My First Sweet Fixations Haul

Sweet Fixations is a new to me vendor who I discovered while reading a post over at my friend Deb’s blog somethingalwayz . After reading her haul of goodies and having an itch to order wax myself, I decided to poke around on SF’s site and see what all I could find.

There are many different options available to purchase whether you fancy wax tarts, shapes or samplers. I stuck with scent shots for my first order to allow me to sample more scents my first go around. Scent shots are $1.75 each. TAT is around 12 business days with shipping of $7.40 invoiced at time of shipment. As you notice in the haul, I was mostly in the mood for fall scents which is most of what I picked up with a few thrown in scents that I wanted to try and see if they would be good dupes of other vendors. Onto the goodies!


All Hallows Eve (Green)Spicy mulled grapefruit with a citrus orange note, and a sweet cinnamon vanilla twist.

Spicy, bright citrus brewed to release it’s fragrant spices to create one heck of a cider for Halloween night.

Hocus Pocus (Purple)A magical spicy blend of freshly ground cinnamon, and herbal notes of bergamot, jasmine, black tea, and patchouli.

Grated spices heavy on the cinnamon and cloves steeping deep in a dark black tea that would help awaken any ole sleepy monster.

Hayride (Yellow/Gold)Fresh hay with notes of sweet balsam combined with cedar-wood. Simply that fresh outdoor country air aroma.

I’m a sucker for hay scents around this time. Balsam, hay and cedar wood? Heck yes, bring on the outdoors! Sweet balsam is the key note that would have most smelling this think this to be a winter scent though the cedar wood adds a bit of depth and dare I say a bit of spice? Finish it off with a dusting of hay and you’ve got yourself a well rounded outdoors fragrance. Excited to melt this one!


Bewitched (Purple)Bubbly berries, mandarin, peach and more will delight the senses!

Bubbly indeed. Such a cheerful scent for any cackling witch. I’m not much for peach in scents but it somehow isn’t a dominate role stepping back while the richness of the red berries really take play and bring this scent to life with help of a little effervescent to tingle the senses.

Zombie Boyfriend (Grey)A deadly blend of cream filled cake, pumpkin waffles and fluffy marshmallow.

Mmmm! On cold this reminds me of a cereal I used to eat as a child. French Toast Crunch was it? It was really heavy on the vanilla and sticky syrup though my mom always said it smelled of cat pee.. *crickets* Though I will have you know this doesn’t smell of cat pee at all! Sweet vanilla cake aroma blends beautifully with pumpkin puree to soften and add creaminess all topped with a white marshmallow topping.


Cinnamon Sugar Donuts (Light Brown)Warmed dough topped with caramelized sugar and other spices

Cinnamon sugar bliss. So delicious I could eat it especially with what appears to be cinnamon adorning the top. Warms beautifully in my kitchen having my husband and I craving the cinnamon sugared candy nuts served at shows and fairs. Delicious!

Lucky Charms (Tan)-Smells just like the cereal we grew up with marshmallows and all!

I get more of an off scent Play-Doh vibe than lucky charms on cold. Maybe warmed will give me more marshmallow scent.

Pink Sheets (Pink)Pink sugar and fresh linens

I really enjoy the scent Pink Boxers from TheSmellGoodShop so I wondered if this would be a close dupe of it. Spoiler alert! It is! Such a wonderful scent that is perfect for sweet bedtime dreams. If only sweet pink sugar fabric softener could be a thing?!


A few of these I look back at the descriptions and wonder why I picked them as normally they wouldn’t be what I melt but after smelling them I am glad I went out of my comfort zone. I love them all and am excited to order again once I melt through a few of these.

Until Next Melt,

At It Again, Haul #2 Dogwood & Muscadines Soaplab

I have become quite the fan of an indie vendor by the name of Dogwood & Muscadines Soaplab. I previously reviewed them here a few weeks ago when I shared with you my haul of their soy wax melts and wood wick candles.

I received an email from the owner, Nicole, informing me of the changes she had made since I last visited her booth. Instead of wood wick candles, she has gone wickless and wax melts only. Her products are still available in the candle tins that were pictured in the last review but now would melt them on a candle warmer or in a candle crock. Since then she has also added whipped scoopable wax to her list of products which I was beyond excited to see.

Before I give away too much of what I picked up I should just go on and show you. On to the short but sweet haul!

