My Crazy Collections and Obsessions

After reading Jay’s collection post and speaking with her on things we both collected it inspired me to make a post about some of the things that I too  collected.

It would be impossible to capture everything in life that I show an interest for or have started to compile together yet maybe never picked up on or just have bits and pieces to where it’s hard to call a ‘collection’.

Funko Pop’s 

These are just a few of the Funko’s me and my husband own. Most are either put away that we have yet to pull out from our move or are randomly placed throughout our home. As you see, my pops make it out of the box so I can display them on my desk at home. Hagrid and The Mad Hatter are definitely my favorites. I really enjoy gathering these as it shares both our interest and it’s fun scouting them out together.

Side note: Yes, that is Sherlock, (mine), John Watson (Hubby’s)



Pulling out my tub of Bath & Body Works Pocket Backs & Germ-X’s, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’ve dwindled down my stash quiet a bit. Not by using all of it but mostly gifting it as I knew I would never get through it all myself.

These were my go to when going into a B&BW when they were 5 for $6 which is how I wracked up on them so quickly. Not to mention I am a bit of a germ freak. Clearly my favorites used to be Sparkling Pink Champagne & Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte.


To help keep this post waxy related, I figured it would be best to also share my candles! These are stored in my bedroom closet for easy access.

Brands include Bath & Body Works, Diamond Ring Candle, Yankee Candle and Front Porch Candle Co. 16 candles in total which is a number I’m comfortable with instead of that number being piled up in the 30’s or 40+.

My favorite Bath & Body Work candles are London Calling and Marshmallow Fireside.


*Not pictured-mini air hockey table, Love Letter Batman Edition, Manacola.*

Games, games, games! Love them!

Another really fun thing me and my husband enjoy collecting and playing together are board games!  I love the uniqueness and story behind each game. We used to have a game store in town that we visited often before it closed down that we really miss.

My recommendations from above would be:

  • Love Letter (Red Draw String Bag)
  •  Love Letter Hobbit Edition (Green Draw String Bag)
  • (Not pictured, forgot it) Love Letter Batman Edtion
  • Jaipur- (right side, beside Ticket to Ride)
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Monopoly Deal


Other Interest of Mine That I Collect Almost Anything In:

Wizard of Oz

Anyone else have a weird obsession with these little refrigerator magnets? The more I can get on my fridge to look at; the better! I should have taken them off my fridge and laid them out in one single picture but that would have disrupted all of the pictures and knick knacks we have adorning our fridge.


Just stare at it.. go on, take a moment. I’ll come back.
You had your moment? Good. It’s beautiful!

When I laid eyes on this gorgeous plate while shopping on my honeymoon in a little store we had stopped in to check out which  I believe to now named Dicks 5 & 10, I knew it was coming home with me! This is also where I picked up my Wizard Of Oz magnet. The plate is proudly displayed on a frame stand on my kitchen counter.


Anything Alice & Wonderland 


If you have read my blog for an length of time you also know I have a thing for Alice & Wonderland. Pretty much anything Whimsical. Dorothy and her wild tornado, colorful adventure to Oz than to Alice and her crazy adventure down the rabbit hole speaking to inanimate objects, growing and shrinking while being chased by an evil queen… wait why do I like this again? Though Mad Hatter is enough to stick around for sure!

Funny enough, this plate was also purchased on my honeymoon! Two to be exact. Also not allowed to be feasted upon.

The Statue Of Liberty 

Oddly enough since I’ve never been to New York, I am very fascinated with the Statue of Liberty. I love seeing pictures and learning more about Lady Liberty. I’ve always wanted a little greenish/blue mini statue you always see as a souvenir.

The one I have made due with for now is supposed to be a ornament from Dr.Who of the Weeping Angel when the angels took over. I’d prefer a real one though.

Recently I was surprised to find a Statue of Liberty  puzzle at the Dollar tree so I also swooprd that up to frame soon.
A little all over the place with my craziness but it is what it is! What are some of your interest and collection’s? Let me know!

