Demeter Fragrance Sampler Order Part 1 Food/Drink

Demeter Fragrance Sampler Order Part 1 Food/Drink


I finally fell down the rabbit hole of Demeter Fragrance. With the hundreds of scents they have to choose from, it took me at least an hour in a half to go through the classic scents and come up with the cart full that I now have to share with you. I have always been intrigued by this company because of the weird and wacky that they offer such as Crayon, Fuzzy Balls (tennis balls), New Baby ect. but also because of their single scents such as Earl Grey Tea and Angel Food.  So for my first order I started small to test a few scents only getting the samples and if I like it than moving on to a bigger size. A few of these I got just for fun while others I truly was interested in having to wear. So that we don’t keep you here all day I have broken this haul into two parts: Food/Drink and Outdoors/Misc.


Angel Food: Reminds me exactly of angel food cake without the sticky sugar residue! Sweet, light and fluffy. An egg, sugar and flour mixture that is just the perfect amount of sweetness with almost a hint of whipped cream. This is one I may have to have in a large bottle. 

Earl Grey Tea: I am a little on the fence about this one. Rich in bergamot and very intense. Almost inky like smelling  in the bottle. 

Pumpkin Pie: Fresh and creamy pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger for ‘taste’. I cannot wait to wear this when fall comes around and smell like pumpkin! 

Popcorn : Concession stand butter flavoring hits the nose first followed by the familar toasted popped corn kernels. My husband was curious to how realistic this one would be and he wasn’t disappointed. 

Pizza: I quickly regret my descison.. do I have to smell it..? Alright here it goes. *audible gag* well.. You live and you learn. This is disgusting.. sorry. It smells of a tomato cream vomit. I’m not sure if that’s exactly it but I won’t put my nose near it anymore. I refuse to even spray it, smelling the nozel was way too much. The comments said how true of a pizza smell it was so I was intrigued but now.. no way. 

Free Gift

If you spent over $30 you received a free giftI was happy to find that my free gift was a full 1.0 oz bottle of fragrance! 

Fuzzy Navel:  Smells of crisp peaches and cream once it dries on the skin with maybe the slightest fizz if any at all. I’m really impressed with this and happy to have it in a big bottle. 

I enjoy that these perfumes are subtle enough to blend with other fragrances. 
Though I’m still testing and playing around with a few, I’m currently having issues with the scent lasting. 
Anyone else have this difficulty?  Have you tried Demeter? What are some of your favorites?

Let me know! Part 2 will be next with some of my favorites!  

Thank You For Being A Friend

The girls ate over 100 cheesecakes during the shows 7 year run but in reality Rue hated cheesecake. 

As much love that I hold for the Girls, I still can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get the full collection. Time and time again I go to the Girls for comfort or just to unwind after a long day. I will always treasure anything GG themed that keeps their memory alive. 

Rose– Sweet Loops, Elderberry & Blue Cotton Candy

Before this melt I wasn’t sure what elderberry smelled like. Now I know and it is kicking tail in this blend! Berrylicious with swirls of airy cotton candy. Childlike and playful with the added candy fragrance which represents Rose’s innocence perfectly yet still somehow keeping it classy and fresh. 

Rose Fun Fact:

  • Betty and Rue would leave each other puzzles and riddles on the bulliten board that hung in the kitchen for each other to solve. Both women were very competitive. 
  • Nothing Betty says in her St. Olaf language/gibberish is real. That’s exactly what it is, gibberish. Though she has a way of selling it and making us believe it is a true language. 

Besides Sophia, Rose is probably my favorite character on GG. 

Blanche– Downey, a nice musky odor with hints of fresh green ozone and patchouli, and sweet lollipops

A patchouli blend? Wha? Yes I know. But I had to have the full set. It wouldn’t have been the same with just three of the girls. Though on cold it’s actually nice. I don’t get much patchouli. It’s a nice laundered, crisp sweet melt. I can’t wait to give this one a go. Laundry was a nice touch for our lovely B.E.D. 