Note: I have not melted most of these, so below are only cold thoughts and will be brief.

Whipped Scoopable Wax Scented in Banana Bread

Creamed banana rich goodness. Stronger on the banana which smells of actual banana while keeping true to the bakery of the banana bread and toasted nuts adorning the top with a warm soft center.

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Ripe black rasperries are mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla

Does my eyes deceive me?! This was snatched up immediately now that this fragrance was now available in wax melt form. Repurchase. A delicious blend of fresh raspberries and an almost vanilla ice cream like vanilla come together to create this blend.

Mulberry Type-

Home Interiors type. A dead-on fragrant mulberry.

Most of the men in my family are mulberry fans and it has been approved by them so A++

Autumn Fig Harvest

This fragrance top notes are bright and crisp with notes of apple, lemon and ginger. Middle notes of fig, caramel, and cinnamon lead to more earthy base note; leaving you with notes of coffee, twigs and wet forest.

My eyes are already on the lookout for fall wax to review for you lovelies so this was a must not only by the name but it also smells great. Fall bottled up and melted down to the perfect sized cube to make your home fall ready. Earthy yet tinged with sweet cinnamon and fresh apple. A common fall apple cinnamon combination with hints of ginger and wet soil to add a bit of depth. Can’t wait to melt this one!

Spanish Fly

“This is a rich, complex scent of light musk and citruses of fresh sweet orange, lemon balm and kaffir lime leaves. Green notes are muddled brightly and have a floral vanilla cream depth in the soul of the fragrance.”

Repurchase. A deep, sexy blend of citrus rich on the vanilla that is so sinful it’ll have you craving more. *swoon* This really is such a complex scent but is done so beautifully.

Once again I am very happy with everything. Once I melt through these I will be on the lookout for more from this vendor.

I apologize for being absent on here recently. I have been struggling with encouragement to blog and have really been in a funk emotionally. I hope to be back to regularly scheduled programming soon but we will see.

Are you ready for fall? Fall melting yet or waiting?

Until Next Melt,

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Shop My Stash #3 Leftovers and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Recipe

Shop My Stash 3

A continuation of my shop my stash series.

Long commutes, working full time and endless chores all contribute to the busy thing we call life. One of those (sometimes) mundane chores is grocery shopping and when life gets too busy we don’t always have the time or energy. That’s why this week we are focusing on the looked over “leftovers” and are “scrounging” for our warmer melts to fill our cart. Let’s look around and see what we can find lying around.

Better Homes & Gardens Pineapple Melon Freeze

Pineapple melon freeze deliciousness. Just the right amount of pineapple without being obnoxious like most scents with it in it tend to be. The melon adds a bit of depth with its sweetness and greenery from the rind.

ScentSationals Country Living- Fresh Air and Orchard Apples.

The smell of granny smith apples freshly picked from the orchard is so mouthwateringly authentic in this fragrance. One cube throws extremely strong in my Glade bedroom warmer.

Rose Girls Apricot and Peach Party Punch

Left over from an old sampler box, this chunk was at the bottom of my RG bin begging to be melted before summer comes to an end.

Bright, golden apricots and fleshy pink peaches picked fresh for the party punch. Squeezed and seasoned with sugar and carbonated water before being poured into the punch bowl. Threw beautifully in my kitchen warmer all Sunday afternoon.

While we are on the subject of foods I thought I would share with you a recipe that I’ve learned to substitute to be IC/bladder friendly and gluten free. I try my best to follow a gluten free and low acid diet for health reasons.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional when it comes to writing recipes. I usually go off memory or ‘eyeball it’ instead of exact measurements.

Also, everyone experiences IC differently and can tolerate different things. For example I use onion powder in place of onion as I can’t tolerate whole onion while some may find they can eat onion. You do you and substitute how you see fit.

There are several versions of roasted red pepper sauce floating the web but after several cooking attempts I believe I’ve finally concocted up a winner. It’s very simple with very few ingredients.

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


2 12 oz Jars of Roasted Red Peppers Slices

1 Teaspoon of Minced Garlic

1/2 Teaspoon of Onion Powder* (use only if tolerated)

1/2 Teaspoon of Italian Seasoning and or Parsley and Basil.