Here We Go Again: Super Tarts!


“An’ here I go again on my own…! 

Another order you say? Why yes, yes it is! What encouraged my finger to slip and hit order, slip again to press continue through to pay pal then with typing in my password and slip again to confirm the order you ask? (I have always thought it to be humorous when people say, “Whoops my finger slipped!” How many times did it just happen to “slip” exactly? )

I placed this specific order because of Brandy’s new collection, Oz. Once I heard of this collection being released I couldn’t get to ST page fast enough. If you couldn’t already tell by my excitement, Wizard of Oz is a huge obsession of mine. Good Witch and the Wicked Witch were sold out in a flash along with many other scents but I did happen to catch a few and add them to my cart. Ha-Ha, caught you my pretties!


Cowardly– “Biolage, cotton candy, vanilla bean, sparkling champagne & mixed melons”

Biolage. My nose just can not get past it enough to smell anything else. To be completely honest I have no idea how this even ended up in my cart with biolage being in the scent description. I was completely confused after pulling it out of the envelope. This will just be tucked away for awhile and periodically taken out for a whiff or two to see if my nose changes for it.

Oz– “Gingerale, Key Lime custard and birthday cake bites”

There are two types of key lime when it comes to wax. One is a more gentle approach that smells of fresh limes, sweetened with a little sugar or cream. The other is more of a bitter, tart, in your face type that can come off as pungent if you’re not careful.

 I’m afraid Oz is the second one I described once you first inhale but I’m hopeful that the cake bites and ginger-ale will help mellow out the bitterness once warmed.

Wizard- “Toasted Mallow, Fireside and Cinnamon Sticks”

Mmmmm. Fireside cinnamon bliss. Perfect smoky, sweet with a dash of cinnamon. Though most have deemed this as a fall melt, I will probably break this clam out before than as it is way too good to hold out on.

Toto-“Shaving cream, The Omen and Fierce”

Who or what made Toto soo sexy? If you have tried Brandy’s Omen (Ocean breezes, Vanilla Bean Noel and red delicious apple), blend it with a very sexy man cologne and creamy shaving cream (Gillette) to create this. Rawr.

Tin Man- “Pink Sugar, sweet lavender cream and stainless steel. (A Go To Sleep blend)”

I do get the Go To Sleep but it is mostly in the background of this mysterious ‘stainless steel’ fragrance. It does take on a metal like resemblance once inhaled over the palette almost like the type of metalic taste you sometimes can get in your mouth yet it is pleasant and almost can come off as a natural cologne.

Misc. Collections: 

Dobby-“Linen sock, ocean mist and dune grass”

Fresh out of the dryer laundry and sandy grass. So fresh and so clean clean!

Just Breathe- “Eucalyptus and Vicks”

Nose clearing Vicks we all know and love!

BBQ Bob – “Fireside, smoked bacon Brulé”

Don’t let this scare you away! It actually is very pleasant. Blending fireside and vanilla cream with a crisp burnt sugar note grazing the top. The bacon is very subtle if at all present on cold.

Beauty & The Beast- “Sweet BlackBerries and magically delicious our house lucky charms blend”

Delicious Lucky Charms marshmallows and juicy sweet blackberries. Such a beautiful fragrance! The flowers are a miss for me though as they go everywhere once opening the clam and up the nose if not careful when sniffing. I will probably rake them off to protect us from our raging, angry allergies.


Placed any orders with ST lately? Found anything worth writing home about? Let me know!

What’s On My Tree? Ornament #3

I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!” *Commence evil witch laugh*

Merry Christmas my dear waxies! Do you have those list checked? Gifts wrapped? Bows tied? Garland hung? Cookies cooked? Carols sung?

Alright enough of that, we get there is a lot to do this time of year so let us unwind and enjoy a melt shall we? This week’s wax that I have melted several times throughout the house this week was Snow Witch by Sassy Girl Aroma.


