Chocolatey Carb Free Delciousness- Wax Melt

Calling all chocolate lovers, brownie devourers & pecan pie eaters! Have I got a melt for you! Not only is it carb free but it also gives you the added benefit of a baked good scented home without having to lift a finger. Winning!!

Though a word of caution as it should come with a warning label that states the possible side effects such as sweet cravings and spontaneous trips to the grocery store scouting out chocolatey goodness.

Brand: Better Homes & Gardens (Wal-Mart)

Product: 2.5 oz. 6 Cube Clamshell

Price: $2.00

Scent: Brownie Pecan Pie
Throw: 4/5
Warmer Used: Glade Hot Plate

Usually I wouldn’t dare go near a chocolate blend but upon smelling this, I knew it was coming home with me. The deep, dark chocolate is sultry on the palate so much so you can almost taste it as you breathe in its richness. Combined with the nuttiness from the slow roasted pecans and sugary caramel pecan filling, it creates a melt that is evenly blended without being overly sweet from the chocolate. One cube throws at about a medium in my open living room/kitchen area with our high ceilings.

Chocolate wax haters do not be afraid. Pick this one up if you get the chance and let me know what you think!

Speaking of brownies, I have discovered a fast favorite of this sweet treat that is certified Gluten Free, Paleo and non-GMO. These almond butter single wrapped brownies are from the brand Base Culture who also carry several other products including almond butters, breads, granola and more.

You can check out their products or find a store near you here (not sponsored just love their brownies)

Until Next Melt,

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2 thoughts on “Chocolatey Carb Free Delciousness- Wax Melt

  1. Deb E. says:

    I like this scent but find it to sweet and rich for me as a home fragrance. And it’s so funny because the year this came out I got about six packs from various people for my birthday and Christmas. LOL!


    Liked by 1 person

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