Blanche Fun Facts:

  • Rue was found asleep in many different places on set. 
  •  Rue had a clause written into her contract that she be allowed to keep all of Blanche’s custom-made clothing.  It was enough clothing to fill 13 closets. 

    Dorothy– Cactus & Sea Salt, Camu Camu & Guava

    So fresh. Usually I’m not much of a cactus and sea salt fan though the ripe, juicy Guava stands strong alongside the camu camu giving this melt a fruity sea breeze type mixed with almost a shampoo type. I could see this being a fragrance ole Dorothy herself could be caught wearing. 

    Dorothy Fun Fact:

    • Bea’s ears arent pierced so all of the earrings she wore on set were clip-ons that would leave her ears numb by the end of taping. 
    • Bea didn’t get along with her other co-workers. After the show ended she didn’t stay in touch.

      Ma– Honeydew Melon, Chamomile & Strawberry Slices

      More subtle than the other girls melts which doesn’t fit Sophia’s firecracker personality. Though I do love this one. The honeydew is so watery and crisp and the strawberry slices smell exactly like you would expect with its black seeds and all! I always say that if you can ‘smell the seeds in a strawberry melt, you know it’s a good, true strawberry. 

      Sophia Fun Fact:

      • It took forty-five minutes in make-up for Estelle Getty to get into character of Sophia
      • Estelle Getty suffered from intense stage fright that would often lead her to freeze on camera. 

        All in all I am impressed with this collection and think the clams are, “Just lovely” With the simple palm tree to their vibrant colors. 
        Are you a big Golden Girls Fan? Who is your favorite Gal? Let me know! 

        The MeltdownBlog Turns One! 

        As of yesterday, The MeltdownBlog is now a year old! It feels like just yesterday I decided to go on this adventure we call  blogging. Time sure does fly when your having fun! I hope you have enjoyed reading along as much as I have enjoyed  sharing it with you all and getting to know most of you other bloggers. I have grown over the year to love vendor wax either as much if not more than candles, branched out in trying new scents I never thought I would like such as shaving cream blends and bakery. (In the past I wouldn’t go near anything that was food fragranced.)

        To celebrate I thought I would post a link to my very first blog and a throw back to a few of my first orders along the way.

        Since I’ve been a little ST obsessed here recently, here is a throw back to my very first order from them. Lord of Mordor still stands as one of my favorites to this day! Sample in Treebeard.

        My first vendor experience was with Front Porch Candle Co. Ease of ordering and free shipping really had me hooked at first. I  will still suggest if you are new to the wax world to start with a vendor such as Front Porch or Eagle Rock.

        The 2nd wax vendor that I ordered from was Eagle Rock Candle Co and this was the first order I placed with them. My favorite being the 7-up Pound Cake and Monkey Farts while the Leather Jacket being a favorite of my husbands.

        If you’ve followed me from the beginning, my used to be favorite melt from Front Porch was her Pink Peppermint Lavender  which is what I’m melting here in my profile picture. I’ve melted it so much that it would probably make me ill now but I use to rave about it. This warmer being my first warmer and that it was given to me by my mother means so much to me while all the while being so beautiful.

        Warmed Review-3/21/17 Vintage Chic Scents, L3, Rainbow Melts, Super Tarts

        Below are some of the melts I have melted over the past week.


        Emma Frost

        Scent Description: Sparkling Ginger, VBN (Vanilla Bean Noel) and Sugar Crystals.

        Throw: Medium

        Creamy vanilla effervescence splendor. Kicking myself for not getting more of this. If this is offered in a Bam Bag I will probably snag two since this clam shell has already almost bit the dust. Simple, If you like the crispness of ginger-ale and the creaminess of VBN then this melt is for you.






        Scent Description: Cotton Candy Frosting, Boo Berry, Vanilla Wafer.