2 to 3 Tablespoons Broth (use as needed for thinning out sauce, Veggie or Chicken)

2 Tablespoons Ketchup (use only if tolerated)

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Start by emptying both jars, juice and all, into a medium skillet over medium heat. Add minced garlic and seasonings. Simmer until peppers flesh have begun to soften and wrinkle/shrivel stirring occasionally (roughly 5-7 minutes)

Pour contents of skillet into a high powered blender or food processor along with ketchup. Blend on medium strength for a minute. Depending on how thin or thick you like your sauce will depend on if you add the chicken broth.

Note: Using chicken broth does not give the sauce a chicken taste.

Note: I add the ketchup to give it a bit of sweetness as the roasted red peppers can be a bit bitter from the charred pepper flesh. It also helps to give the sauce a bit more of a tomato taste. I find that I do just fine with this little amount. If you would like to skip the ketchup I would suggest a pinch/dash of sugar to help balance out that bitterness.

Check the consistency after about 30 more seconds of blending on low. Rinse the jars that previously held the red pepper slices and pour your sauce into the jars. You should have enough to fill both 12 oz. jars Enjoy!

I use this sauce for many different things like spaghetti, Frito chilli pie, pizza, ect. The one tomato related dish I have struggled to really replace in my diet is salsa. That’s a big one I’ve missed and craved.

Do you struggle with an illness that has caused you to change your diet? Have you come up with any fun ways to accommodate your favorites? Let me know!

Until Next Melt,

The Fall of My Super Pan

WARNING*WARNING*WARNING* Small rant ahead. If rants aren’t your thing then this part of the post may not be for you. You are welcome to scroll down to the marked stars that I have conveniently placed for you if you would like to skip onto the haul.

I have just about had it with my mail carrier. Let me be specific and say this one mail carrier as I only have problems intermittently when they are on rotation. Before I go any further I should say that I am very thankful for all the hard work and service that the postal service men and women put into getting our mail to us day in and day out but there is always one bad egg that ruins a good thing. I would think it should be common sense that if you have to put your fist into my package and beat it to a pulp to make it fit into my mail slot..than it wasn’t meant to fit and isn’t best to try. At this point I would rather them leave it on my front porch which some of the mail carriers have if the mail lockers are full or whatever the case may be. 

This has happened to my mail way too many times to count. The first few times it was wax packages and the seller had packaged them very well that even after the beating they were left in decent shape. Though I had to have my husband cut a box lose from the slot days after delivery after I had keyed the box open with my keys and all the contents dropped to the floor leaving an empty box stuck inside. Funny story that is as it was my Grimoire Tea sampler order. Imagine coming to check your mail and you see a woman chipping away at a box (angrily and determined) then see dozens of small zip lock baggies fall to the floor with what appears to be a substance that looks of dried leaves and her scrambling in a mad dash to pick them all up… I’ll just leave you with that image.. It’s tea!! Back on point. 

Once my Christmas shopping started arriving and it too was getting the same abuse, smoke began coming out my ears. I had ordered a book for my husband as one of his gifts. Upon opening the mailbox and finding it sandwiched into the slot in a “U” shape I let out a squeal and quickly began trying to get it out without ripping or damaging it further. Bookworms will also understand my pain here for when you bend a paperback book it usually is forever stuck in a “U” bend. Somehow after a day and a half of working it loose it didn’t appear to be severely damaged or bent.

What have I done to try and solve the problem you ask? Not too much because I figured when it first started happening that it was just a mild frustration and yes it annoyed me but it was wax and I could handle it. Once it started coming to my Christmas gifts that I was gifting to other people I tried to call and put in a complaint but to speak with a human is near to impossible and once you do get through to a rep line, they put you on hold where they tell you it could be a wait time of an hour. I understand that they are busy, extremely busy, but I also see that is probably put there as a deterrent for people who complain. Who has that kind of time to wait around? Notes also don’t seem to work as they aren’t seen.


So, what was it that got me upset (truly sad) this time and inspired this post? Knowing that my Super Pan from Super Tarts was due to arrive and going to the mail to find this. Why? The first time I treat myself to one of these gorgeous pans does it arrive like this. Why did it have to be that mailman running deliveries that day? Any other time it would have been tucked away safely in a mail locker.  The package was wedged in very tightly into the slot that every time I gently rocked it back and forth I could hear it making a crunch and occasional bubble wrap pop that crushed my heart.


