The Aroma of the Twilight Zone

The Aroma of the Twilight Zone
Twilight: Lavender, Ylang-ylang, & Tonka Beans

A fragrance known for its calming properties is offered from several different vendors in several forms ranging from body care to wax. Today I will share with you two of those indie vendors.

Twilight 3 Pack Sushi Rolls

Melting a sushi roll at a time in my Glade, my bedroom is filled with soothing, tonka rich goodness. A close dupe for Lush’s Twilight with Lush’s leaning more rich on the herbal lavender.

Body Spray 1 0z.
Good for on the go spritzing. A little goes a long way with only one to two sprays leaving you with the perfect amount of scent that last for several hours. This small bottle was a purse staple for many months before it was snagged by a new owner.

The Melting Duck Wax

Bakery Bag Mixed Shapes in the scent Dead of Night
These shapes are way too precious. A fellow blogger and friend shared this with me and I must say these have been quite a hit around bedtime as I have been reaching for them often. TMD has a way of smoothing out that sharpness in the lavender that can come off astringent to the nose while keeping it smelling like an exact dupe. Favorite Twilight dupe so far. Thanks again Sandra.

Are you a Twilight fan? If not, what other Lush scents do you like?

Until Next Melt,

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