Mini Lush Cosmetics Haul- Mask Edition 

By a show of hands who here has had a very long week? ūüĖź 

I know I have which makes me want to stay in my pjs, sleep and watch Hocus Pocus instead of having a productive day that I should have around the house involving folding laundry, cleaning, dishes ect. 

Something I know that will be accomplished today is a facemask for my tired skin. I’ve been trying to do better about taking care of my skin and making a routine though I will be switching a few products in the upcoming days when they come in but more to come on that later. Something as small as a few minutes with a facemask can truly leave one feeling pampered and the skin softened and clean after a long day. 

I bought the following with my own money, I am in no way affiliated with Lush. 

Product: 2.1 oz jelly facemask 

Price: $13.95

Scent: Birth of Venus (Camomile and Lavender)

I wont go into great detail as I have already reviewed this one here. A repurchase, Birth of Venus was a very enjoyable mask. Calming, gentle and is just pure pampering bliss. 

Product: 0.8 oz Lip Sugar Scrub


Scent: Bubble Gum 

My very first haul in a Lush store (There isn’t a store within several hours of where I live) included one of these little babies right here. Though it smelled and tasted amazing, I remember never using it.  Now fast forward several years later to my repurchase and a time where I am dabbling in liquid lipsticks and natural dry lips; this is a life saver! The smell alone just brings back memories to my ole Lush fan girl days. 

It has just  enough consistency to do it’s job without being too abrasive while leaving your lips with a slight moisture. If you like the sweet, pink sugar taste you can lick it off or wipe it off with a cloth. 

 Product: 2.1 oz jelly facemask 

Price: $13.95

Scent: Bunny Moon (Honey, Rose and Vanilla Infused)

My second jelly mask purchase. Going in with high hopes from Birth of Venus, I expected this one to be just as amazing since so many others have raved about this mask as being the next favorite though I bought it as it would be the next one to go with my skins needs. 

 So many comments say that “this product smells so good” or “smells just like honey!” I personally wasn’t a fan of its smell.  Not to worry if smells throw you off from a prosuct because you can barely smell it if you can smell it at all once it is applied to your face. 

It’s consistency is very thick so it took more effort than BOV to form a paste (I expect the honey?) Which in turn left it difficult to apply to the face and spread out evenly. I was left with uneven patches of my face that had not been covered by mask and big chunks of product that never broke down into a paste. Before reaching for more product and being wasteful as I felt I had gotten enough the first round, I added a splash of water to my hands and worked that into circular motions on my face which seemed to help a little. 

I waited the 10 minutes and came back to remove the mask. Now I understand the troubles commenters were saying about having to scrub their face with towels or they thought it would never come off. My exerpiece wasn’t that bad but I did have to put some muscle into getting my face clean and in the end left my face red and irritated. 

My final thoughts after using this mask a few times is that it just isn’t the mask for me although it is very moisturizing and softening to the skin. Birth of Venus is still my current go to. 
So there you are! Have you tried any of the Jelly Mask? Which are your favorites? 


“Its Just A Little Hocus Pocus” – Chloe and Me Candles Halloween Sampler¬†

I’m sure that it is well known that my favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. So when this sampler became available it wasn’t even a choice on if I was going to buy it or not. What I’ve noticed about this vendors samplers is that she lets you pick a fragrance theme to your sampler (ex. peppermint, chocolate, fall leaves.) I feel as if I played it safe with my choice in the main scent category that I picked; my scent pick being pumpkin for fall which she incorporated into each blend that she created.   

Black Flame Candle- Pumpkin Medley 

Smells more of a creamy, canned pumpkin on cold with hints of spice. I just love these little jackolanterns!


Another Glourious MorningPumpkin Spiced Pie Crust.  

“Makes me sick!”

Traditional, sweet, pumpkin spice sprinkled over a golden, buttery pie crust. Fall bakery type. What more could you ask for?

Zoom Zoom Vacuum BroomIced Cinnamon Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Normally I’m not one for PPW but I’ve made an exception for this awesome blend. This concoction of sugary icing and sweet cinnamon waffles should be a sugary overload but instead they come together and create such a edible fragrance you want to sink your teeth into this holiday season. 

I’ve Put A Spell On YouApple Pie Pumpkin Marshmallow 

Oh yum! The apple slices were cooked to perfection in this apple pie peaking to their full caramelized, sweetness potential. It was then dusted with the perfect amount of cinnamon and pumpkin spice than topped with a huge mound of marshmallow cream topping to finish it off. 

