The Aroma of the Twilight Zone

The Aroma of the Twilight Zone
Twilight: Lavender, Ylang-ylang, & Tonka Beans

A fragrance known for its calming properties is offered from several different vendors in several forms ranging from body care to wax. Today I will share with you two of those indie vendors.

Twilight 3 Pack Sushi Rolls

Melting a sushi roll at a time in my Glade, my bedroom is filled with soothing, tonka rich goodness. A close dupe for Lush’s Twilight with Lush’s leaning more rich on the herbal lavender.

Body Spray 1 0z.
Good for on the go spritzing. A little goes a long way with only one to two sprays leaving you with the perfect amount of scent that last for several hours. This small bottle was a purse staple for many months before it was snagged by a new owner.

The Melting Duck Wax

Bakery Bag Mixed Shapes in the scent Dead of Night
These shapes are way too precious. A fellow blogger and friend shared this with me and I must say these have been quite a hit around bedtime as I have been reaching for them often. TMD has a way of smoothing out that sharpness in the lavender that can come off astringent to the nose while keeping it smelling like an exact dupe. Favorite Twilight dupe so far. Thanks again Sandra.

Are you a Twilight fan? If not, what other Lush scents do you like?

Until Next Melt,

Rose Girls Fall Sampler Box

My very first Rose Girls “Mystery Box” or their big Kahoona box as they have referred to it. The box had a description of including chunks, pie slices, Halloween shapes and a scoopable. I was hesitant at first with the hefty $50 price tag (including shipping) but I finally just shut my eyes tight and pressed the order button. I figured it could be an early birthday present for me and a treat for not having ordered in awhile. Let us dive in and see what we got! 


Dunk My Donut Peeps Cake:

Creamy, dreamy icing glaze smothers the tops of cake batter donuts, spiced with cinnamon and sugar. Just one of my many favorites from this sampler. 

Vanilla Sandalwood and Campfire Marshmallows:

Rich, white wood and gooey toasted marshmallow. This is such a WONDERFUL blend! If you have the chance to grab this or make it with mini melters, do not hesitate. Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board shares the same dominate sandalwood fragrance so if you don’t care for it in it, you probably won’t like this blend. Another favorite. 

Apple Fritter Fritter Noel:

Macintosh apple dominate and added touch of fried bakery dough. Hints of sweet, creaminess comes through with a second sniff which I recognize as the Nilla Noel. I’m excited to give this one a melt. 

Almond Biscotti and Sugar Cookie Dough:

Most if not all almond scents I’ve experienced have an added cherry note accompanying the almond and this melt is no different. It’s cherry isn’t medicinal as some cherry fragrances tend to come off to the nose. Instead it’s a sweet, cherry syrup that is so tart it burns the back of my throat as I breathe in. There is a light bakery that floats in the distance but the cherry is the most dominate on cold. 

Peppermint, Shaving Cream, Gilligan’ s Brew and Vanilla Pine:

100 times yes! I’ll need a bucket of this pronto. Wispy pine needles and fresh vanilla bean first hit the senses before being chased by minty peppermint and manly man shaving cream. The slightest drip of coconut water is present which may come out once melted and change my mind on this blend but we will see! 

Cherry Cobbler Waffle Cone:

Speaking of cherry… This is straight cherry cough syrup to my nose. (Not to say if you got this you wouldn’t like it! ) This even made me salivate the way I would after taking Benadryl as my mouth is trying to get rid of such a strong, overwhelming medicinal flavor. I’m going to let this one sit awhile longer and see how it goes

Apricot and Peach Party Punch:

Bright, golden apricots and fleshy pink peaches picked fresh for the ‘party punch’. Squeezed and seasoned with sugar and carbonated water before being poured into the punch bowl and being served at the ghostly gathering. 

Pumpkins In Sweet Bakery Dough (Pumpkin):

This smells of a pumpkin cheesecake or possibly a light pumpkin souflee. It’s very creamy and fluffy but has a fresh pumpkin puree whipped within. 

Cinnamon Bun (Ghost): 

Spicy ground cinnamon sticks and cream cheese frosting glazing the top of pastry dough rolled into buns and toasted to perfection. 

Cream Cheese Frosting, Macintosh and Caramel Apple Cider (Bat):

Similar caramel found in cider lane, the caramel apple cider really stands out and shines with it’s beautiful apple juiciness and sweet gooey caramel. 

