Vintage Road Candles Haul

One Sunday afternoon as me and the hubbie relaxed in bed watching the Dark Knight Rises, I was also Instagram serving and eager to make a wax order. If you are a true wax addict you will understand what I mean when you get that itch to place an order. The itch that won’t be tamed until it sees that confirmed order screen and even then sometimes only managed with one order if it is a mild case. That is when I ran across a gorgeous haul picture from a vendor by the name of Vintage Road Candles. After searching the site and seeing many blends that peeked my attention and just the most darling shapes, I started filling my cart with wax goodness!

The vendor was offering a 10% off your order of $25 so of course I couldn’t pass up a deal. Shipping was $7.20 shipped in a priority box.


Above is what I saw upon opening my box. Included under the tissue paper was instructions on how to care for your candles and the proper cure time for the wax. (NOTE:It is recommended to wait 2-4 weeks from the pour date.) Inside on the folded paper the instructions were printed on, was a hand written note from the vendor (Sarah) thanking you for your order and a business card.

It is the small details that I really appreciate, they do not go un-noticed!


So I am happy to share with you my first haul with this vendor. I do have to warn you that the wax is softer than most I have worked with so bare with me as some of it is smudged and battered in the pictures.

Strawberry Banana Sundae Bunties (pk of 6)

“Strawberry, Banana Cream Pie, & Vanilla Ice Cream Cake”

Vanilla ice cream and more of a banana pulled taffy than banana cream.


Peach Bellini Bundties (pk of 6)

“Peach Puree & Sparkling Wine”

Sparkling freah peach with the slightest boozy undertone. The peach is actually delightful and not chemically like most come off in wax. 


Pink Eucalyptus Spearmint Noel-Turtle Tart


Pink Eucalyptus Spearmint Noel-Puddle Pups Tart

“Pink Sugar type, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, and Vanilla Bean Noel”

 Rich, delectable VBN with the added sharpness of the Spearmint and calming Eucalyptus.

How cute is this little turtle?!


Rainbows & Lollipop- Puddle Pups Tart

“Pear, Kiwi, Green Grapes, Raspberry, Peach, and Sugary Lollipops.”

The dog above is hiding.. terrible picture I’m sorry!

 Fresh sugar rolled fruits. Raspberry and pear most dominate creating the perfect sweet puree.


Strawberry Lemonade Splash- Puddle Pups Tart

“Strawberry, Blackberry, Country Lemonade, and Sweet Citrus Punch”

 Sweet, tart and delicious. I don’t pick up much of the lemonade on cold so maybe on warm. This almost reminds me of a lip-smackers I used to own as a child.


When purchasing these I really didn’t think this through on how sad and almost a little morbid it would be to have to watch these little guys melt! First time melting it must have been the disruptive air flow from my ceiling fan and air conditioner combined because I just didn’t pick up anything. The next time I tried the other “half”.. dog’s hiney and legs, it threw like a champ! Sweet, sweet berry lemonade almost as if it were to be a pink lemonade with added fresh mixed fruit and a fun umbrella to top it all off!

Candyland (Peppermint Fluff) Puddle Pups Tart

“Cotton Candy, Peppermint, Toasted Marshmallow”

Soo good.. the peppermint is just how I like it. Not medicinal, not butter-minty, the perfect icy mint with the bonus added sweetness of the cotton candy and toasted marshmallow. Julie, I think you would like this one!



Frosted Coconut Vanilla- Puddle Pups Tart x2 

“Peppermint, Coconut, Vanilla Bean Noel”

If you like the RG Peppermint, Coconut Mallow, I would give this one a try. It isn’t exactly the same but it has a resemblance.



Birthday Party- Puddle Pups Tart

“Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, Sugar Cookie”

 Smells as if you were making sugar cookies out of a Pillsbury vanilla cake mix. Not your traditional sugar cookie scent.


Sweet 16- Chunkies Tart 

“Strawberry/Bubble Gum base, Pink Sugar/Cotton Candy & Lavender middle chunks, Sugar Cookie/Birthday Cake top”

Sweet, pink, bubble gum tape powder, Cotton Candy lavender.

