A Scented Book!?- A Scratch and Sniff Adventure

Something a bit different for today,

Honeydukes A Scratch & Sniff Adventure was indeed a sweet read and a must have item for any Harry Potter Collector. It’s a unique book which helps bring to life a part of the wizarding world we all know and love.

Qutoted from the book:

Sweet treats, exotic flavors magic in every bite-there’s no doubt that Honeydukes is one of the best things about the wizarding world.”

The illustrations are fun and whimsy with a touch of a vintage feel. The hard cover is sturdy and of good quality, designed with textured pictures. Let’s take a peek inside shall we?

On the inside most if not all candies from Honeydukes are mentioned but the most famous of them all would have to be Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and they are the first stop on this magical sniffing adventure.

Raise your hand if you read the green font in Rons voice. Just me?

The vomit bean sniff is of course no good as to be expected. The scratch and savor behind Ron smells to me of a spritzer/sharp green grass. When I’ve had others test it they immediately back away from the page claiming it smells of dirt. Dirt and grass both are from the ground and not something you’d prefer to have in candy form. Either way this is such a cute page filled with fun.

Chocolate frogs are another popular candy amongst wizards. They make their first debut in the first movie when Ron & Harry are aboard the Hogwarts Express buying treats from the trolley.

The scratch and savor from this page is obviously the chocolate frogs which reminds me of childhood scratch and sniff stickers or the fake plastic chocolate smell that chocolate erasers and a chocolate bar scented calculator I once had in school smelled like.

I don’t want to spoil anymore magic, muggles may be reading. Whether your favorite candy be licorice wands or exploding bon bons, Honeydukes has got you covered. This book is truly a treat and I’m so elated to have it in my possecion.

I was able to pick this up at Books-A-Million for $12.99 if you are interested in picking one up for yourself.

Until Next Melt (or sniff!)

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