Time to see the damages. Upon un-wrapping all the envelopes and bubble wrap it appears to be in fair condition other than a sliver wedged from the bottom and side and that the bottom left corner completely broke off which I was hopeful that I could make work in pictures for you guys. Once it was time for pictures I found that “slight damage” was in fact not the case. The bottom had been fractured causing cracks up the sides and the top frosting portion where the corner broke, shattered and slid off. I know that this is just wax and it will be chopped and melted but for Pete’s peppers! I wanted to at least enjoy this piece of art for a little while before destroying it. It wasn’t even in my home an hour before falling apart. This must be the world’s way of making me use it and enjoy it instead of hanging on to it.






 Vendor: Super Tarts

Product: Super Pan

Price: $25

Scent: Good Witch

Good Witch- Magically Delicious and white clouds


 *I did my best to reconstruct the pan to its original form before it broke for the pictures for you guys so hopefully the pictures will still do this beautiful pan justice.*


 I remember first melting this scent and becoming obsessed right off the bat and kicking myself for not ordering more so once this scent became available again I jumped on it in the large quantity you see here. Brandi’s Magically Delicious can go two ways in a scent blend to my nose. Either it can give a blend more of a bread like wang to it (my husband describes it as smelling like feet) or it can add a nice touch of bakery to the mix. 

With Good Witch my nose picks up a lovely blend of soft clean linen, not the starchy, chemical kind that burns your nose and is headache inducing, but the kind of linen that beckons you to a good night’s sleep and that you’ll want to shove your face into.  Mixed with sugary puff cereal bits like the little Leprechaun guy’s cereal (you know the one). Now I know that must sound strange but believe me, it is so magically dreamy. 

Is this one of your favorites of Brandi’s? Did you order from the Super Pan Pre-order? Let me know!

Until Next Melt!


 I know it has been awhile since I Iast posted. I’ve had some technical difficulty recently. This may have to be my last post for the time being until I can work out the details and get back up and running. Please bare with me during this time until I can decide how to move forward and continue giving you fun waxy content! 


Rose Girls November Preorder

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Isn’t this packaging so festive and fun? It just called for a picture under the tree. 

This past restock Jenny and the Rose Girls team offered so many scents that were eye-catching, but I had my eyes on one scent in particular. This one scent inspired the order and flew into the cart before all of the others. Which am I referring to you ask? Vanilla Sandalwood and Campfire Marshmallows. 

I first fell head first for VSCM when I received a few chunks in my last Rosegirls order which was their fall sampler mystery box. From then on I knew I would have to get my hands on more even if it meant having to try and recreate it with Jenny’s mini melters. It must have been such a hit that customers requested it in the next opening and here we are now in all its pie glory. I believe the chunks are the smooth, creamy sandalwood with the crisp woody bite and the overpour to be the gooey rich marshmallow gone soft in the middle and crisp on the edges heating over a fire. So happy to have a half pie in this scent which I will happily try and hoard. Should have gotten two! 

Toadette is a blend of sugar plum, cherry coke and cotton candy frosting.  A cherry filled delight for my husband to enjoy with just the right amount of sugar to keep the cherry from being too medicinal. I had higher hopes of smelling the coke but it comes off more as domimate cherry than anything else. 

Metal Mario reminds me of a version of Super Tarts Tin Man with an added bit of fresh laundry to tone down the fragrance a few notches. So imagine the fragrance of Tin Man but in Mario’s clean, soft, overalls and you’d have this melt. 

If you are a peppermint fan like myself, I’m sure you’ve experimented with blending your minty blends. The most common blend that we all blend our peppermint with at bedtime is either a lavender or vanilla. Ever blended it with a rich vanilla or even a vanilla ice cream?Watermelon Peppermint Ice cream is that blend of ice cream parlor, one scoop or two ice cream with the added toppings of crushed peppermint candies. The watermermelon is present it is just hiding in the background which I believe will show its presence once melted. 

The sample that was included was Strawberry Apple Strudel which smells almost like the Fig Newton bars I ate as a child. Mostly fruity but with the bready/graham like outside dashed with allspice. 
It will be hard to resist not tearing into these goodies prematurely as they all smell so wonderful. 

Did you order anything this past restock? What were some of your favs?

