Vintage Road Candles Haul

One Sunday afternoon as me and the hubbie relaxed in bed watching the Dark Knight Rises, I was also Instagram serving and eager to make a wax order. If you are a true wax addict you will understand what I mean when you get that itch to place an order. The itch that won’t be tamed until it sees that confirmed order screen and even then sometimes only managed with one order if it is a mild case. That is when I ran across a gorgeous haul picture from a vendor by the name of Vintage Road Candles. After searching the site and seeing many blends that peeked my attention and just the most darling shapes, I started filling my cart with wax goodness!

The vendor was offering a 10% off your order of $25 so of course I couldn’t pass up a deal. Shipping was $7.20 shipped in a priority box.


Above is what I saw upon opening my box. Included under the tissue paper was instructions on how to care for your candles and the proper cure time for the wax. (NOTE:It is recommended to wait 2-4 weeks from the pour date.) Inside on the folded paper the instructions were printed on, was a hand written note from the vendor (Sarah) thanking you for your order and a business card.

It is the small details that I really appreciate, they do not go un-noticed!


So I am happy to share with you my first haul with this vendor. I do have to warn you that the wax is softer than most I have worked with so bare with me as some of it is smudged and battered in the pictures.

Strawberry Banana Sundae Bunties (pk of 6)

“Strawberry, Banana Cream Pie, & Vanilla Ice Cream Cake”

Vanilla ice cream and more of a banana pulled taffy than banana cream.


Peach Bellini Bundties (pk of 6)

“Peach Puree & Sparkling Wine”

Sparkling freah peach with the slightest boozy undertone. The peach is actually delightful and not chemically like most come off in wax. 


Pink Eucalyptus Spearmint Noel-Turtle Tart


Pink Eucalyptus Spearmint Noel-Puddle Pups Tart

“Pink Sugar type, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, and Vanilla Bean Noel”

 Rich, delectable VBN with the added sharpness of the Spearmint and calming Eucalyptus.

How cute is this little turtle?!


Rainbows & Lollipop- Puddle Pups Tart

“Pear, Kiwi, Green Grapes, Raspberry, Peach, and Sugary Lollipops.”

The dog above is hiding.. terrible picture I’m sorry!

 Fresh sugar rolled fruits. Raspberry and pear most dominate creating the perfect sweet puree.


Strawberry Lemonade Splash- Puddle Pups Tart

“Strawberry, Blackberry, Country Lemonade, and Sweet Citrus Punch”

 Sweet, tart and delicious. I don’t pick up much of the lemonade on cold so maybe on warm. This almost reminds me of a lip-smackers I used to own as a child.


When purchasing these I really didn’t think this through on how sad and almost a little morbid it would be to have to watch these little guys melt! First time melting it must have been the disruptive air flow from my ceiling fan and air conditioner combined because I just didn’t pick up anything. The next time I tried the other “half”.. dog’s hiney and legs, it threw like a champ! Sweet, sweet berry lemonade almost as if it were to be a pink lemonade with added fresh mixed fruit and a fun umbrella to top it all off!

Candyland (Peppermint Fluff) Puddle Pups Tart

“Cotton Candy, Peppermint, Toasted Marshmallow”

Soo good.. the peppermint is just how I like it. Not medicinal, not butter-minty, the perfect icy mint with the bonus added sweetness of the cotton candy and toasted marshmallow. Julie, I think you would like this one!



Frosted Coconut Vanilla- Puddle Pups Tart x2 

“Peppermint, Coconut, Vanilla Bean Noel”

If you like the RG Peppermint, Coconut Mallow, I would give this one a try. It isn’t exactly the same but it has a resemblance.



Birthday Party- Puddle Pups Tart

“Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, Sugar Cookie”

 Smells as if you were making sugar cookies out of a Pillsbury vanilla cake mix. Not your traditional sugar cookie scent.


Sweet 16- Chunkies Tart 

“Strawberry/Bubble Gum base, Pink Sugar/Cotton Candy & Lavender middle chunks, Sugar Cookie/Birthday Cake top”

Sweet, pink, bubble gum tape powder, Cotton Candy lavender.