        Throw: Knock Out Strong (Had to turn off the warmer, suggest smaller piece than what I used)

        This was a huge chunk to begin with so I assumed cutting it in half would be fine which was wrong and resulted in me turning off the warmer. I was hoping to LOVE this one with the Boo Berry and the Vanilla Wafer especially after adoring the wafer in the RG Cherry Wafer melt but something about it just didn’t sit well with me.





        Grandma’s Pearls

          Scent Description: Marshmallow Lavender Vanilla

        Throw: Medium

        Grandma’s Pearls was a melt I have held onto for awhile now. When it was first given to me I was going through a time where lavender and me just didn’t get along. I believe it was because I had melted it too much in the past and just needed a break. The other day after sniffing through a few melts is when I ran across this one and it smelled absolutely wonderful. Don’t you just love finding those little treasures you already own? I call it shopping at home!  Any-who, as you can see this has had plenty of time to be nice and cured and it threw with a medium throw cut into four pieces. So beautiful and light enough for use of a bedtime melt. A scent I’ll watch for in upcoming restocks.





        Scent Description: Coffee, Midnight Ice Cream and Cinnamon Donuts.

        Throw: Strong

        Black roasted coffee beans swirled with a decadent, vanilla ice cream and sticky sweet cinnamon donuts.  What more can a girl ask for when a sweet tooth strikes? Stunned I tell you, just stunned (channeling Blanche for a moment) that this stuck to me the way it did. It is so pleasant. Not that bitter, in your face coffee note that you get on cold but once its melting transforms into the comforting coffee aroma you would get when walking down the coffee bean isle of the market and it just engulfs you in such a soothing scent. The cinnamon donuts adds the perfect bit of spice while the creaminess of the ice cream keep the coffee at bay leaving this to be a well rounded blend.





        Sweet Pink Holiday

        Scent Description: Pink Sugar, Frosted Pink Cake & Vanilla Bean Noel.

        Throw: Light

        Say it with me everyone… YUM!! Again with the VBN? Yes because it is freaking amazing. Now years ago when the only form that I knew this scent in was B&BW, it was repulsively sweet and I wanted nothing to do with it. Now that I have explored it blended into vendor wax, totally game. Blend that noel in everything! The scent is pretty self explanatory but yet so perfect, light and airy. The scent description doesn’t mention marshmallows but I swear its got a bit of a bouncy marshmallow fragrance.  If only it could have threw a little stronger, it was a bit light for my liking.


        Out of your melting week what have you enjoyed the most? Has anything stuck out to you? Let me know!


        Until Next Melt,



        It’s Been Too Long-Super Tarts

        “It’s been awhile, since I last saw you!” It has been way too long since I have placed an order with Super Tarts. Smelling everything in this order just lures me back in and makes me want to run back to the site and order 10 more of each scent. Does ST contain a drug that makes you delirious and crave more wax? :p

        After several attempts of filling my cart and trying to make it just perfect I trimmed my order down from several clams and finally came down to 9 clams with around six dollars and change in shipping. Though the lowest shipping comes in a padding rate envelope labeled AT RISK, everything was very well wrapped in bubble wrap and all my clams were in tact. Very pleased!

        Here is what I Ordered:

        From the Alice in Wonderland Collection:

        It’s Always Tea Time (Green): ‘Earl Grey Tea, Tea Cakes,Peppermint Swizzle Sticks, and Whipped Cream.’

        A strong buttery tea and cakes scent with just a dash of peppermint.

        Off With Her Head (Red)– ‘Painted Rose’s, Mixed Berries, Marshmallow Fluff and Orange Zests. ‘

        A play on a rose jam scent. Much sweeter and tart from the berries that awakens the senses. 

        Curiosity Often Leads to Trouble (Pink): ‘Lemon Eclair, Sweet Amber and White Nectarine.’ 

        Lucious… dreamy. Ugh! What is this wonderful blend?! This smells so familiar. Whoever else may have bought this blend, what does this smell remind you of? (Maybe a certain shampoo? Candy?) The Nectarine is soo fresh their should be juice coming out of this wax!