Pies & Muffins-

Huckleberry Sangria (Muffin):

Sweet huckleberry beverage that smells of a deepened blueberry and cheery mix.

Pumpkin Donut Nilla Wafers (Pie Slice):

A dash of cinnamon sprinkled over pumpkin pastry dough and crushed wafer cookies. 

Blueberry Cobbler, Sugar Cookie Dough and Rice Krispie Treats (Pie Slice) 

Let’s just be honest, the blueberry bakery  essence is so knockout strong but it is also so wonderful. It actually smells of either blueberry pancakes minus the syrup or blueberry muffins which I’m not mad at. 


Goblin Revenge: Gingerbread Latte, Marshmallow Smoothie, Macadamia Nut. 

A nutty sugared cinnamon coffee and creamer with a spoonful of a marshmallow fluff on top. 

Overall I am very happy with this box and I am glad I went ahead in ordering it. After a bit of curing I will be diving into my goodies! 
Did you take part in ordering this box? What was in yours? 

Until Next Melt,  

Sniff My Tarts Mystery Box

My luck with mystery boxes hasn’t been too bad as of late and because I didn’t make a custom order with Sniff My Tarts I decided to go for one of their boxes. That way I’ll still get the chance to try custom blends and maybe find some favorites that I wouldn’t have come up with myself that I can try the next opening. The boxes ran for $36.50 shipped with a 2 week turn around time. I ordered on the 18th of June and received it July 10th. 
Let us dive right in, 

Everything arrived in a PFRE and in this adorable I love unicorns bag. Diving further in, everything was divided into four lots that ranged from 3-4 pieces in each bubble wrap bag. 

Baby Powder/Vanilla Lace 

Vanilla Lace is becoming popular fast. It may become the next salty sea air or shaving cream with vendors wanting to mix it with everything. The vanilla lace is a nice touch but the talculm powder is a little astringent to the nose almost giving me the feeling to sneeze. Maybe I can use this as a blender scent.
Angel Food Cake/Bubble Gum/Candy Crush

I grinned ear to ear when I saw this because angel food cake was a scent of SMT that I had wanted to try. Although this one is mostly bubble gum dominate on cold I’m still able to detect a fluffy, egg cake batter with a light vanilla in the distance that I’m hoping will come out when warmed.
Pink Sugar/Sticky Bread 

Shockingly enough I enjoy this on cold so far. Usually I’m not the biggest bread fan with its yeast undertones but this is different. The pink sugar compliments a cinnabon type without the sharp cinnamon leaving you with a gooey, sticky bun and glazed sugar. 

Vanilla Waffle Cone/Lemon Sugar Type/Blueberry Noel

Another note I was happy to see and try was the blueberry noel. Vanilla waffle cone is another scent I adore yet this blend.. I’m just not sure yet. I’m wondering if it’s just because it is SO tart on account of the lemon sugar and BN. Ill let this one sit and cure awhile before I make my final decision.
Ginger Ale Type/Huckle Berry/Mango
Something is really off about this..yak! From the description everything looks like it would be a scent I would prefer but it must be the huckle berry or the Mix of everything? It smells of burnt rubber or plastic and makes my stomach turn. I’ll let this sit and see if that plastic smell goes away.

Sugar Cookie Crunch/Apricot Vanilla/ Star Fruit & Mango 

Apricot and mango dominate, this is a very fruity blend. I like how the sweetness has a chance to comes out more because of the tartness being suppressed by the vanilla and sugar cookie. A very nice blend.

Marshmallow Fluff/Serendipity/Fruit Loops Type

There’s that odd smell again.. almost like burnt rubber or a funky plastic! In this one it’s more subtle and fades into a fruit loop scent. If you aren’t careful that smell transfers to the pallet and you can almost taste it. 

Note: I had a chance to melt a piece of this one and no plastic/burnt rubber was detected! A nice fruit loop sugar blend

Sweet Lavender/Apricot Vanilla

I’ve seen lavender blended with fruits but I usually don’t reach for it. What has taken me so long to jump into this trend? This is great! Apricot soaked in ceamy vanilla topped with sweet lavender buds. 

Glazed Doughnuts/Strawberry Glaze/Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie 

Though the strawberry glaze may remind me off a strawberry lip gloss I used to wear as a child the VMS adds this creaminess that makes it almost edible as you lick your lips clean of the glaze residue of a the doughnut.