Samples that Sarah includes, Thank you Sarah!


Left to Right:

Lavender Tea & Berries: French Lavender & Honey BBW Type, White Tea and a light berry scent. 

If I ever order again, this one will go into my cart. Fresh brewed white tea and sticky sweet honey swirled with the perfect amount of French lavender


Strawberry Lemon Sherbet Cotton Candy Frosting: Strawberry, Iced Lemon Cookies, Rainbow Sherbet, Cotton Candy and Buttercream Frosting.


Very light on cold, I mostly pick up a sweet vanilla sugar with a hint of sherbet.

Yuzu Volcano Salty Sea BreezeMandarin, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Volcano Capri Blue Type and Salty Sea Air


Fresh, sea-side citrus with a touch of what I believe to be the Volcano everyone races about. First time smelling but I think I like it.


Lemon Marshmallow Sugar Cookie: Iced Lemon Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Toasted Marshmallow. 

If you have ever had ScentScationals Lemon Iced Sugar Cookies, this is almost the exact same lemon sugar cookie.



If you would like any of these reviewed in further detail let me know. 

I am very pleased with my order and how everything turned out. 

The Chopping Of My Heart-Wax Chopping 

After 8 months of holding onto (desperately hoarding) this beauty, I figured it was finally time to cut into this. It was a gift given to me by my husband. One afternoon, July 26th to be exact, I had come home from work and he had a box waiting on me that smelled amazing!

 Upon opening it I found this absolutely adorable little cake from Candles By Victoria in the scent Cherry Fizzy Pops. I had been trying to find scents the he would also like since I melt so often and had previously discovered that he liked Fizzy Cola and cherry melts. So when he picked out this melt for us he did perfectly. 

There was no way this was going to the chopping block right away so I’d have to find a way to store it and if possible a way to display it. That’s when I found an empty Bath & Body Works candle jar that the cake fit perfectly inside. That way it would be sealed in an airtight container while also being on display. Perfect!

The first initial cut hurt a bit, Not going to lie and say it didn’t. My heart probably looked a little like the above picture at first. Then the yummy smells came through even stronger and lessened the blow  😋😋 

Cherry Fizzy Pop- “Our wonderful Fizzy Pop and a splash of Cherry to make you say yummy!”

Fizzy Pop-“Smells lemon lime soda fragrance with carbonation and everything. This is one powerful yummy scent!”

Just look at that side cut showing all the satisfying layers. The layers did make it more difficult in making even, pretty chunks without shattering the wax. 

A bakery bag was included in my order which came in handy today in storing my cut chunks. 

Have you ever ordered with this vendor? Any suggestions on scents worth trying? 

Do you have a piece of wax you are hoarding because it is too pretty? 

Until Next Melt, 

Here We Go Again: Super Tarts!


“An’ here I go again on my own…! 

Another order you say? Why yes, yes it is! What encouraged my finger to slip and hit order, slip again to press continue through to pay pal then with typing in my password and slip again to confirm the order you ask? (I have always thought it to be humorous when people say, “Whoops my finger slipped!” How many times did it just happen to “slip” exactly? )

I placed this specific order because of Brandy’s new collection, Oz. Once I heard of this collection being released I couldn’t get to ST page fast enough. If you couldn’t already tell by my excitement, Wizard of Oz is a huge obsession of mine. Good Witch and the Wicked Witch were sold out in a flash along with many other scents but I did happen to catch a few and add them to my cart. Ha-Ha, caught you my pretties!


Cowardly– “Biolage, cotton candy, vanilla bean, sparkling champagne & mixed melons”

Biolage. My nose just can not get past it enough to smell anything else. To be completely honest I have no idea how this even ended up in my cart with biolage being in the scent description. I was completely confused after pulling it out of the envelope. This will just be tucked away for awhile and periodically taken out for a whiff or two to see if my nose changes for it.

