Paleo Bakehouse Unboxing

Sometimes life calls for comfort foods. Though if you are on any kind of restricted diet like I am you know how hard it can be at times to find safe comfort foods whether the need be free of dairy, gluten, nut, etc. Make it yourself or Cook from scratch! most books and magazines would advise (which is fine) but what about the times when you’ve grown weary from a long work week or just need a quick chocolate fix and are short that one ingredient of a 27-ingredient long recipe to make your double chocolate fudge heavenly brownies? *sigh*

Once an ad for Paleo Bakehouse came across my screen I was indeed interested in finding out more. Clicking through to their page, I was greeted with an easy to navigate website with several product options that allow the customer to customize their order how they see fit. PBH offers several products from single buy boxes of goodies to subscription boxes, bags of granola to cinnamon rolls. My stomach was set on trying the cinnamon rolls, but I couldn’t help but get the Custom PBH (single buy) that way I could try a little of everything the first go around.

This box is originally $33 but if you sign up or use the code under the FAQ page you get 15 percent off for being a new customer. Shipping was roughly $4.50 though you could upgrade and get it sooner for about $7 and some change. I was a bit hesitant in how shipping and handling would be with fresh/perishable food and how it would be packaged but I took the dive and ordered. Let’s dive in together and see what we got shall we?

The Custom PBH box allows you to pick 4 goodies. In the description of the box it claims each box will have 12 goodies.

Cinnamon Roll Bites (three bites)

Cinnamon rolls are a huge temptation for me to this day while trying to eat a gluten free lifestyle so these were a must when making my purchase. Besides the chocolate mini muffins these were probably my favorite from the box. Not too sweet, with just the right amount of cinnamon. Sad to see these are so tiny.

Double Chocolate Mini Muffin

Mini muffins are usually always good, chocolate is just a bonus. More brownie like in consistency with its fudgey chunks of chocolate within.

Cinnamon Sugared Donuts

How could I not with it sharing the name of a candle that I also enjoy? These reminded me of fall so I had to grab them up and give it a go.

Upon tasting these my taste buds are greeted with a sweet cinnamon sugar crunch coating the top of a more cake-like consistency donut. These are actually pretty good.

Chocolate Chip Donut

I will admit these stuck out to me mostly because of the chocolate chips. (Chocolate chips are amazing and should be in everything.)

This was the first thing I tried once receiving my box and it was everything but exciting. The donut was very dry and dense having me to believe it would be better suited with a morning coffee or warm tea for those people who like to dunk their donuts.

I’ve discovered that I enjoy these treats more, especially the donuts, once they had chilled in the fridge as it seemed to almost give them back a bit of needed mositure and allow them to soften up becoming less dense and dry.


  • Conveniently packed in individual bags that are perfect for on the go.
  • Shipping was fast, reasonable and customizable for your preference
  • Several snacking/treat options


  • Everything is so tiny. Donuts are (rough measurements) 3 1/2 x 3 1/2″ and the mini muffins/cinnamon rolls are probably about the size a silver dollar if that.
  • No suggested care instructions in box of how to care for items such as refrigeration, heating, storing ect (that I saw in my box).

Note: under FAQ tab on website you can find information on shelf life.

Overall I am happy that I tried something new and ordered from this company. I’m just on the fence on whether I would order again.

Have you ever tried Paleo Bakehouse? Thoughts? Ready for fall?

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