“Oh, Ffffudge..” Chloe N Me Candle Haul 

The Christmas Story is a classic. It is a tradition in my family to have it on in the background as we go through our Christmas morning festivities. It’s special and will always have a place in my heart. So how could I resist a themed box dedicated to the movie? I knew the shapes and packaging would be adorable and guys.. I was so right. Let’s dive in so I can share with you the holiday goodness.

  Side note: This vendor creates their boxes in a way that allows you to choose a base scent as a blender scent in all of the melts.  My fragrance of choice this go around was Candy Cane! 

“Oh FFFudge”Candy Cane

Stay still my heart. It’s in the shape of his red soap bar! Ugh how adorable. A simple, straight candy cane yet of course with my minty loving nose it is amazing! Sweet candy pulled with fresh mint than formed into a swirled cane. 

 Pink Nightmare- Cashmere Candy Cane 

I don’t know if this bunny was made to look creepy on purpose to go along with the title and with Ralphie’s nightmare but if they did, they hit the nail on the head. *shudders* A soft musk and rich vanilla mingle with the minty candy cane. 

Bonafide Golly Turkeycanis Freak- Twisted Candy Cane. 

Without the B&BW version here to compare it, I have to go off memory on the comparison of these two. I’d have to say this is pretty close to how I remember it smelling. The fresh balsm is very crisp and mingled perfectly with the candy cane while the vanilla helps to sweeten and add depth. Beautiful and simple. 

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid- Candy Cane Tree 

Oh yeah, bring on the Christmas tree scents! This is good but I’m not as sold on it as I am for my strong pine melts this time of year because this reminds of a pinesol cleaner type fragrance than a true pine tree. 

Triple Dog Dare YouStraw Zucchini Candy Cane 

Alright. This is a daring blend for sure especially with zucchini. I’m pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Not a favorite but definitely not as bad as I had braced myself for. Rave review right? Sorry, let me try that again for you zucchini fans. Equally blended with fresh, juicy strawberry and a buttery rich zucchini bread with the slightest kiss of mint. 

“Fragile, It’s Italian”- Candy Cane Marshmallow 

Peppermint gooey sweet marshmallows. Yum!

For more on this vendor: 

If you are a fan of Ralphie and his adventures and quotable lines, this was the sampler to grab! 
Until Next Melt, 

First Bento Wax Haul

I’ve been meaning to place an order with this vendor for awhile now but I had just never gotten around to it. I finally took the plunge and placed a small order this past pre-order mostly to get my hands on some Twilight wax and my first bit of Christmas wax of the season. 

Let’s dive right in! 

3 Pack Sushi Rolls & Spray

Santa’s SuitChristmas Pine, Clean Cotton, Barbershop. 

Classic shaving cream mounds blended with washed linen sheets and the softest  touch of pine. 

 Reindeer FoodPeppermint Candy Mixed With Fresh Pine. 

Winter fresh mint breathes it’s fresh breath against the branches of tall pines brustling it’s needles and giving us that crisp scent. 

TwilightLavender, Ylang Ylang & Tonka Beans.

Spot on Lush type, herbal lavender sweetened and softened by ylang- ylang and tonka beans helping the lavender to be more palatable and relaxing.


Dark Sheets– Midsummers Night & Clean Cotton. 

I figured this would be a winner by the scent description. In my mind the two would have blended extremely well together but something has me turned off from it. I believe it may be the Midsummers night (Yankee Candle) that could be giving it the wang of some sort that I’m not caring for on cold but of course I will let it cure and still give it a shot warmed. Very musty and old lady like to my nose so far. 

Twilight Body Spray 1 oz

 Smells exactly like Lush’s Twilight bath bomb poured into a body spray. The body sprays run about $9 dollars and are pretty decent sized to last awhile. 


Monster Eyes– Calacas & Juicy Purple Grapes. 

Calacas Lush type which is a fruity lime candy scent with an added tartness of the purple grapes giving it a grape candy blow type feel. 
To learn more about this vendor:

All in all I am very happy with my order and would order again. 

Have you ever ordered from this company? What’s your favorite? 

Small ScentSationals Wax Haul

Retail wax: ScentSational/Better Homes & Gardens aka Wal-Mart Wax is I’m sure where most of us waxies first dipped our toes into the water of wax melts. It’s where we first began and where we continue to return to for affordable dependable wax fixes especially come fall! This past weekend I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart looking for fall melts which of course they didn’t have out yet. Did I walk out empty handed? Of course not! All but two are ScentSationals, the others are Better Homes & Gardens.  