        Wonderland (Orange): ‘Apple Mango Tango, Sweet Lollipops and French Vanilla Meringue ‘

        Very sweet but I’m almost getting a lemon cleaner scent to it on cold? I’ll have to melt it and give it a shot. 

        From the Lord Of the Melts Collection:

        Lord of Mordor(x2)(Grey): ‘Orange Sorbet, Leather and Black Pepper ‘

        Picture yourself sitting in a brand new vehicle with newly buffed leather seats eating orange sorbet from TCBY. Boom. Doesn’t everyone love that new car smell?

        Isildurs Heir(Blue): ‘Frankincense, Myrrh, Green Tweed and Camu Camu. ‘

        I bought this fragrance because of the frankincense but all of the scents are so well blended.It smells to me of a clean man out of the shower on cold. As you breathe in a little deeper I can pick out the earthy frankincense so it may come out stronger when melted.  


        Tart Wars Jaba– ‘Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cookies & Creams, sugar syrup and berry confection. ‘

        Another fragrance I bought because a scent stuck out to me. This one was the ice cream sandwiches and cookies & cream. It turned out a bit different then I had hoped but it may still have promise when warmed. On cold it smells of crushes oreo cookies and ice cream. 

        Briarcliff: ‘Mac Apple, Shaving cream & Sea Salt. ‘

        Shaving cream mac apple delight! Soo good. 


        Die Hard: Pine Needles & Sugar Cookies

        Splinter: Biolage, key lime and Brazilian jack fruit. 

        I also had to place an order since ST opened up for Bam Bars today! 

        I ordered a bag of Middle Earth and Mouse Ears.

        Have you placed any orders recently? What are some of your favorite scents? 

        Hobo Dinners & Wax Overview

        Anyone remember those foil covered meals that you would throw in the coals to cook while reminiscing around a hot fire? Our family referred to them as Hobo Dinners. Usually they would consist of hamburger meat in the form of a patty, onions, peppers and carrots for the veggies then sliced potatoes for the starch.

        Well that is exactly what I made this past Saturday. Just without the coals and fire.

        There will be a link for the recipe below as I won’t have exact measurements of what I personally used and usually after making something a few times, I sort of do my own thing and make it my own as does everyone in their kitchen.



        Here is what I used:

        • 1 Pound Ground Beef (I suggest a lower fat content so there is less grease for your food to sit in)
        • Half a Package of Onion Soup Mix (when making burgers I love using this as a mix in seasoning)
        • Great Value Carrot Chips-Produce (Add As Desired)
        • Bag of Mixed Frozen Peppers & Onion. (Add As Desired)
        • 2 Tablespoons Chopped  Fresh Red Onion (optional)
        • Microwave Bag of Potatoes ( I made these smaller potatoes work on account of being out of the large potatoes to chop up and add into our Hobo Dinners so I served these on the side)
        • Salt & Pepper for Taste
        • Aluminum Foil & Reynolds Wraps Pop-Up Sheets (if you do not have the pre-cut sheets, aluminum foil is fine)
        • Baking Pan


        1. Preheat the oven to 400 Degrees.
        2. Line your pan with aluminum foil.
        3. For my “prepping station” I took 2 single Reynolds wrap sheets and placed them flat on my counter apart from one another.
        4. In a bowl mix the hamburger meat and onion soup mix until well blended or until you no longer see dark patches of seasoning.
        5. Next I simply patted out a handful of the hamburger meat and formed a patty. I made enough for two patties a bit bigger than the palm of my hand and will use the left over meat for another meal.
        6. Place each patty on their single Reynolds sheet.
        7. TOPPINGS: For my toppings I added the two tablespoons of fresh chopped onion and a handful of the frozen onions strips ( I like onion) from the mixed onions and peppers before finishing off with a few carrot chips on top. On my husbands I added a handful of mixed frozen onions and peppers with the carrot chips on top.
        8. Season with salt and pepper as you see fit
        9. When you are finished adding the desired toppings, collect the ends of the wrap sheet (aluminum foil) and seal all edges end to end.