Samples that Sarah includes, Thank you Sarah!


Left to Right:

Lavender Tea & Berries: French Lavender & Honey BBW Type, White Tea and a light berry scent. 

If I ever order again, this one will go into my cart. Fresh brewed white tea and sticky sweet honey swirled with the perfect amount of French lavender


Strawberry Lemon Sherbet Cotton Candy Frosting: Strawberry, Iced Lemon Cookies, Rainbow Sherbet, Cotton Candy and Buttercream Frosting.


Very light on cold, I mostly pick up a sweet vanilla sugar with a hint of sherbet.

Yuzu Volcano Salty Sea BreezeMandarin, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Volcano Capri Blue Type and Salty Sea Air


Fresh, sea-side citrus with a touch of what I believe to be the Volcano everyone races about. First time smelling but I think I like it.


Lemon Marshmallow Sugar Cookie: Iced Lemon Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Toasted Marshmallow. 

If you have ever had ScentScationals Lemon Iced Sugar Cookies, this is almost the exact same lemon sugar cookie.



If you would like any of these reviewed in further detail let me know. 

I am very pleased with my order and how everything turned out. 

MIA & Valentines Wax<3

MIA & Wax!

“Heeeeeeey you guuuuuys!” *said in my best Sloth from the Goonies voice*

Sorry for being MIA lately. January was the worst with everything bad from family drama to a death in the family to my health giving me problems (all month and continuing) to other family members being in and out of the hospital. While all of this is going on I am  trying to stay afloat and continue life. So no excuses, it’s just been hard and I haven’t had the encouragement to blog. Don’t think I haven’t missed you guys though! I’ve tried to stay active in melting on my Instagram, @themeltdown15 so come follow me there to keep up with me and my melts! We have recently hit 1000 followers so I am super pumped about that!


So Valentine ’s Day is quickly approaching which is a day of mixed emotions for some people. Some find the day cheerful, lovely and mandatory which are usually the girls that are showered in bouquets of roses and hand fed chocolates as they are fanned with limbs of palm trees (if you cant tell I am laying on the exaggeration pretty heavy here). Others brood at the thought of the day as they stomp on the satin covered candy boxes smashing the waxy textured chocolate onto the pavement. To me and my husband it is just another day in which we may exchange a box of chocolates or small gesture and maybe order in so I don’t have to cook. Simple. Sure, I would like to go out but we both agree every restaurant would be ridiculously packed so we always go the day before or the day after somewhere. I don’t need a special day to have an excuse to show extra love to my husband but I don’t hate on the idea of a day that is used to express love. (just the idea of it being a day only made by companies to make a profit)

Something I do enjoy about V-day is the color scheme and decoration of the holiday. It doesn’t hurt that the chocolates and candies match the cuteness! This is when the idea struck me and this photo shoot came along.

On To What You Came For: WAX!



Salted Caramel from Front Porch Candle Company Review


Product: 4 Pack Grubby Tarts

Vendor/Brand: Front Porch Candle Company 

Price: $5.25

Scent: Salted Caramel

Wax: Soy-Para

Warmer Used to Review: Glade

Throw: Strong

Online Scent Description: “Our favorite Caramel scent with it’s Original Name, yummy Caramel Goodness!”

Repurchase?:  Probably not as it was just not my type of fragrance.


Caramel is super rich on its own with its dark gooey coloring and sticky tacky like consistency. What better than a hint of salt to offset the richness. On warm the fragrance has more of a burnt sugar like fragrance with a hint of vanilla. What I assume is sea salt, keeps the fragrance at bay without it being an overly sweet scent. One grubby threw strong for 3-4 hours in my medium sized bedroom before I changed melts. Though this melt wasn’t my favorite as caramel (and salted candies) aren’t really my cup of tea, I still found it to be a good melt and it preformed well. For you caramel lovers out there give this scent a shot and see how you like it.

