What I use to review!


My Tea Light Warmer I Found at Dollar General

What do I use to review?

Below I share with you the products that help me conduct my reviews so that I get to share my thoughts of each candle and wax melt to you lovely people.

1. Wick Trimmer with Wick Catcher Cross Roads Original Designs $8.50

I will admit I used to just use scissors. It was never a problem to use what I had around the house but once I tried trimming with the wick catcher at the end I was hooked. It was much easier to dispose of the wick trimmings and reaching into those larger candles that are getting near to the end.

2. Wick Dipper Cross Roads Original Designs $5.95

I also have to admit I was one to extinguish my candles with the lids. Before I knew this was a no no, I would do this and smoke would fill up the entire jar. Extinguishing your candles this way can be even dangerous if you are not careful. If the candles lid creates a suction like mine did and once I took the lid off the amount of pressure was released and broke the rim of my candle sending glass everywhere. The wick dipper allows for zero smoke and also prepares your wick for next burn.

3. Folding Candle Lighter Wal-Mart $3.97

These are the best! I know some choose to light candles with matches, some with lighters. I prefer lighters and I have always struggled with getting the normal bbq lighters to strike/light for me with the amount of pressure it takes because of the weakness in my right hand. These light like a dream and they fold for easy storage! DID I MENTION THEY COME IN PURPLE?!

4. Glass Plate Candle Holder 6” – Dollar Tree $1.00

I know it may not look like much but these are regular glass candle plates. When I first started out burning candles I didn’t know the importance of having one of these. Candle plates protect the surface you are burning your candles on from scorching and help prevent fires. When a candle is on the plate you don’t really see it. Some candle companies tend to overprice their candle plates so when I found these at Dollar Tree I was sold. $2 (I bought two) sure beats $20-$30 for one any day. I’m not saying you shouldn’t splurge on a cute candle holder or plate every now and again, just wait for a good deal or coupon first 😉


NOTE: Now that I have done more experimenting with different warmers I have grown to like each warmer for different reasons. When I don’t want to watch after a candle for a tealight warmer and prefer a softer scent like right before bed; my bulb warmer is my go to. When I am home all day I will usually change fragrances a few times while I am home, so I usually use the hot plates that way the fragrance oils burn away faster with the high heat. If I had to suggest one though I would recommend Glades, that way you have one that will melt most wax and get a decent throw.
1. Glade Electric Wax Melt Warmer in the color Egg Plant $ 9.98 Wal-Mart

I really enjoy my glade warmers. I own two of them now. The removable warmer plate allows for easy clean up and wax removal.The hot plates produce enough heat to melt just  about any vendor wax you throw at it.

2. Pink Lemonade ScentSationals Full Size Wax Warmer $ 15- Wal-Mart

Beautifully lights up the room as I melt! 24 watt bulb warmer. Plate removes for easy cleanup. This was my first warmer. I further discuss my warmers here in my “About my Warmers” article. Feel free to check it out!

3. Small White Tea Light Warmer- $3.00 Dollar General

This was my first tea light warmer and still to this day continues to amaze me with the throw it gives. For three dollars this was a huge score for something I will continue to use over and over! If you would like to know more on this warmer I will link a review for it here.