Frank & Bride

These little monsters have been with me since last year’s Pixie and Toads wax haul on account of them arriving too late to debut in a Halloween post so here we are almost a year later! Still looking as dashing as ever.

Frank and Bride are both scented in crisp clean, cotton sheets which smell true to its description. Laundered and clean giving off that snuggle feeling without the harsh chemical type linen smell that some home fragrances have that are headache inducing. This is just enough freshness and it is very nice.

Bride- $2.00

Frank- $1.25

I believe these were available at one point this year but are currently sold out on the website. This year the lovely couple were scented in a tormenting blend of ginger, Jasmine and oakmoss.

Speaking of the Bride of Frankenstein, I’ve had a bit of an obsession with including her in some of my art recently. Below is one of the sketches I did off a reference photo

Have you started spoopy/Halloween melting yet? It is almost fall guys, this month has flew by so fast!

Until Next Melt,

5 thoughts on “Frank & Bride

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    My gosh, their stuff is so, so cute! Are they still in business? I’m not quite up on the wax world like I used to be, but I used to see so many photos of their beautiful creations, yours included, and I just haven’t in a while. Anyways, happy Halloween melting!


    • themeltdownblog says:

      Omgh, I had no idea that even posted ha! Wasn’t completed with it. Doh! So sorry, I will edit it and have it up later. Yes, I believe they are open and even offering Frank and Bride this year except in a different, more appropriate scent. Their stuff is so stunning, I know their attention to detail really put them behind last year so I believe they have had to cut back a lot on the hand painting but they still have some cute stuff


      • themeltdownblog says:

        Updated! Haha. And it’s good to hear from you, I’ve been watching you on YouTube when I can and see you pop up on my listings. I’m so glad to see you having a blast and that you decided to become a passholder. How flipping exciting!


      • Sandra Lewrey says:

        Whoops, hair trigger on that publish button! I have that happen to me all the time on YouTube – there will be a glitch halfway through, I’ll have to exit out mid-download, and then I find out the video’s gone up all half-assed…grr! I also always wondered about the level of detail on P&T’s wax as against the turnaround time – it must have been just about near impossible to stay on top of large orders when they were doing such incredible custom work.


  2. Deb E. says:

    These are cute. This was the place that had the dragons, right?

    I haven’t started Halloween melting yet. I’m still doing apple scents since it’s still September. I’ll probably start bringing in some spicier blends next week and then dive into pumpkin scents once October is officially here.



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