Product: Soufflé Cup (2.5 oz)

Scent: Snow Witch

Price: $2.50


I was unable to find a scent description but I know the fragrance consist of: pine needles, Juniper and crisp winter fruits.


On the hunt for a strong Christmas melt that will have you frolicking through the woods? Look no further. Sure there may be plenty of pine scents out there on the market this holiday season but something just set this one apart to me. Something about the sweetness of the frosted winter fruits and how it mingles perfectly with the intense resin from the pine. It creates the perfect scenery for a snowy path in the woods that leads to the Snow Witch and her castle.


The scent shot comes in a rather large scent shot (Souffle cup) so I would recommend chopping this up, especially for smaller rooms. As you can tell by the picture, I didn’t melt much and this amount was even too strong for my bedroom. (Just keep in mind a little goes a long way.)


Whats On My Tree? Ornament #3

Hallmark Magic Ornament 2014 Its Shoe Time! – Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch


Speaking of witches, my melt is what inspired my ornament for this week’s post. Now I know what you are thinking, “A witch for a Christmas ornament?” The Wicked Witch of The West is one of my FAVORITE characters from the Wizard of Oz so how could I not have an ornament of her on my tree? She may not be a snow witch but she is a witch and a bad-to-the-bone one at that! My husband gifted this ornament to me one Christmas and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  She not only is great all on her own but she also has a little ’magic’ to her that causes her to speak.


What is your favorite ornament on your tree? Have you melted anything that has blew you away this month? Let me know!


Until Next Melt,

A Vintage Chic Scents Review- Yellow Brick Road

A Vintage Chic Scents Review- Yellow Brick Road

Brand: Vintage Chic Scents (VCS)

Scent: Yellow Brick Road

Product: Three Pack Coins (3.3 oz)

Cube/Tart count: Three Rose Coins per pack

Price: $4.05

Online Scent Description:Lemon Custard, Cannoli, Waffle Cone and Marshmallow”



“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the rainbow!”

Follow along with Dorothy and the gang on their magical journey to Oz with this fun and whimsical fragrance.

As you may know already if you have followed me for any length of time that I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan. So what more could a girl ask for when two of her favorite things collide? Eeeep! Is it sad to buy a wax melt solely on the name of it? I think not.. but the scent description had me hooked so it’s a double win!


Melting Thoughts:

This scent description just screams Oz with lemon custard representing the yellow in the yellow brick road while the waffle cone adds a bit of crunch that reminds me of the bricks that the road is made of. The marshmallow scent adds a touch of sweetness and wonder since after all we are heading for the land of Oz which is known for being magical and the home to the Lollipop Guild.

I couldn’t wait to melt this but I was good and let it cure for at least a month for we all know or have heard that VCS is best with age. So if you can wait, wait. The moment has come though! Lemon Curd was the strongest scent on cold throw and reminded me of a rich lemon lime custard/sherbet. Oh yum already! Once in my warmer, it took about 10-15 minutes before I was able to detect any fragrance in my bulb warmer but once it started to throw it was wonderful! A true buttery bakery note started to shine from the decadent cannoli and crispy waffle cone that weren’t present before while blended sweetly with the  creamy lemon custard and gooey marshmallow. The waffle cone really added something special to this blend and gives it that extra spunk or magic I should say 🙂 Just wow. I really enjoyed this scent.

How you melt your wax is your own personal preference and for me personally I find that melting half of a coin works well for me for most scents in my medium sized bedroom and allows me to get six melts out of a three packs rather than just three. More bang for your buck. Larger sized bedrooms I would suggest the full coin.



If you haven’t yet tried Vintage Chic Scents Wax, I am finding that her restocks have been easier to buy from as of late as she may be pouring more stock. So follow Kirby on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her restocks. Also there are plenty of people who sell destash’s so watch for those if you are unable to catch the restocks. (That is how I got my first bundle of Vintage Chic Scents Roses.Link to my first VCS destash here)


Until Next Melt,



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies Warner Brothers or Vintage Chic Scents.

My experiences and opinions on a product may not be what you experience or think.