Now I know these look and smell edible.. please do not eat the wax 😉

Do you have any Valentines day plans? What are your views on Valentines Day? Let me know! ❤


Until Next Melt,


Week of Thanks- Fall Fun Series

As we prepare for the week of Thanksgiving everyone will be busy gathering up supplies to make all the big delicious meals, scrambling around to make it to every event with the stress to bring the perfect dish or packing up and traveling to visit family whether it be near or far. We must not forget in all the chaos the most important part of this holiday, which is just to be thankful and spending time with the ones you love.


What I have decided to bring this year to both sides of the family is a simple pie recipe I found called No-Bake Lemon Cloud Pie. My grandma is a huge lemon pie fan so I figured this would be a hit.

No- Bake Lemon Cloud Pie

  • 1 prepared 9-inch (6 oz.) shortbread crumb crust
  • 1 can (14 oz.) NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1/2 cup (about 3 medium lemons) fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
  • 2 cups frozen whipped topping, thawed
  • Grated lemon peel or lemon slices (optional)

BEAT sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice and peel in small mixer bowl until combined. Fold in whipped topping; pour into crust. Cover; refrigerate for 2 hours or until set. Garnish with lemon peel.

I did a test run of this pie over the weekend and it went well but I believe I will lower the amount of the lemon juice (personal preference) as it was a bit tart for me. My husband loved it though!

Since I will be traveling for Thanksgiving I will bring the supplies needed and make it at my moms house. So pre-made graham cracker crust it is!

Melts I have been melting this weekend:

Farm Apple Pumpkin by Better Homes and Gardens Reminded me more of a craft store than pumpkin and apple. Maybe more of the fall garlands you would find dangling in the isle with dried fruits and a dash of cinnamon. 

Pecan Pumpkin Cake by Mainstays- This had a bit of a sweet zucchini bread note with fresh pecans baked right in. As you can tell by the picture, Mainstays is made with a different, softer wax and is a bit messy to get out. Though it has always thrown well for me, I’ve never enjoyed the process of removing this wax from the clam shell on account of how messy it is.


Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Pull Out Ye Ole Rake, Tis Leaf Season!


Pull Out Ye Ole Rake, Tis Leaf Season!


Colorful, whimsical, bright and festive, leaves play a big role in the autumn months for without them we wouldn’t have the colors we all know and love that are associated with fall.

Each leaf different; never the same as the other like a snowflake just more colorful!

If you haven’t already noticed.. I had a lot of fun photographing these. I really enjoyed the leaf shaped melts.. almost too much to where I didn’t want to chop and melt them. Hey, I said almost!


Avas Country CupboardHuckleberry Harvest 



Brand/Vendor: Ava’s Country Cupboard

Scent: Huckleberry Harvest

Product: XL Leaf Shape Wax Melt

Warmer Used: Glade Warmer

Online Scent Description: A bouquet reminiscent of blueberry with raspberry, grape, strawberry and peach top notes with a sweet background.”

Scent Throw: Light-Medium

Would I Repurchase? I could see myself buying another leaf of this if I were in the mood for a candy-like scent. 


Grape-delicious! Fruity sugar rush. The fragrance almost reminds me of a grape blow pop fresh out of its wrapper. Yum! Love the color combo on the melt also, almost Joker-like (Batman) theme which is perfect for the upcoming October month! Spoopy!!!

With the piece I have shown I was able to get a Light-Medium throw in my bedroom so for bigger rooms I would suggest with this particular melt to go with more. I was able to cut the leaf into 4-5 pieces (breakage) so I would suggest going with at least half of a leaf for a big room.



Brand/Vendor: Candles From The Keeping Room (CFTKR)

Scent: Creamy Peppermint

Product: Leaf Shaped Tart

Warmer Used: Glade Warmer

Scent Throw: Medium

Repurchase? No.



As big of a peppermint fan that I am, this melt had a strong vanilla, sugar like note that was just way too sweet for my taste that overpowered the peppermint. Strange that something could overpower peppermint but it did and ended in me turning the warmer off.

Hope you enjoyed frolicking through the leaves with me, Join me and all the other amazing bloggers again next week for another addition to the fall fun series!