        9. Place on baking pan and then in oven.

        10.Cook for 1 hour. Depending on how thick you made your patty, an hour should be plenty but always cut into it and check for pink.


        The meat wasn’t dry and was well cooked within the hour. The onion soup mix helped in seasoning the meat and the vegetables on top of the meat. Overall I was pleased with the outcome of this dish.





        Recent Melts: 

        Nilla Wafer 7-up Pound Cake from Rose Girls -Heavenly!!!! A must try for anyone who loves a little fizz and buttery bakery goodness.

        Blood Orange & Teakwood Scent Burst– These are just FABULOUS! Earthy citrus with a hint of sugar. They throw like no other too! Definite repurchase because I have been able to smell them from across the room in my kitchen/ living room area while plugged in and the scent lingers after the warmer is turned off. Plus if spilled they can be easily cleaned up from the carpet instead of wax.

        Sexx Bomb from Wild Vine Soapery – Floral, Jasmine creates a luxurious aroma that would make any girl feel pampered. I would suggest pairing this one with a soak in the tub and a nice read!

        Gone with the Wind Fabulous from the Fakery Bakery Wax – Confused on the scent and melted the full cup in my kitchen without receiving any throw sadly.

        Peaches & Pink Sugar from Front Porch Candle Co.- A kind of chemical peach scent with a sweet sweet pink sugar. The pink sugar saved this melt but I still didn’t melt it for long.

        Sassy Girl Aroma Cider Lane Whipped Cream– Delicious.

        Pink Sugar from Front Porch Candle Co.– Always a fan of Front Porch’s pink sugar with the sweet spun sugar frosting scent.

        The Black Flame Candle from House of Usher Wax Museum– This melt didn’t have much of a scent throw on cold nor on warm. It was just a muted vanilla fragrance that I could detect while hovering over the warmer.



        Recent Candles: 

        Finished a Cider Lane from Bath and Body Works -Strong, almost headache inducing at times. This is a scent I have to be in the mood for. This scent in my opinion, is better in  vendor wax which I have already stocked up for fall this year! (FALLLL!!!)

        Finished Cranberry Pear from Yankee Candle  – Smelled amazing on cold, didn’t want to burn it but finally gave in. Believe it was probably to small to smell anything but I also usually do not have good luck with Yankee.

        Working on Peppermint Marshmallow from White Barn Starting off very strong, I’ll keep you posted on what I think and maybe do a review!



        Until Next Melt,



        When Life Throws You Curve-Balls.. Cook?


        Wax I Have Enjoyed Over The Past Few Days Include:

        Very Merry Zucchini from Rainbow Melts

        Snow Fairy from Wild Vine Soapery

        Grey Stuff from Wild Vine Soapery

        Strawberry Crème Brulee from Rose Girls

        Fresh Picked Strawberry from Rose Girls

        Ginger Ale from Super Tarts Potion Pack

        Strawberry Vanilla Bean Cupcakes & Cookies from Front Porch Candle Co



        Candles That I Have Indulged In:

        Cranberry Pear by Yankee Candle

        Pomegranate Prosecco Punch by Bath & Body Works

        Vanilla Laundry Front Porch Candle Co.


        There has been a lot of action in my kitchen as of late. Sure I have always cooked but something has put a spark in me to get in the kitchen and experiment with new recipes. Whether it be recipes that are creative, simple, healthier, fun, artsy, budget friendly, 10 minute meals, etc.  I have enjoyed reading them all.  I’ve always wanted to be the cook that makes everything from scratch but just falls short because I’m busy (aren’t we all) and don’t always have the time and energy for lavish dinners. So I do what I can to put a nice dish on our table most nights but I’m trying to do even better to enjoy the process instead of viewing it as a chore because I really do love cooking. Cooking and burning candles has really been a good stress relief for me here recently.

