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Welcome to the Themeltdownblog. Here you will find all things waxy and fragrant.  I hope you enjoy your stay and let your worries of the day melt away as you curl up with a good melt or candle reading along as you follow me on my wax adventure. If you aren’t yet interested in the wax world, lets get you started! !! 🙂

About me: 

A little about me. I am a Christian woman who loves to make and create, who believes dreaming is always important, has a bit of a shopping addiction, is a sufferer of anxiety that continues to fight the ongoing battle but doesn’t let it defeat me and overall just trying to survive in life cause lets face it, life is hard but on the other hand cant it be a beautiful blessing?

I have many obsessions and wax just happens to be one of them. I love the many different colors and shapes it comes in. It’s amazing how scent can effect our mood  and even bring back so many memories.

My content will be my reviews and experiences with different candles and wax melts,online vendors and my ordering experiences, candle chat and much more so stay tuned!

So sit back, read, relax and enjoy! Have fun!

Contact Info:

Email- themeltdown16@yahoo.com

Instagram: @themeltdown15


Disclaimer: On this blog I will review and share with you many products I have purchased myself with my own money. I am not affiliated with the companies I mention or may include links for in my blogs for your convenience. My experiences and opinions on a product may not be what you experience or think. This blog is to inform and entertain. I will be 100% honest when reviewing products whether it is products I have purchased or have been gifted/given to review.

I have used clip-art believed to be public domain but the rest of the pictures used in my blogs are original and are my own.


Happy Melting!