft floral, perfume laced with sweet red berries and a kiss of cherry.

This was the first candle to go under flame. I must admit that I’m a little underwhelmed. The wick let off major amounts of black soot and continued to smoke. Finally I had to put it out as I felt uncomfortable to continue to let it burn.

Berry Vanilla Bean– This blend is so delicious it is sinful. A sultry vanilla bean noel blends smoothly with a juicy blackberry. What more could you want? I opted to melt the candle in my candle crock and got a medium throw, leaning over the candle craving more of its scent in hopes it would give off more of its delicious scent.

Golden Embargo-A light amber fragrance with undertones of musk and sandalwood, it is a most alluring and seductive scent without being overpowering or overbearing. This is definitely a soft amber that gently whispers to your soul.”

Strawberries and Champagne- “Sweet scent of ripe, juicy strawberries paired with a tart and fizzy champagne. “

This was gifted to my mom and since then I have heard nothing but good reports about the “strawberry wax” that even my father was a huge fan roaming the house trying to figure out where the delicious smell was coming from.

Spanish Fly- “This is a rich, complex scent of light musk, and citruses of fresh sweet orange, lemon balm and kaffir lime leaves. Green notes are muddled brightly and have a floral and vanilla cream depth in the soul of the fragrance.”

Sexy. That’s the only word needed to describe this scent. Though I could go on and I will, this vendor once again blew me out of the water with such a unique blend. It’s deep and defined while leaving your pallet with a smooth citrus finish once inhaled.

Overall, I was very impressed with the wax that I purchased. The two blends, Spanish Fly and Golden Embargo were both very unique and were just outstanding leaving them to be my top favorites.

Until Next Melt,

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