Amuck Amuck AmuckZucchini Bread Pumpkin Spice 

Lighter on the zucchini than most I’ve tried. This zucchini is more sweet and buttery than harsh and spicy. Its also heavy on the pumpkin spice to give it that fall bakery note. 

Go To HellPumpkin Pecan Waffles Cheesecake

Probably my least favorite from the sampler since the cheesecake comes off a bit sour. Though on cold I’m confused as this blend almost smells of kettle corn to my nose. What an appropriate shape to go along with the name of this one don’t you think? 
To check out this vendor, link below!

Overall I was pleased with everything and I would order again. Have you ever ordered a sampler from this vendor? What’s your favorite? 
Until Next Melt, 

One Lovely Blog Award

Fellow blogger and kind friend Jay from The Candle Enthusiast, nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am very touched and appreciative. Thank you!

The rules of the One Lovely Blog Award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you 
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination

    7 Facts About Me:

    1. Hello, My name is Jessica and I am addicted to shopping. Though I’m usually very conservative on how much I’ll spend. I’ll never be a wild shopping spree shopper but watch out around a dollar bin!
    2. I adore crafting, painting, cooking, knitting or just about anything that involves creating and being hands on.  

    3) Animals hold a very special place in my heart. Especially dogs. It wouldn’t be any surprise to see me baby talking to a dog or trying to move a frog out of harms way so it doesn’t get stepped on from the side walk. 

    4) I am a jacket/sweater wearer year around. 

    5) I prefer tv shows over movies. GOLDEN GIRLS ALL THE WAY! 

    6) I have never flown in a commercial airplane/jet before though my anxiety would probably be through the roof if I ever did. 

    7) Purple is my favorite color. So what if these don’t match with anything. I wear them anyways ALL the time. 

    Thanks again to Jay for nominating me!

    I nominate:

    Have a lovely weekend friends! 

    Bath And Body Works Halloween Treats 

    Bath and Body Works is another store that I wait in anticipation for when fall/Halloween comes around. Sure they may repackage some of their stuff but who can miss out on their yearly dose of Marshmallow Fireside and cute dose of Halloween treasures? Not I! So for my first visit I swooped in and grabbed a few sanatizers to fill my light up/glow in the dark ghost pocket-bac holder that I carry on my purse, year around mind you. 

    A return from last year and sporting a fun, batty repackage, Vampire Blood is scented in a deep fleshy, juicy plum (Wicked Plum) though I get notes of cherry in the forefront. 

    Better Have My Candy claims to be scented in Frightfully Fruity but lets be honest, it smells of a very sour green apple jolly rancher to my nose. I believe it is scented the same as the handsoap with pears, cinnamon and fresh green apples though I’m not picking up on any cinnamon in the sanitizer.

    SpooktacularA thrilling blend of chilly midnight air, dark lavender & ghostly black pepper

    I’m now wondering why I didn’t pick up more of this one. It’s gorgeous! I am currently carrying this one on in my pocket bac. It almost resembles B&BW’s Ocean to my nose with the same masculine notes but this is just really unique and beautiful. 

    Hawiia..Hallo..Hawi..? With hawaiian they hit the nail on the head with a beachy, coconut summer fragrance on Not My Boo, but to be a scent for Halloween? I’m utterly confused. So confused I said Hawaiian like 6 times just trying to say Halloween while doing this review and sniffing the product. If you are one of those people still trying to hold on to what little bit of summer you can, this scent may be for you. 

    If any of these scents appeal to you, they also offer many of them in hand soaps and some in candles! I snapped just a few pictures my last visit for you all. 

    Have you done any shopping here recently? What have you picked up? Let me know! 

    Vintage Road Candles Autumn Bliss Sampler

    Happy first day of October! Doesn’t it feel just wonderful? Something about the fall season sends all the cozy/comfy vibes to my body and gives me all the positive thoughts. I’m happy to share with you this chunkies sampler today so kick back, relax and let’s dive in! I don’t believe this sampler is still available but many of the scents are so check out her amazing goodies here

    Autumn Air– Macintosh Apples, Leaves BBW Type, Eucalyptus and Spearmint Type.

    Leaves lingers in the background giving off that beautiful earthy note while mac apple shines bright with the minty Spearmint and eucalyptus.

    Fall FavoritesCoffee Cake, Vanilla Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Sugared Donuts Type. 