Oz– “Gingerale, Key Lime custard and birthday cake bites”

There are two types of key lime when it comes to wax. One is a more gentle approach that smells of fresh limes, sweetened with a little sugar or cream. The other is more of a bitter, tart, in your face type that can come off as pungent if you’re not careful.

 I’m afraid Oz is the second one I described once you first inhale but I’m hopeful that the cake bites and ginger-ale will help mellow out the bitterness once warmed.

Wizard- “Toasted Mallow, Fireside and Cinnamon Sticks”

Mmmmm. Fireside cinnamon bliss. Perfect smoky, sweet with a dash of cinnamon. Though most have deemed this as a fall melt, I will probably break this clam out before than as it is way too good to hold out on.

Toto-“Shaving cream, The Omen and Fierce”

Who or what made Toto soo sexy? If you have tried Brandy’s Omen (Ocean breezes, Vanilla Bean Noel and red delicious apple), blend it with a very sexy man cologne and creamy shaving cream (Gillette) to create this. Rawr.

Tin Man- “Pink Sugar, sweet lavender cream and stainless steel. (A Go To Sleep blend)”

I do get the Go To Sleep but it is mostly in the background of this mysterious ‘stainless steel’ fragrance. It does take on a metal like resemblance once inhaled over the palette almost like the type of metalic taste you sometimes can get in your mouth yet it is pleasant and almost can come off as a natural cologne.

Misc. Collections: 

Dobby-“Linen sock, ocean mist and dune grass”

Fresh out of the dryer laundry and sandy grass. So fresh and so clean clean!

Just Breathe- “Eucalyptus and Vicks”

Nose clearing Vicks we all know and love!

BBQ Bob – “Fireside, smoked bacon Brulé”

Don’t let this scare you away! It actually is very pleasant. Blending fireside and vanilla cream with a crisp burnt sugar note grazing the top. The bacon is very subtle if at all present on cold.

Beauty & The Beast- “Sweet BlackBerries and magically delicious our house lucky charms blend”

Delicious Lucky Charms marshmallows and juicy sweet blackberries. Such a beautiful fragrance! The flowers are a miss for me though as they go everywhere once opening the clam and up the nose if not careful when sniffing. I will probably rake them off to protect us from our raging, angry allergies.


Placed any orders with ST lately? Found anything worth writing home about? Let me know!

Country Lane Keepsakes- Serendipity

Serendipity- Sweet, thick,creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar, sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and the tiniest amount of yummy fresh coconut.

Spring is in the air! Flowers sporadically popping up throughout the abundance of grass, birds chirping in harmony early in the mornings and longer days to enjoy outside. Spring usually means allergy season for me with the wave of pollen that paints everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Yet it is still such an enjoyable season because of the many bright colors and the cooler weather before summer takes its blistering turn.

Let’s take a moment to just admire this multi color beauty. Such a splendid attention to detail. Almost way to beautiful to melt. Almost. Like their name suggest, they really do make ‘keepsakes’.
On cold I pick up a citrus vanilla play-doh. Very light.  To my knowledge, Serendipity is usually used as a blending scent more than just melted on its own.

Warmed the play-doh scent does mostly fade away and your left with a soft fruity fragrance which is more heavy on the cherry and citrus for me to be able to pick them out from a lighter throwing melt. I didn’t let this melt for long before turning it off because I just didn’t care for what little I was able to smell.

All in all I wouldn’t call myself a serendipity fan and I wouldn’t choose this scent again. This particular melt was shared with me by a wax friend in one of our swaps from last year.

Have you made a purchase with this vendor? What do you suggest?

Do you happen to like serendipity? Let me know!

Until Next Melt,

Bam Bags In the House! 

I promise that I have more content than just Super Tarts in my agenda but ST has just been rocking it in my book. I couldn’t resist ordering again for this last preorder of Bam Bags so I have two more bags on the way. I went back and forth on whether or not to just hold off and add this to my haul of clams that should be in in Monday or giving them their own post. So here we are! I’ll admit, I like the clear zip bags a lot more compared to the red and black bakery bags that the bags used to come in. 