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Until Next Melt,







My Small but Mighty Super Tarts Haul

My Small but Mighty Super Tarts Haul

I have been itching to make another Super Tarts purchase since Brandi went RTS (Ready to Ship). Once I heard that she was releasing another product related to Harry Potter, the Potter fan in me couldn’t hold back any longer. The new product I am referring to is Brandi’s new Potion Packs that are single scent bags of shapes made in mind to release your inner blending wizard!

These shapes are.. different.. but fun!

Potion Pack-Pink Sugar

If you know anything about wax than you know or have heard of this scent. It is blended with everything and anything and also can be purchased with most vendors. I was wax hungry for some pink sugar and realized I was out in my stash so I had to pick up a bag of this to add to my stash for blending and to have for night time melting. It smells of your average pink sugar and it is amazing.

Potion Pack-Ginger Ale

My husband and I love our fizzy scents! My husband mostly loves cherry cola fragrances while I am just in it for the bubbly! This scent is very effervescent and fresh. I cannot wait to try it on it’s own and also to blend with other fragrances!  I do have to warn you though that this scent isn’t for everyone. I have heard that to some ginger ale can come off as a soapy type scent because of it’s freshness and if you do not like fizzy scents then I would stay away.

(Yes that is a pickle shape. Of all shapes to receive I was confused too! ha-ha!)

Peppermint Butler- Peppermint Marshmallows and Pink Sugar

Yum! Yum! This smells exactly like those twisted marshmallow candy ropes that you find in the super market around Easter blended with pink sugar and peppermint oil. Perfect for a night time melt! I am a sucker for a good pink peppermint blend so we will see how this one goes!

Hocus PocusCandy Corn, Fluffy Cotton Candy and Butterbrickle

I got this to review for you all a little later when Halloween roles around! I cannot wait to review this for you ghouls and tell you how it is!

Until Next Haul,

Wonderberry Carnival Night Mini Sampler

Wonderberry Carnival Night Mini Sampler

I received my Wonderberry Carnival Night mini sampler in the mail and wanted to share what was inside with you! This sampler looked amazing on the site because each one seemed like great transitioning scents as the weather changes from Summer to Fall and that it would be a fun group of scents to have together in a set! So let’s dive in and see what’s inside:


Side Note: As a reviewer I really appreciated the scent descriptions card/print-out that was included in the sampler so that I didn’t have to shuffle back and forth on the site and Instagram to find all of the scent notes. After restocks some vendors won’t always have scent descriptions available for easy viewing so this made it simple when it came time to sit down and get a post ready for you guys and already have what I needed. Thumbs up!


*Below are opinions based on cold throw*


  • Caramel Kettle Corn– “Sweet and salty kettle corn with a sticky caramel glaze.”

Whew. This is rich. The caramel drizzled on top of the sweet kettle popped popcorn. Yum! The kettle corn is  the strongest note in this melt.


  • Cotton Candy Supreme– “Cotton candy, cotton candy frosting and marshmallows topped with whipped cream.”

I mostly get marshmallows and whipped cream with this one with a slight pink sugar frosting undertone. Light and fluffy like pink sugar cotton candy clouds!



  • Ultimate Candy Apples– “Crunchy green apples dipped in caramel and white chocolate and rolled in toffee bits”

Yummm.. Juicy green apples are the first note I detect with undertones of a burnt caramel smell which may be a scent blend of the caramel and toffee.This is wonderful!!


  • Vanilla Glazed Soft Pretzel-“A fluffy, fresh homemade pretzel dipped in a rich vanilla glaze.”

The vanilla in this to me almost smells like a perfume. Of course it isn’t a bad scent it just isn’t a creamy vanilla I’m used to, Almost like a vanilla bean noel. I’m not sure I pick up on a pretzel note on cold so we will see how it is on warm.



  • Wild Cherry Snow Cone- “Sweet, frozen strawberry-Cherry Slush”

Ahh yes.. refreshing this one is! This one is probably my favorite out of the group of scents. The description says strawberry.. But it smells to me of a dark cherry syrup you would find on your snow cone or slushie at the state fair on a hot summer day!  The cherry note is so tart and strong it gives a bit of a burn to the back of your throat if you deeply inhale so beware.