Cranberry Sauce/Georgia Peach

Tart cranberries and juicy red apples spiced with freshly ground cinnamon and undertones of peach juice. 

Sugar Corn Pudding

Almost giving off a fallish bakery vibe I think I’ll put this one back as a blender for fall. Cinnamon sugar dominate with a toasted top cakey edge. 

Pink Sugar/Gain Laundry/BlackBerry

Wha-hoo! This is soo good. Jay,  I think this would be a winner for you too. The perfect balance of Gain and sweet pink sugar with the added benefits and sweetness of the BlackBerry. I’ll have to remember this blend
And the best for last..

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks/Marshmallow Noel/Candy

Guys! I have no idea how I got this lucky that this particular scent in this quantity made it in my box but I am beyond thrilled!! I love SMT Marshmallow Noel and her peppermint. I had considered placing an order just to get some peppermint blends especially Pink Peppermint Noel. I’m so stoked. Ugh, it smells so beautiful. Not medicinal but more of a candy cane cooling to the nose, peppermint.

All in all I am very happy with my mystery box. Did you order a box or a custom order?
 Let me know! 
Until Next Melt, 

Thank You For Being A Friend

The girls ate over 100 cheesecakes during the shows 7 year run but in reality Rue hated cheesecake. 

As much love that I hold for the Girls, I still can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get the full collection. Time and time again I go to the Girls for comfort or just to unwind after a long day. I will always treasure anything GG themed that keeps their memory alive. 

Rose– Sweet Loops, Elderberry & Blue Cotton Candy

Before this melt I wasn’t sure what elderberry smelled like. Now I know and it is kicking tail in this blend! Berrylicious with swirls of airy cotton candy. Childlike and playful with the added candy fragrance which represents Rose’s innocence perfectly yet still somehow keeping it classy and fresh. 

Rose Fun Fact:

  • Betty and Rue would leave each other puzzles and riddles on the bulliten board that hung in the kitchen for each other to solve. Both women were very competitive. 
  • Nothing Betty says in her St. Olaf language/gibberish is real. That’s exactly what it is, gibberish. Though she has a way of selling it and making us believe it is a true language. 

Besides Sophia, Rose is probably my favorite character on GG. 

Blanche– Downey, a nice musky odor with hints of fresh green ozone and patchouli, and sweet lollipops

A patchouli blend? Wha? Yes I know. But I had to have the full set. It wouldn’t have been the same with just three of the girls. Though on cold it’s actually nice. I don’t get much patchouli. It’s a nice laundered, crisp sweet melt. I can’t wait to give this one a go. Laundry was a nice touch for our lovely B.E.D. 

Blanche Fun Facts:

  • Rue was found asleep in many different places on set. 
  •  Rue had a clause written into her contract that she be allowed to keep all of Blanche’s custom-made clothing.  It was enough clothing to fill 13 closets. 

    Dorothy– Cactus & Sea Salt, Camu Camu & Guava

    So fresh. Usually I’m not much of a cactus and sea salt fan though the ripe, juicy Guava stands strong alongside the camu camu giving this melt a fruity sea breeze type mixed with almost a shampoo type. I could see this being a fragrance ole Dorothy herself could be caught wearing. 

    Dorothy Fun Fact:

    • Bea’s ears arent pierced so all of the earrings she wore on set were clip-ons that would leave her ears numb by the end of taping. 
    • Bea didn’t get along with her other co-workers. After the show ended she didn’t stay in touch.

      Ma– Honeydew Melon, Chamomile & Strawberry Slices

      More subtle than the other girls melts which doesn’t fit Sophia’s firecracker personality. Though I do love this one. The honeydew is so watery and crisp and the strawberry slices smell exactly like you would expect with its black seeds and all! I always say that if you can ‘smell the seeds in a strawberry melt, you know it’s a good, true strawberry. 

      Sophia Fun Fact:

      • It took forty-five minutes in make-up for Estelle Getty to get into character of Sophia
      • Estelle Getty suffered from intense stage fright that would often lead her to freeze on camera. 

        All in all I am impressed with this collection and think the clams are, “Just lovely” With the simple palm tree to their vibrant colors. 
        Are you a big Golden Girls Fan? Who is your favorite Gal? Let me know! 