     I’ve been told that coffee cake isn’t supposed to smell like coffee, that it is supposed to just be a cake that you eat with coffee right? Well this definitely has hints of coffee along side the pumpkin pie crust and donuts.


    Jam Filled Sugar Cookie Dough Bread- Raspberry/Blackberry Jam, Carmalized Pears, Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Toasted Marshmallow, Graham Crackers.

     This smells like the tart pear berry jam that you’d find filling the middle of thumbprint cookies at Christmas parties except with a graham cracker coating. 

    Grandma’s KitchenCinnamon Sugar Corn Pudding, Toasted Marshmallow, Zucchini Bread, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

    Cinnamon corn pudding which smells of creamy bakery and a slight bread note from the spicy zuchinni. 

    Blueberry Pumpkin Banana WafersBlueberry Cobbler, Pumpkin Pancakes, Banana Cream Pie and Vanilla Wafers. 

    Banana haters, I’m sorry. This is not a melt for you. This smells like a freshly made bowl of banana pudding that was just chilled in the fridge and topped with wafers. I believe the blueberry may come out more once melted. 

    Carnival Treats- Carmael Mac Apples, Funnel Cake, Cotton Candy, Candy Corn, Toasted Marshmallow and Graham Crackers.

    Toasted marshmallow dominate with a crisp bite of sweet mac apple and drenched in a cinnamon funnel cake batter. 

    Cranberry Orange Spice CakeCranberry, Blood Orange & Gogi Berries, Gingerbread, Strudel & Spice. 

    Usually I love anything cranberry but this is a no go for me. Something about the tartness of the cranberry mixing with the all spice, orange and gingerbread just.. yack. It gives me a dusty like aroma at first than just very acidic towards the end. Maybe I’ll like it better warmed.

    Carrot Cake– Carrot Cake, Creme Brulee, Buttercream Frosting

    A very thick, rich buttercream frosted over a homemade syle carrot cake.  The brulee just kicks the sweetness up to another level.

    These two blends are some of the most creative fall blends I’ve seen to date. They smell incredible! 

    Mr. Gosling– Leaves Type, Driftwood, Barn Wood, Toasted Marshmallow and Amber.

    Leaves leaves leaves. It’s ONE of my favorite scent types this time of year so for it to be in this unique of a blend, is so exciting. Leaves has its own earthiness but added with the creamy white driftwood and golden honey amber, the only thing left is to bring it together with the toasted marshmallow for a bit of sweetness and boom you have this wonderful blend. 

    The Dunes- Cider Lane, Driftwood, Macintosh Apple, Sea Breeze, Cinnamon Sugared Donuts Type

    Sea breeze in a fall melt!? Crazy right? But it works.. Oh does it work. The cider in cider lane and mac apple sing beautifully together. With the touch of sea breeze it deepens the blend with masculine tones and finishing off with bakery from sugared donuts types.  


    Sample: Blueberry Lemon Crumb Cake 

    Blueberry Cobbler, Lemon Pound Cake, Strudel & Spice, Creme Brulee.

     All spice adorning the top of a lemon bakery confection with a slice of blueberry cobbler sitting neatly beside it to capture this aroma. 

    Have you got your fall melting together? Any fun samplers heading your way? Let me know!  

    Come Spooky Scouting With Me! 

    “This is Halloween, This is Halloween!..” 

    The shops and stops are slowly filling with spooktacular, fun filled treats! Come along with me as I have stopped through a few stores over the past few weeks and as I share with you the few pictures I managed to snap before being completely consumed in shopping. 

    TJ Maxx Home Good’s:

    The pieces that caught my eye from this collection of goodies were the witches boots and the giant, glossy candy corn. Let’s play I spy with my little eye! Ready? Go!

    If you follow me on Instagram or read my fall decor post, you probably will recognize the witch above. Do you see why I just had to have her? Her friend beside her almost came home too but having to choose between the two, pumpkins always win! 12.99 each.

    This made me want to have a Halloween Town (Halloween Snow Village/Spook Village?) so bad! This seems like a piece that would fit perfectly into Sandra’s Halloween Town! 

    How wicked would these be around a bubbling or smoking cauldron? Maybe with a green sherbet punch or green apple martini for the daring. A simple but fun way to spice up the party! 