Vanilla Bean Value Pack– 12 cubes of vanilla creaminess. Not to be mistaken with Vanilla Cookie Crunch from BH&G, as it has more of a vanilla bakery while VB is more cream and true vanilla. My plan for this is to try blending it with other scents to achieve that extra creaminess I want in my melts. I have really been enjoying ice cream in my vendor wax so I’m excited to see how this compares. 

Strawberries and Cream– A favorite of mine that is great melting alone or blends well with many other melts. Sweet cream and tart candied strawberries. 

Calypso Sands-Ocean mist and light aquatic florals with only a kiss of honeydew to sweeten this melt. 

Caribbean Sea Breeze- Strong coconut and ocean waves reminding me more of a perfume than rolling tides.  Though this would go nice im the bedroom during the summer.

White Sandlewood 
Manly, outdoorsy, cologne type. 

Fruit Medley- 

Smells exactly like it’s named. A fresh, sweet mix of tart fruits. Citrus and kiwi dominate.

What are some of your favorite retail wax scents? 

Until Next Melt, 

American Home Wax Melts-Yankee Candle

If you’ve been a follower of mine for any length of time, you have probably heard of my luck with Yankee products or as I call it the Yankee Curse. Candles and tarts from this company just do not preform well for me. When I heard that the company had changed up a few things this year including the formula on a few of their products I thought I would give them another shot. That is when I picked up a handful of tarts and a candle (which I will be reviewing in another post) at my local Wal-Mart from their American Home collection. 

Product: 2.6 oz , 6 shot clamshell 

Price: $3.58 

Warmer Used: Glade 20W. 

The directions call to use one ‘shot’ or round at a time.

“An island fruit cocktail of tangy oranges and pineapple, sweet mango and peaches, and soft white coconut — just add a warm ocean breeze and a colorful umbrella”

This smells strangely familiar. Sugary and familiar. I believe it to be the same scent of Tropical Twist Trident Gum. Very good and throws wonderfully. I would repurchase this one. 

The fresh, outdoor scent of a lazy afternoon lying beneath the trees and staring at the sunlit leaves above”

This threw like a beast! At first it almost burned my nose and throat but it mellowed out more as it melted. Very clean like dial soap or shampoo type with maybe a hint of bamboo leaves. 

A refreshing mix of fresh citrus with a dash of red cherry that puts a sweet face on the hottest summer day”

Cherry slushie topped with a slice of citrus fruit chilled and forming a layer of ice crystals over the top and side of the glass

Overall I am happy with the results. I can report back that all of these threw very strong for several hours. It is so great to finally get good performance from a Yankee brand! Not to mention the ease of purchase to just walk into a Wal-Mart and grab them off the shelf. 

Have you tried any fragrances from the American Home collection?

Until Next Melt, 

MeltDown Challange- Create A Blend- Dollar Store Wax 

I knew this would be a bit of a challenge and would be fun to try with their limited scent choices. I had made a trip to my Dollar Tree with no luck and than my local Family Dollar with only a few takeaways. Past experiences with Dollar General, I knew that they had a better selection of wax (especially come fall!) So to keep it interesting I kept away this round. 

Above were most of the wax melt options that were at my Family Dollar. Most of these held a strong plastic odor with little to no fragrance oils on cold throw. With limited options on clamshell melts, I assumed I would probably have to chunk up a candle or two if I wanted to blend. Most of the candles were the Starburst brand candles. I decided against using them as I felt that it would have been almost cheating and too easy since they are name brand and were stronger on cold than the wax melts themselves. 

Here is what I came home with: 

Cinnamon Coffee Cake-

This is not half bad on cold sniff. Spicy cinnamon sticks grinded into a fine powder to garnish the top of  a vanilla bakery with top notes of risen yeast. 


Mulberry Plum

More of a sugared plum and candied berry sugar type than a true plum and mulberry.


Vanilla Icing-

Not much of a scent present other than a very, very light whipped vanilla. I plan to chunk up one of these and add it to my blend. 

Not my favorite choice of scents to blend but hey, maybe it just might work? Fruity bakery? 
As I figured the cinnamon was the only aroma detected in this but even it was super light with the most dominate being a strong melting plastic note. Not sure if I’ll melt these alone next or if I’ll just move on and be done with them. 

What is some of your favorite retail wax? 
Until Next Melt,