        One afternoon on a car ride home together I had asked my husband a few things that he may want to eat for dinner the upcoming week so I could have a plan when I go to the store. After some thought chicken pot pie came to mind. My first concern: the breaded pastry. Sure it doesn’t take too long to whip up a doughy mixture and call it dough but I wanted something that would still taste delicious but be super easy that while it is cooking I can work on the filling. I remember as a child my mom would make chicken pot pies and place a canned biscuit on top of each personal pie which was a brilliant idea but maybe something thinner this time. That is when I ran across this recipe on


        Easy As Chicken Pot Pie:

        • 1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed (I used Pillsbury Crescent rolls by accident the first time but for when I make it again I bought the Crescent Dough Sheet)
        • 1 1/3 cup frozen peas and carrots (I used a bag of frozen mixed veggies instead that also included corn)
        • 2/3 cup frozen corn kernels
        • 2 tablespoons butter
        • ¼ cup all-purpose flour (GF Flour works if anyone was curious!)
        • 2 cups milk
        • 1 teaspoon crumbled dried thyme or to taste
        • 2 cups diced cooked chicken
        • Salt and ground black pepper to taste


        1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
        2. Use a pizza cutter to slice the puff pastry into 8 equal-sized strips. Weave the strips into a square lattice and place on a greased baking sheet. (if you use crescent rolls for this it will give you trouble because of the pre-cut lines and fall apart everytime you go to lift the pastry.)
        3. Bake in preheated oven until it just starts to brown, 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside.
        4. Place the frozen peas, carrots, and corn in a microwave-safe bowl and cook in the microwave until cooked but still firm, 5 to 10 minutes.
        5. Melt the butter in a skillet over medium heat. Stir in the flour and cook for 1 minute. Pour in the milk and stir while cooking until the mixture is smooth. Add the thyme and continue to cook and stir until the mixture thickens. Stir in the cooked vegetables and the chicken. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until heated through, stirring frequently, 5 to 7 minutes.
        6. Pour the chicken mixture into a 2-quart baking dish. Lay the pastry lattice on top. Bake in the preheated oven until the crust is golden brown, 10 to 15 minutes.


        Tip: I added a little Mrs. Dash Table Blend for taste

        As you see my weaving was NOT perfect because it kept falling apart on me but I still think it came out pretty neat. Excuse the middle, I had started to cut into it and stopped just in time before I realized I hadn’t got a picture! 

        This recipe turned out great! Delicious! I will try making a gluten free breaded topping but for now I picked off the topping and ate a bit of the filling. The leftovers were even good, just pop it back in the oven (or toaster oven like we did) to reheat and to make the pastry crisp on top again.


        Have you tried a new recipe recently? What is one of your favorites?


        Until Next burn,

        Vanilla Laundry Candle-Front Porch Candle Co.

        Vanilla Laundry from Front Porch Candle Co. was one of the candles that I opened during Christmas from my Front Porch Candle Co Christmas box (Thanks to my dear Husband). It is also the candle that called out to me with its comforting fragrance lingering on my nose as I stood in front of my candles trying to pick which candle to burn this past week. With the curve balls life has thrown here recently, the comforting candle won by a long shot.


        On cold I could sit and sniff this candle for days. The sweet, vanilla is subtle and blended well with a delicate cotton laundry anyone would want to crawl into. Most times when laundry is present in a scent it usually is overbearing and becomes the whole fragrance causing the user to A) Run away fast or B) Cause the user crippling headaches if used. I found that this candle did neither. In fact it did the total opposite and assisted in adding a calming vibe to my home that dusted the air even after the flame was extinguished.



        The candle burned clean for many hours each burn. I would say it was probably the 4th burn when it started to give off a smoky, unpleasant scent so I decided to retire it as it was close to the bottom anyway.(Side note: I have never burned a FPCC candle and should have done the research before but on the website it says to only burn two hours the first burn.. well of course I almost always let it completely pool out or you’ve got a mess on your hands. So this may have been my fault of why it started smelling smoky.) Overall for my first candle from FPCC I was very pleased with the throw and burn time.