    Bath & Body Works & White Barn

    Ah, there she is. That beautifully, spooky  haunted house candle luminary. I can not bring myself to pay the price they have it retailed for but maybe if it is meant to be there will be one left somewhere after the season. Doubt it, but you never know. 

    This is not all of the soaps available but when you begin to get looks from the staff and customers, you just make the decision to put the camera away. I wasn’t at my local B&BW so I felt out of place anyways. Of what I did get to smell I enjoyed Spooktacular, Ghoulfriend and Witch Better Have My Candy. 

    Another view of the front. 

    These candles are from last year but they have a mini candle sampler that offers some of the same scents. I believe that they are discontinuing the mini’s from their permanent line so this is a fun treat to see the sampler and allow fans to scoop up a few before they are gone. 

    After finding this cutie, I wondered if my nephew and I needed one of these frightfully cute ghost. Totally melts the ole heart with his candy corn teeth and all!

    One of each please! These are just too cool. If I had the room and money (let’s be honest, snow globes can be pricey) I would want to collect globes including most of the Disney ones. Disney villains hold a special place in my heart so I’m loving everyone of these. 

     Calling all face mask lovers! These are flavored…flavored? Where did that come from?? Please don’t lick or ingest. My apologies, these are scented. Who wouldn’t want to be a jackolantern?! Unfortunately my skin just doesn’t do well with sheet mask so I will have to skip out on these cuties but please let me know if you try them!

    Scents include: Pumpkin Spice, Candy Corn, Sugar Cookie. 

    For a pharmacy, Walgreens has a fluff of a selection when it comes to Halloween in my opinion and this doesn’t even include the candy and displays throughout the store. 

    Come on Walgreens?! Pillows too?! There are several people I know who would adore these. 

    So far I have not been impressed with either of my Wal-Mart’s selections. It looks like mountains of cheap plastic, rubber mask and fake blood galore with a few styrofoam pumpkins mixed in for good measure, Yack. 
    Where have you had luck shopping? Any suggestions? Let me know! 

    A Pop of Color- Nude? 

    *I bought the following with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with Colour Pop *

    I have gone way too long on the makeup that I have currently in my makeup bag and what I do have is nothing to write home about. So I figured it was time to do a little shopping. Being completely overwhelmed every time I step into most brick and mortar makeup stores such as Ulta, I decided maybe to look online. Though online makeup shopping comes with it’s own challenges as you can’t really determine how a color/shade will look on you. I decided to take a chance and placed an order with Colour Pop.

    I’ve heard many great things about Colourpop including several great reviews on their products, reasonable/low prices, broad online range of shades, ect. Let’s just dive right in! 

    On A Whim Mini Ultra Satin Lip Collection

    Price: $9.00 (Sale)

    Left to Right: (Forgive me, I am a total newbie when it comes to swatching.) 

    • Toolips
    • Dopey
    • Stud
    • Magic Wand (How cool is this name?! Probably my favorite shade too!)
    • Messing Around

    Mixed Finish Lip Collection, Phase

    Price: $7.50

    Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Knotty

    Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Strip 

    Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade Game On 

    I feel as if any man would look at the three tubes above and say they were all the same color, what is the point of having all three? Oh, but dear if you see below, there are big differences between the three not just in color alone but in the obvious texture/consistency.  

    Left to Right: Glossy, Satin, Matte. 

    A free lippie stix from the sale they were having. If you spent a certain amount you got a free item which in the end I ended up with two free items. My other product I’ll show a little later. This color may be a bit dark but I can maybe work with it and make it work for fall.


    Fair Neutral 10 Concealer $6.00

    Go Honey Pressed Face Powder Highligher $8.00 

    Fab Five Super Shock Cheek Blush (Free) 


    Go Honey Pressed Face Powder Highligher $8.00 

    I’m not very familiar with highlighter but I figured it’s about time I learn and if something happened and I didn’t I could just use it as a soft sparkle where I would normally use blush. I would have swatched this for you l but it is super light and I couldn’t get a decent photo. 


    Swerve Gel Eyeliner $5.00

    One by One Shadow $2.50 (sale) 

    Shipping was free over $30. So after sale items, free items and free shipping I feel like I got a deal. Overall, I am very impressed with everything and would order again. 

    Have you ever tried this brand? What is your favorite product? Let me know! 

    Time For You Carolina- Wings of a Bat Candle 

    The candle above is another Kroger find from their spooktacular Halloween line. Normally the wax melts are from a company by the name of Tuscany Candle which I’ve shown here in a previous post but they had a few candles sprinkled within from different brands. One of those brands being Time For You Carolina. 