        Another Bam Bag Haul

        Bam bags usually have a TAT of 4-6 weeks. As for these bam bags they took the full 6 week TAT because of the volume in orders. They shipped the same day that another bag opening was announced this past weekend. I had all intentions of sitting it out until I saw Tin Man made the list. It was a MUST have so I kept to only ordering one bag.

        Lemongrab: Tart Lemondrops, Sugar Crystals and Cotton Candy. 

        The same delicious lemon oil used in Mouse Ears without the fizz and added cotton candy for sweetness. A really fresh, clean yet sweet scent. 

        This blends swimmingly with Sleepy Beauty aiding in toning down more of that powdery lavender.  

        Sleepy Beauty- Lavender Cream, Rose Jam and Birthday Cake

        A very beautiful nightime or relaxing afternoon melt. A different way of experiencing Brandi’s lavender cream and her rose jam as usually I am not a huge fan of RJ. This almost comes off powdery to the nose at first. A kind of baby powder type scent that soon mellows out to the sweet lavender and creamy cake. 
        Did you order anything from this past opening? Have any pending orders? 

        Until Next Melt, 

        Zeep Bath Mystery Box Un-Boxing

        Zeep Bath’s wax has been on my radar for quite awhile now with all its hype and attention it has been receiving over the past several months. After missing out on the wax only restock and many previous failed attempts to purchase wax before, I was even more determined to get my hands on at least a mystery box to try a few of this vendors scents.

        Than it happened. A day after the sale, Ashley had posted 11 more mystery boxes that she made and luckily I was able to snag one! 10 oz for $11 plus $4.50 shipping. Very reasonable with great shipping prices!



        Ferris Wheel: Kettle Corn and Salt Water Taffy 6.5 oz

        First melt I was able to smell upon opening the box. Popcorn/kettle corn is not my favorite thing in wax form. So I was a little hesitant when finding this in my box and in such a large quantity. First sniff it’s not as bad as I had feared though the popcorn is of course the most dominate. I’m hopeful that I will be able to melt this as the salt water taffy helps to mellow out the kettle corn making this into a scent that will be perfect as a transitioning melt into fall. As for now I mostly get popcorn on cold. I’ll give you guys an update as I melt!


        Run Jungle: Tropical Fruits, Coconut, Rum and Toes in Your Sand.

        Whew wee! Tropical! Grab your coconut bra and grass skirt we are going to a luau! Hand squeezed pineapple juice and coconut water blend together with a boozy undertone to create this mouth watering summer drink fragrance. Boy does this make me thirsty.



        Beach Towels: Fresh Towels, Coconut & Lemongrass. 3.7-4.2 oz

        Strong on the lemongrass and full of citrus and vibrant to awaken the senses yet kept at bay by the fluffy cotton towels to pull this back into a calming, relaxing aroma. So good!! I can’t wait to melt this one on account of its freshness and how it makes me just want to roll around in it and smell like beachy clean clothes.


        The picture doesn’t show just how big this chunk really is. I’ve done a side by side comparison here with a Rose Girls chunk so that you can see the difference. Though I still do not think you are getting the full effect of how big this chunk really is.



        Overall Mr. Meltdown & myself,  (As he as also stamped his approval on this box and loved every scent so far!) are very impressed with my first order/mystery box from Zeep and would love to snag one or two in the next restock! After some cure time I will be back with some melted reviews. If there are any you would like me to go into further detail please let me know!


        Did you order anything this past restock? What are some of your favorite Zeep blends?


        Until Next Restock,


        Golden Doors of Wonder 

        Vendor/Brand: The Bathing Garden

        Product: 6 Cube Clamshell

        Scent: Nothing Whatever

        Online Scent Description: Earthy wild mint and ivy topped with vanilla cream

        Throw: Medium to Strong with one cube


        A sweet wild mint pulled fresh from the stem and ripped between the finger tips to release its crisp, earthy aroma mingled with a creamy vanilla. Truly a whimsical scent just as playful as the decor adorning the surface.

        I just love the whimsical fun the doors create to this melt as it just adds a fun element of imagination to the little creature that could live within. Fairy door? Hobbit door? Troll maybe? Who knows, up to you!