        Throw: Strong 5/5

        Clean burn: Yes (Wicks mushroomed fast and big so keep on the wicks!)

        Repurchase? Yes


        Until Next Burn,



        Small Rainbow Melts Christmas/Winter Haul

        Small Rainbow Melts Christmas/Winter Haul

        I finally got my hands on some Rainbow Melts Wax! FINALLY! So super excited and very pleased with my order. The colors, smells, shapes and designs are splendid! Let us jump into the goodies:


        4 Pack Snow Flakes in the scent Snow Angel

        Snow Angel: Strawberry, Icy Peppermint & Cotton Candy Frosting 

        So good. If you are a fan of mint and fruit blends you  will love this! Fresh picked strawberry and cool icy peppermint 


        4 Pack Wreaths in the scent Aroma Blizzard

        Aroma Blizzard: Spruce, vanilla with a hint of lemon, apple, pine, pear, hyacinth, cinnamon, and mint completed with sandalwood & cedar

        A wonderful, fresh winter blend!


        3 Pack Snow Flake Cookies in the scent Very Merry Zucchini

        Verry Merry Zucchini Boo Berry, Wildberry Mousse & Creamy Zucchini.

        Zucchini is usually the strongest  note in a blend once mixed with something but this melt is blended perfectly with the Boo Berry and Wildberry Mousse which is usually a scent I don’t care for.


        4 Pack Snow Flakes in the scent Tinsel

        Tinsel: Pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, with a subtle hint of fresh peppermint leaves and fresh vanilla.

        A very strong Tinsel fragrance more dominant on the fruit than the mint. 



        Holiday Cabin A wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests

        Super comforting and holiday like. 

        Sweet Pink Holiday Pink Sugar, Frosted Pink Cake & VBN

        Can we say sweet? Pink Sugar dominate and swirls of pink frosted cake. Yum!!

        Peppermint Fluff Sweet Peppermint & Fluffy Marshmallow.

        Nose clearing peppermint! Very fresh and strong. Non-medicinal peppermint.

        What’s On My Tree? Ornament #3

        I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!” *Commence evil witch laugh*

        Merry Christmas my dear waxies! Do you have those list checked? Gifts wrapped? Bows tied? Garland hung? Cookies cooked? Carols sung?

        Alright enough of that, we get there is a lot to do this time of year so let us unwind and enjoy a melt shall we? This week’s wax that I have melted several times throughout the house this week was Snow Witch by Sassy Girl Aroma.


        Product: Soufflé Cup (2.5 oz)

        Scent: Snow Witch

        Price: $2.50

        Throw: STRONG

        I was unable to find a scent description but I know the fragrance consist of: pine needles, Juniper and crisp winter fruits.


        On the hunt for a strong Christmas melt that will have you frolicking through the woods? Look no further. Sure there may be plenty of pine scents out there on the market this holiday season but something just set this one apart to me. Something about the sweetness of the frosted winter fruits and how it mingles perfectly with the intense resin from the pine. It creates the perfect scenery for a snowy path in the woods that leads to the Snow Witch and her castle.


        The scent shot comes in a rather large scent shot (Souffle cup) so I would recommend chopping this up, especially for smaller rooms. As you can tell by the picture, I didn’t melt much and this amount was even too strong for my bedroom. (Just keep in mind a little goes a long way.)


        Whats On My Tree? Ornament #3

        Hallmark Magic Ornament 2014 Its Shoe Time! – Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch


        Speaking of witches, my melt is what inspired my ornament for this week’s post. Now I know what you are thinking, “A witch for a Christmas ornament?” The Wicked Witch of The West is one of my FAVORITE characters from the Wizard of Oz so how could I not have an ornament of her on my tree? She may not be a snow witch but she is a witch and a bad-to-the-bone one at that! My husband gifted this ornament to me one Christmas and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  She not only is great all on her own but she also has a little ’magic’ to her that causes her to speak.


        What is your favorite ornament on your tree? Have you melted anything that has blew you away this month? Let me know!


        Until Next Melt,