Mouse Ears Bam Bags 

Hot Dog,Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog this is delicious! Freshly squeezed tart lemonade that will make your lips pucker. Then sweet lollipops come in to help contain the acidic lemon juice flavor. Great melt to have going to freshen the air while cleaning or after cooking. 

Middle Earth Bam Bag

Middle Earth: Dirt, Rosemary Mint and Fresh Mint Leaf. 

Oh my, how have I been without this for so long?  No shame in admitting to inhaling the bag for several minutes upon opening the bag to the BEAUTIFUL blend. The fresh mint is so enchanting and draws me in like the Precious for another sniff. Kicking myself for not getting at least two bags. I’ll be on the look out for this in a perfume. 
My sample was in the scent Scrooged which of course I just have to like and will proably want a clamshell. *sighs* 
Have you tried any of these scents? Did you order anything from the Bam Bag opening? 

The MeltdownBlog Turns One! 

As of yesterday, The MeltdownBlog is now a year old! It feels like just yesterday I decided to go on this adventure we call  blogging. Time sure does fly when your having fun! I hope you have enjoyed reading along as much as I have enjoyed  sharing it with you all and getting to know most of you other bloggers. I have grown over the year to love vendor wax either as much if not more than candles, branched out in trying new scents I never thought I would like such as shaving cream blends and bakery. (In the past I wouldn’t go near anything that was food fragranced.)

To celebrate I thought I would post a link to my very first blog and a throw back to a few of my first orders along the way.

Since I’ve been a little ST obsessed here recently, here is a throw back to my very first order from them. Lord of Mordor still stands as one of my favorites to this day! Sample in Treebeard.

My first vendor experience was with Front Porch Candle Co. Ease of ordering and free shipping really had me hooked at first. I  will still suggest if you are new to the wax world to start with a vendor such as Front Porch or Eagle Rock.

The 2nd wax vendor that I ordered from was Eagle Rock Candle Co and this was the first order I placed with them. My favorite being the 7-up Pound Cake and Monkey Farts while the Leather Jacket being a favorite of my husbands.

If you’ve followed me from the beginning, my used to be favorite melt from Front Porch was her Pink Peppermint Lavender  which is what I’m melting here in my profile picture. I’ve melted it so much that it would probably make me ill now but I use to rave about it. This warmer being my first warmer and that it was given to me by my mother means so much to me while all the while being so beautiful.

Warmed Review-3/21/17 Vintage Chic Scents, L3, Rainbow Melts, Super Tarts

Below are some of the melts I have melted over the past week.


Emma Frost

Scent Description: Sparkling Ginger, VBN (Vanilla Bean Noel) and Sugar Crystals.

Throw: Medium

Creamy vanilla effervescence splendor. Kicking myself for not getting more of this. If this is offered in a Bam Bag I will probably snag two since this clam shell has already almost bit the dust. Simple, If you like the crispness of ginger-ale and the creaminess of VBN then this melt is for you.






Scent Description: Cotton Candy Frosting, Boo Berry, Vanilla Wafer.

Throw: Knock Out Strong (Had to turn off the warmer, suggest smaller piece than what I used)

This was a huge chunk to begin with so I assumed cutting it in half would be fine which was wrong and resulted in me turning off the warmer. I was hoping to LOVE this one with the Boo Berry and the Vanilla Wafer especially after adoring the wafer in the RG Cherry Wafer melt but something about it just didn’t sit well with me.





Grandma’s Pearls

  Scent Description: Marshmallow Lavender Vanilla

Throw: Medium

Grandma’s Pearls was a melt I have held onto for awhile now. When it was first given to me I was going through a time where lavender and me just didn’t get along. I believe it was because I had melted it too much in the past and just needed a break. The other day after sniffing through a few melts is when I ran across this one and it smelled absolutely wonderful. Don’t you just love finding those little treasures you already own? I call it shopping at home!  Any-who, as you can see this has had plenty of time to be nice and cured and it threw with a medium throw cut into four pieces. So beautiful and light enough for use of a bedtime melt. A scent I’ll watch for in upcoming restocks.