        Before any cure time, this threw at around a medium with one cube in my living room glade warmer. I believe it will throw even stronger in a smaller room like my bedroom. The coolness of the mint leaf and green ivy makes me think this would also be a good melt for the times those pesky headaches flare up as it is refreshing and soothing. A beautiful mint blend that I will want to have in my stash, a repurchase for sure if I make another order.



        Have you tried this scent? What are your thoughts?

        “Sometimes I’ve Believed As Many As 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast.”



        My first Bathing Garden order is here! Finally after 6 weeks of checking the calendar periodically and counting the weeks to see if somehow time had magically sped up from the last time I checked. Now that I have experienced the wait though it truly wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be or had heard most say it was. I would make (and am waiting) on another order; the Sleepy bundle. I can not deny that I am pondering another order to pick up a few back up’s before they are pulled for good.


        Nothing WhateverEarthy wild mint and ivy topped with vanilla cream

        Sweet mint pulled fresh from the stem and crushed between the finger tips to release its crisp, earthy scent mingled with a creamy vanilla. Truly a whimsical scent just as playful as the decor adorning the surface.

        Painting The Roses RedButter Cream Frosting and Coconut Cream Pie is layered over a blend of Raspberries and Roses

        The scent of aged rose petals with the slightest raspberry note lingering behind mounds of butter cream frosting and shredded coconut.



        Tea with the Queen -This tart is the most amazing scent of roobios red tea. Very comforting and mild, just like the drink. 

        Tea fit for a queen. Perfumery almost to the nose as the florals swirl around with each twirl of the spoon followed by the bitter elegance of pipping hot tea.



        Alice & Lavender Land –French lavender with vanilla extract and marshmallow cream.

        Each lavender is unique in its own way. Shannon’s french lavender is more of a heavy, true lavender that becomes less offensive to the nose and more inviting with the added sticky sweet marshmallow cream. This one will be perfect for night time slumbers.

        Sea of Tears -“Fresh air, sea salt, ocean mists, and aquatic floral. This is a sweet and beachy floral scent.”

        Very beachy for sure as my nose picks up an almost copper tone type fragrance followed by aquatic notes of salty sea air. Perfect for summer melting.


        When Wonderland Dreams –Wild berries blend with sugar crystals and powdery white floral’s for a sleep full of dreams

        Comes off a bit clean and soapy to the nose with a hint of sugar to keep it from totally being a fresh scent. Very nice. Can’t wait to see how this performs once warmed.



        NonWonderland Goodie


        Lacquered Lollipops– Floral undertones with top notes of candied sweetness. 

        Unsure of this one on cold. Very floral, a dried flower musk. Not much of a candied scent.



        Lemon CheesecakeDelicious cheesecake swirled with tart lemon

        The juice of a fresh lemon is so tart it will make your lips pucker. The cheesecake in this blend helps take the edge off that tartness, working to curve it in the right direction of being the perfect smooth dessert.





        Left to right

        Marzipan Poppy Cakes(Top left)Creamy almond marzipan is swirled with pomegranate, orange, and spicy notes of cinnamon and cardamom

        Nutty flavoring added by the drops folded gently into our soft dough like mixture that smells slightly of fall bakery from the orange and spicy undertones.

        Sweet Madi (Left)- Sweet vanilla blends with succulent, ripe strawberries and the soft floral of violet and jasmine

        Violet and jasmine dominate blended with a powdery vanilla lace and light strawberry.


        Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-White tea is layered under cool Moroccan mint in this refreshing tart.

        Moroccan mint hits the senses, electrifying and tingly. White tea soothes and relaxes in the background all the while blending together to create a tea fit for the hatter.


        Looking Glass-A fruity floral with cassis, peaches, sugar, and musk.

        Sweet peaches and sugar granulates with just the faintest kiss of musk sitting on a top of a bed of florets drenched in the darkest of cassis. Elegant and dignified.


        Top to Bottom, Left to Right.

        Mid Summer SongSugared vanilla, candied lemon and orange and sweet dark berries.

        Very tart and candy like. Makes me think of the powdered fun dips that would come in multi-colors with the candy stick or the baby bottle pops with the sour powder candy.


        Bee SmittenSweet lavender, rose, ylang ylang, honey and citrus.

        I really do not care for this one on cold.. something about it has me holding this one far, far away as it almost makes me want to sneeze. Just think allergies, pollen and honey.

        Guava Berry GelatoGuava, raspberry, and strawberry iced up into creamy gelato.