    Price: $3.99 

    Scent: Wings Of A Bat

    Product: 16 oz 2 Wick Scented Candle

    Throw: Light to Non-existent

    Smells Like:

    On cold I pick up a slight citrus, lime aroma. A more natural, sweet scent than sour or tart because of it being made from essential oils. 

    Looks like:

    Packaging was very well done on this candle.  The 16 oz candle jar has a black chalkboard consistency that is cool to the touch and very sturdy throughout. It is topped with a neon, lime green cap that matches the gorgeous lime green wax and matching label adorning the iconic Halloween winged bat. 

    A special treat that set this candle over the edge and the true reason I bought it is that it GLOWS IN THE DARK! Anything that sparkles, glows, lights up; I’m pretty much sold! Though anything that glows in the dark will always have a place in my heart being a 90’s kid. 

    I was a little disappointed to find that the wax itself nor the top doesn’t glow. Only the label actually has glow in the dark ‘glowing power’


    No puny wicks here! Actually there were several times me and my husband were quite frightened by the wicks and wondered if they would soon join together to create one huge massive flame. The wicks do mushroom quickly and will need to be upkept between burns. My husband had come home from work one night and commented on how smokey our bedroom smelled so he put the candle out immediately and that was the last time I have burned it.  The wax is now consumed with a smokey scent and all I can detect as I sniff it for this review. 
    Overall Review: This candle just did not preform well for me, but you may have a different experience. They did have 3 other scents available if you were interested in taking a gander. 

    Until Next Burn, 

    Tuscany Candle- Kroger Halloween Finds

    Kroger knows how to celebrate Halloween that’s for sure. Every year I always anticipate what they will come out with and usually I’m not disappointed. As for wax, here are some of the few that I picked up from the Tuscany Candle Halloween Collection that they carry:


    Magical Mist– Soft, spooky white florals and fresh vintage linen hangs in the mist on a dark foggy morning across a clothes line. 

    Haunted House: A sweet, spicey scent. The spicey, cologne like fragrance I feel is coming from a patchouli note but I’m not sure what note is the sweetness. Mixed with an old boards smell. 

    Witch’s Brew: I don’t get too much on cold with this one but maybe, just maybe a black licorice? Interesting this one is. 

    Poison Apple: A tart, ripe, sour, Granny Smith apple chopped and sprinkled with all spice.

    Have you shopped this collection? What has been your favorite? Let me know! 

    It’s Begining To Look A Lot Like Halloween!¬†

    Have you decorated for fall and/or Halloween yet? It’s that time of year! Shockingly enough it’s already almost October! Heck, It’ll be Christmas before we know it! 

    I didn’t go too crazy on decorating this year but I have put out a few odds and ends here and there which I’ll show you today. 

    In my kitchen I wanted to find a way to display my themed pot holders instead of the cutness being tucked away in a drawer. I didn’t have any Command Hooks so I got creative and fashioned a hook out of paper clips and now have them hanging from those. A very simple trick. 

    Also in my kitchen, a small touch to my oven. It’s just the simple things that can really make something so cute while keeping it classy! 

    My birthday wreath from last year. Technically this has hung on my washroom door the whole year on display (no shame) but it’s now fitting to have it out as decor so I’m including it! 

    “The big, comfy, couch!” 

    All I did here was add my mummy pillow I got as a birthday gift from last year (Kroger) and my plush, ultra soft jackolantern throw over the back of the couch (Kroger I think?) 

    Left to right: My favorite ceramic pumpkin that I keep out year around because pumpkins make me SO happy, (TJ Maxx Home Goods),Harry Potter figurine of BuckBeak(Warner Brothers Shop), houses on either side of witch are Dollar Tree finds and than my Jackolantern warmer from last year that they are offering again this year. (Tuscany Candle, Kroger)

    A closer picture of my new witch decor piece. She was just too cute to not bring home. TJ Maxx Home Goods $12.99. 

    A decoration/craft that I’m personally proud of and that is also very versatile as it is also a decoration for Christmas/winter on the other side.

    What’s cuter than puppies? Puppies dressed up for Halloween of course! The magnets are from Dollar Tree and the sign is from Dollar General. This displays my love for dogs and the happiness that ‘cute’ Halloweem items can bring. 
    So have you decorated this year? What’s your favorite decor piece to set out every year?