Scent Description: Coffee, Midnight Ice Cream and Cinnamon Donuts.

Throw: Strong

Black roasted coffee beans swirled with a decadent, vanilla ice cream and sticky sweet cinnamon donuts.  What more can a girl ask for when a sweet tooth strikes? Stunned I tell you, just stunned (channeling Blanche for a moment) that this stuck to me the way it did. It is so pleasant. Not that bitter, in your face coffee note that you get on cold but once its melting transforms into the comforting coffee aroma you would get when walking down the coffee bean isle of the market and it just engulfs you in such a soothing scent. The cinnamon donuts adds the perfect bit of spice while the creaminess of the ice cream keep the coffee at bay leaving this to be a well rounded blend.





Sweet Pink Holiday

Scent Description: Pink Sugar, Frosted Pink Cake & Vanilla Bean Noel.

Throw: Light

Say it with me everyone… YUM!! Again with the VBN? Yes because it is freaking amazing. Now years ago when the only form that I knew this scent in was B&BW, it was repulsively sweet and I wanted nothing to do with it. Now that I have explored it blended into vendor wax, totally game. Blend that noel in everything! The scent is pretty self explanatory but yet so perfect, light and airy. The scent description doesn’t mention marshmallows but I swear its got a bit of a bouncy marshmallow fragrance.  If only it could have threw a little stronger, it was a bit light for my liking.


Out of your melting week what have you enjoyed the most? Has anything stuck out to you? Let me know!


Until Next Melt,



Castles, Knights & Camelot Delight!

Vendor/Brand: Oak & Rye (Kroger)

Scent: Camelot 

Product: 6 Cube Clamshell

Price: $1.99

When I found this on the shelf while rummaging through the home fragrance in Kroger, I quickly became very intrigued. How does one put a scent to such a thing? What on earth would it smell like? First I had to stop myself and think what I expected it to smell like. 

When I think of Camelot I first think Knights and their big clunky suits of armour. My mind goes to this because of King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table. Castles are another big element because you cannot have Camelot without a castle. So with what we have to work with so far that would be: chain mail which would smell of brass and iron, sweat I assume because of the many layers of armour and not to mention pour hygiene *shudders*. Castles are moist, damp and cold with hay, dirt floors or stone. So if we mix that together we get a kind of metal, moist dirt, man sweat type scent… ick! (Unless you are into that type thing.. in that case, my apologies) 
Well the good news is that this wax smells nothing like that. 

I looked everywhere online for this scent description and was unable to find it. It is so frustrating but that is to be expected when buying scents in store. 

This scent reminds me of green grassy fields and honeysuckle type floral fragrance. What I believe to be honeysuckle being the key note in this wax makes it a perfect spring/summer fragrance. There’s a hint of a soil that adds to the realness of the grass. I’d suggest two cubes for a medium to large room for a even throw. 
If this sounds like your type of scent, see if you can find this melt in your local Kroger and tell me what you think! 

What would you think Camelot would smell like if you were mixing the scent? 
Until Next Melt, 

Another Super Tarts Haul- Gilmore Girls & More! 

Currently on season 2, Episode 6 of Gilmore Girls, my mind deemed it necessary to shop around in the Stars Hollow tart collection and see what stood out. Lorelai and Rory were a must but Jess just sounded too interesting of a scent to pass up. 

What I Ordered:

From Stars Hollow Collection:

Rory(Teal)Persimmon Iced cookies, Strawberry Poptarts

Though I don’t smell Poptarts on cold, the Persimmon is very strong  (but yet so nice!) On cold. 

Lorelai (Black & Blue)Coffee, Midnight Ice Cream, Cinnamon Donuts

I was nervous about the coffee note in this and though it is strong, it’s really rather scrumptious and decadent with the cinnamon donuts adding a dash of cinnamon to the mix.