        Decadent creamy gelato with fresh strawberries and raspberries blended within to expose their seeds to give off its fruity aroma. At first the guava came off to my nose a bit funky but once you get past that and keep sniffing this is really a wonderful almost edible melt. DON’T EAT IT THOUGH.

        Whimsy-Bergamot, orange, pineapple, and lemon combine with hints of banana and coconut for a bright and tropical smelling tart.

        A beautifully complex fruity melt that makes me think of a mixture between smarties and a summer drink with hand squeezed oranges and bananas being the dominate notes. I think I may need this in a clam.



        I am saving the last part of this order for a future post as it is pretty spectacular on its own and given its theme I think deserves its own post.


        Did you order anything from the Wonderland collection? What were some of your favorites? Let me know!

        Solving the Mystery of the Unseen Box !

        In a previous post I had mentioned buying a new box to store wax in and since then I’ve had the request from a few people to see this “mysterious” box. You guys have pulled my leg so I will show you my box and maybe just maybe I will show you the contents within.

        I have a bit of an obsession with boxes, totes, containers, you name it! When I ran across the boxes in Ross’s, I had to assess each and every box to determine which was coming home with me. They had too many choices of different sizes and shapes of either ones in the same design family just different sizes or ones that ranged in multiple sizes and designs from beach themed to silhouettes of Boston Terriers with a pink background.

        I like my items to have multiple purposes so I tried to pick one that I could see myself using in pictures as a possible background for wax but also having it fit into decor so it won’t be an eyesore it I leave it out for easy access at a warmer. That is when I decided on the wood finished detailed box that you see above. Not to mention the well-known and inspiring words of “Faith, Hope and Love” that are beautifully inscribed on the top.


         Now let us take a gander what is inside the box.

        You really want to know what is inside the box? It’s an embarrassing snap shot of Sponge Bob at the Christmas Party! 😁😁

        I just had to make sure you were paying attention. Whats truly inside my new box is my Super Tarts clams. Most of them since I’m sure I have a few stragglers here and there throughout the house that are still on the loose. This box is much bigger than what I had my clamshells in before which still gives me room to grow. Very, very happy about that!


        So there it is, my mystery box! Not much of a mystery huh?


        Do you have any of these decorative boxes? What do you keep in yours?


        Until Next Melt,


        The Meltdown Challenge #2 Grass Cake?

        Many of you seemed to really enjoy the mini challenge that I did a few weeks back so I decided to go on and do another one. This week with it being summer I thought it would be fun to incorporate something from the great outdoors (i.e. grass,wood,smoke,dirt) and put it into something you normally wouldn’t. My challenge this week is to create a cake blend that would include my choice of an outdoor element which I have decided would be grass.

        I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had been craving cake for days so once I hit up the grocery store for some much needed house essentials, it was cake time! Looking through Wal-Mart’s selection of cake goodness is when these lovelies showed up. Blueberry iced cupcakes filled with a blueberry filling ? Yes please! This inspired me for my cake blend this week to try and recreate it in wax.



        My grass ingredient will come from the known Sam’s Shire from Super Tarts: Fresh Cut Grass and Watermelon Rock Candy. Don’t let the rock candy fool you, the grass note is very astringent on cold and will be difficult to hide.
        Vanilla Cookie Crunch– Better Homes & Gardens 

        Blueberry- Tiffany Candles 

        Marshmallow Puff– Wilma’s Handmade

        Coconut Marshmallow Noel– Sniff My Tarts



        Mmmhm! This actually makes me think of a blueberry cupcake! First off as this began melting it came off to the nose as more of a blueberry muffin type. After about 15-20 minutes of melting the marshmallow and coconut noel kicked in and helped transform this into more of a sweet, cakey note. The grass comes through as more of a bitterness that adds to the tartness of the blueberry so it somehow comes together and worked out well for this blend. It melted as a medium thrower in my bedroom warmer for several hours.


        What about you, what would you choose to mix up with this challenge? 


        This week I challenge my friend Avalon128 on Instagram to the challenge! She also has a YouTube Channel (Link in her biofeed!) where she does wax hauls and reviews of what she has been melting so check her out!

        Anyone else who would like to do this challenge, I would love to see those wacky blends! Remember it can be any kind of cake blend you can think of! If you do, tag me in your post on Instagram in the comments so I can see (@themeltdown15)! 

        Until Next Melt,