  • Wold’s Best Funnel Cake- Classic cripsy, warm fried dough covered in powdered sugar

Very rich, vanilla sugar milk scent. I’ve always been curious about funnel cake wax and this will be my first, so we will see how it preforms on warm!


Disney Villain’s Sampler Haul from Tori’s Tarts!

Disney Villain’s Sampler Haul from Tori’s Tarts!

With Halloween right around the corner and my fascination with Disney Villains (My top favorite being my girl Maleficent!) this sampler was just too perfect to pass up. This is my first time ordering from Tori so I’m excited to give her wax a try.

*All opinions below are based on a cold throw as I have not melted them. If you would like a melted review leave me a comment below.*


Maleficent– Pink Sugar & Black Ice

“They’re hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil. ”

Pink sugar?! Uhh yes please! The black ice incorporates a nice cologne type scent to the blend to create a powerful fragrance Maleficent herself would be proud to wear.


Scar– Black Cherry & Blood Orange & Toasted Marshmallow

“I’m surrounded by Idiots”

Very tart and fierce just like Scar himself with the bold citrus and juicy black cherries.

Ursula-Blackberry Fizz & Ocean Mint

“Life’s full of tough choices, innit?”

This is a nice fresh spin on a minty fragrance but also incorporating a sweet berry effervescent note that tickles the nose like the bubbles you’d find under the sea creeping along through the deep with Ursula.


Cruella– Cherry Tobacco & Little Black Dress

“It’s good to be bad.”

I was a bit hesitant of this blend with the tobacco note but on cold it actually isn’t bad.

Cruella’s fur coat was sure to be smothered in the scent of tobacco as she was always smoking.

Hades– Blue Raspberry & Cotton Candy & Lavender Mint

Talk to the Hand”

As blue as Hades hair, the blue raspberry is the key note in this fragrance. Cotton candy comes in as the side kick filling in with a touch of sweetness and to bring the scent all together with a cool, relaxing lavender mint.


Evil Queen– Berry Bewitching Brew & Poison Apple

“One bite and all your dreams will come true”

It is just about this time of year I start really appreciating a tart apple fragrance. This one is perfect and I can’t wait to throw it in my “cauldron” and warm it up!


Let me know below if you received this sampler! Which was your favorite scent? If there are any scents you would like me to review more in depth let me know.

Until next Haul,

Wax of the Past-July Wax Empties

Wax of the Past

July Wax Empties

Hello there! I know you haven’t heard much from me this past week and I apologize for that! Busy busy week but today I am coming at you with my July wax empties! There is a lot so sit back and relax with a pen and paper to write down a few suggestions you might find to melt yourself! Happy Melting!

NOTE: Scents with * beside them I would highly suggest and/or by again


-3 Tea Light Candles

-Pumpkin Pie Mini Candle by Bath & Body Works

-Marshmallow Fireside Wall Flower*

Baggie Melts

-Cheers Wax Chunk by Rose Girls*

-CoCo-Mint-Frost by Can-Do-Candles

-Grape Sugar Piped Heart by Rose Girls*

-Banana Marshmallow Zucchini Bread 4 pack by Front Porch Candle Co. **(fav)

– Creamsicle Pomegranate Creamsoda by Sassy Girl Aroma

-Cake by the Ocean by The Fakery Bakery*

– Sweeny’s Barbershop 3 pack coins  by Vintage Chic Scents*** (favs)