Jess(Black) Rose Jam, Peppermint, Leather bound books

The leather bound books is what interested me the most and made me purchase. One of my favorite ST blends is Lord of Mordor which is also a leather blend so I had to give this one a go. While this one is very different it does remind me of the leather worn books that you could normally find being carried by the character Rory or the new to me character Jess.

From the OUAT Collection:

The order was no question when I had scrolled through and saw that Brandy and team had restocked Sea Witch, Fairy Dust and Maleficent from the Once Upon a Time collection because I have been waiting what seems like forever to get my hands on these. 
Sawitch(Grey)Seaside, Mandarin, Northern Lights (Lush dupe) and Mimosa

Wowza this scent is amazing. Very clean reminding me almost of a fresh tropical Gain type maybe? Though not to confuse this scent with laundry and scare the laundry scent haters away from this, it just has that kind of freshness about it. 

Maleficent(Dark Purple)– Dragons Blood (Earthy Citrus) Rosewood, Dark Amber, Clove and Rose Jam. 

Masculine, fierce scent with deep Clove and Rosewood as the dominate notes. A scent I believe represents Maleficent well. 

Fairy Dust(Glitter Yellow)Balsam, Raspberry Cake Batter.

Balsam is the key note with added creaminess of the cakebatter. So so good. Not to be confused with a Christmas scent because of the balsam. 


Darth(Black) Tart WarsThe Omen (Ocean Breeze, VBN and Red Delicious Apple), blended with Rosemary Mint. 

Count me in on the Omen addiction. I now understand the hype because it is amazing! The Rosemary mint compliments this fragrance beautifully. 

Emma Frost(Grey)Sparkling Ginger ale, Vanilla Bean Noel and Sugar Crystals.

Strong, strong Ginger ale and it’s effervescence. Hoping the VBN will come out more when warmed. 

Huffle Puff(Yellow/Gold) Wizard Melts- Sweet Bananas, Buttery Pie Crust and Sweet Cream Blended Together To Make This Delicious Bananas Cream Pie.

Those who have been around awhile know I love my banana melts. Not to mention banana bakery! So this sounded amazing. This smells more like the Runts banana candies on cold so I’m hoping for more once warmed.

My sample was in Mouse Ears. 
All in all I was yet again pleased with my order! I am currently waiting on a clamshell order from her new line, Oz (How Flipping exciting!) and my Bam Bags from the last preorder. Have you made any Super Tarts purchases recently? Let me know your favorites!

Until Next Melt, 

Warmed Review- Jaba from Super Tarts

Vendor/Brand: Super Tarts

Product: Clamshell 

Scent: Jaba- Ice Cream Sandwhiches, Cookies & Cream, Sugar Syrup and Berry Confection. 

Price- $4.00

Warmer Used: Tea light 

Throw: Medium-Strong (one cube) 

Repurchase? Yes 

I came across this scent while scrolling through the Tart Wars collection one afternoon brainstorming an order. Reading the description the scent note that caught my attention and made me purchase was the ice cream sandwhiches. I’ve never had the chance to smell ice cream sandwiches in a fragrance and that particular day it sounded amazing. Though the thought that ran through my head a day after my order was, “Oh no.. what was I thinking?” Ice cream sandwiches have chocolate. Cookies & cream.. chocolate. I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate in home fragrance. I’ve found that I can tolerate it with a little mint but usually it’s a no go. Let’s hope it’s not gross like ole Jaba . 

I was pleasantly surprised pulling this from my package and smelling it for the first time. Though the clamshell literally has the words GROSS stamped into it I still really enjoyed this fragrance. It’s different but in a good way. Cookies and Cream and raw sugar are the first notes I’m able to pick up on but if you continue to inhale deeper the berry confection can be detected. Once warmed the fragrance changes and the berries which I believe to be blackberries (cherry maybe too?) burst and come alive mixing with the cocoa of the cookies & cream, creaminess of the vanilla ice cream blending together to create a light sugary bakery scent. I didn’t expect to like this fragrance and it’s probably an underrated melt but I’m glad I gave it a try. 

One cube threw strong for me in my spare room in a tea light warmer for 4 hours before I switched it out. 

Until next melt,