-Fairy Godmother 3 pack coins by Vintage Chic Scents *

-Extreme Blueberry Cotton Candy Cake Wax Chunk by Closet Full of Wax

-Lemonade (Single Melt) by Closet Full of Wax

-Pistachio Ice Cream (Single Melt) by Closet Full of Wax*

-Purple Haze Coin by Vintage Chic Scents*

-Hagrid Bakery Bag by Super Tarts*


-Lord of Mordor by Super Tarts*

-Snuggle by AirWick *

Scent Shots- 

-Gray Stuff by Wild Vine Soapery *

-Sinus Relief by Wild Vine Soapery*

-Aye Aye by Wild Vine Soapery*

-Strawberries & Cream by Wild Vine Soapery*

-Pinkmint by Jamiannes Wax Creations*

-Black Raspberry Vanilla by Olde Primitive Treasures

-Tinsel by Olde Primitive Treasures

-Jessica by WaxJunkieMelts*

-Sweet Squirrel by Scented Squirrel *

-Earl Grey Tea by Candy Panda Wax

-Mexican Fried Ice Cream by House of Usher Wax Museum*

Scent Shot Samples

-Pumpkin Spice House of Wax Melts

-Blown Up by Super Tarts*

-Mystique by Super Tarts

-Edward’s Promise by Super Tarts*

-Friday the 13th by Super Tarts

Baggie Samples-

-The Philadelphhia Story by Vintage Chic Scents

-Norma Jean by Vintage Chic Scents

-Baja Cactus by The Fakery Bakery*

-Candy Cane by Sniff My Tarts

-Midwest Gal by Wild Vine Soapery

-Curse of the Bambino by Vintage Chic Scents

-Berry Banana Crush by Fresh Picked Scents

-Carrie by Super Tarts*

-Yuzu & Sea Salt by Fig & Oak

-Sweets by Wild Vine Soapery*

-Cinderella Would be Jealous by The Bathing Garden

A Vintage Chic Scents Review- Yellow Brick Road

A Vintage Chic Scents Review- Yellow Brick Road

Brand: Vintage Chic Scents (VCS)

Scent: Yellow Brick Road

Product: Three Pack Coins (3.3 oz)

Cube/Tart count: Three Rose Coins per pack

Price: $4.05

Online Scent Description:Lemon Custard, Cannoli, Waffle Cone and Marshmallow”



“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the rainbow!”

Follow along with Dorothy and the gang on their magical journey to Oz with this fun and whimsical fragrance.

As you may know already if you have followed me for any length of time that I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan. So what more could a girl ask for when two of her favorite things collide? Eeeep! Is it sad to buy a wax melt solely on the name of it? I think not.. but the scent description had me hooked so it’s a double win!


Melting Thoughts:

This scent description just screams Oz with lemon custard representing the yellow in the yellow brick road while the waffle cone adds a bit of crunch that reminds me of the bricks that the road is made of. The marshmallow scent adds a touch of sweetness and wonder since after all we are heading for the land of Oz which is known for being magical and the home to the Lollipop Guild.

I couldn’t wait to melt this but I was good and let it cure for at least a month for we all know or have heard that VCS is best with age. So if you can wait, wait. The moment has come though! Lemon Curd was the strongest scent on cold throw and reminded me of a rich lemon lime custard/sherbet. Oh yum already! Once in my warmer, it took about 10-15 minutes before I was able to detect any fragrance in my bulb warmer but once it started to throw it was wonderful! A true buttery bakery note started to shine from the decadent cannoli and crispy waffle cone that weren’t present before while blended sweetly with the  creamy lemon custard and gooey marshmallow. The waffle cone really added something special to this blend and gives it that extra spunk or magic I should say 🙂 Just wow. I really enjoyed this scent.

How you melt your wax is your own personal preference and for me personally I find that melting half of a coin works well for me for most scents in my medium sized bedroom and allows me to get six melts out of a three packs rather than just three. More bang for your buck. Larger sized bedrooms I would suggest the full coin.



If you haven’t yet tried Vintage Chic Scents Wax, I am finding that her restocks have been easier to buy from as of late as she may be pouring more stock. So follow Kirby on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her restocks. Also there are plenty of people who sell destash’s so watch for those if you are unable to catch the restocks. (That is how I got my first bundle of Vintage Chic Scents Roses.Link to my first VCS destash here)


Until Next Melt,



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies Warner Brothers or Vintage Chic Scents.

My experiences and opinions on a product may not be what you experience or think.