Challenge: Wax cocktail,  Drink Theme. 

This week I challenged myself to a mini challenge which I have decided to do periodically to bring myself out of my comfort zone and just have fun so that in the end it will open my nose/mind to bigger and better things.

This week I wanted to force myself to use a scent I hated and incorporate it into something I could possibly like or at least tolerate. The theme for this weeks blend will be a drink. The two scents that first come to mind for this project is sugar milk and patchouli. Though to really challenge myself I chose the patchouli. Ahh!! If you’ve followed  me for any length of time you know how I feel about this scent.. I think it stems from Lush’s Lord of Misrule and I just haven’t liked it since.

 I was inspired after I had read about a few cocktails that were created with patchouli syrup. I figured patchouli being zen and earthy might pop with some added fizz and fresh fruit. Below is what I came up with. I wanted to choose the ‘ingredients’ so that if the blend sounded interesting and you wanted to give it a try that you should be able to go out and get the needed pieces at your local stores home fragrance isle.


Sparkling Patchouli Melon Kiwi Quencher Wax Cocktail


Patchouli: Tuscany Candles (Kroger)

Sugared Melon Kiwi: Better Homes & Gardens (Wal-Mart) (had on hand)

Sparkling Herbs: Oak & Rye (Kroger)

To create your fancy wax cocktail, Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker. Shake to chill and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a kiwi wheel and Ta-da! You have yourself a Sparkling Patchouli Melon Kiwi Quencher.

This blend totally works and I can handle the patchouli mixed with the sparkling herbs and fruits. Not too shappy.  Crisp notes of freshly picked herbs and a splash of sparkling water adds the perfect touch to the edgy, sharp patchouli and juicy melon. Threw strong for 5 hours before I switched it out for a bakery melt. I have really been craving cake recently.. 

Note: Do Not Consume Wax. 

I am also challenging a friend this week for this fun little challenge so the one under fire this week is Amanda @ and whoever else would like to take on the fun challenge! 

Let’s see those wax cocktails. Remember to use a scent you dislike to keep it a challenge! 

Until Next Melt, 

Wax Of The Past- May Empties


*Scents I would recommend and repurchase*

Green Grass-Yankee Candle

Vanilla Custard Filled Gingerbread– CFTKR

Imagene’s Serendipity Cream Pie/ Process of Monaco/ Vanilla Smoothie– Vintage Chic Scents *

An Affair To Remember/Vaudeville/ Over The Rainbow– Vintage Chic Scents *

A Thousand Times Goodnight 3 Pack– Vintage Chic Scents *

Lucy In The Sky With Cookies– Vintage Chic Scents 

Sweeny’s Barber Shop 3 Pack– Vintage Chic Scents *

Aroma Blizzard 4 Pack – Rainbow Melts 

Pink Boxers 2 oz- Wilma Handmade *

Pink Sugar 4 pack– Front Porch Candles

Get Naked 3 Pack- Tiffany Candles 

Candy Cane 3 Pack- Tiffany Candles*

Bora Bora and Passion Fruit– Rose Girls

Peppermint Coconut Mallow Sample– Rose Girls *

Sleepy Beauty Sample– Super Tarts *

Predator Sample – Super Tarts*

Sindar Elf Sample– Super Tarts*

Fruity Pebbles/VBN/Nectarine– L3 Waxy Wonders 

Bliss Sample- LSC *

Life Is A Circus Sample– The Bathing Garden 

Pink Peppermint Sample– Sniff My Tarts*

Scent Shots & Scoopables

Applecadabra– Sassy Girl Aroma

Marshmallow Milkshake– Tiffany Candles

Pink Panties– Tiffany Candles *


Hades– Super Tarts*

Emma Frost– Super Tarts*

Ronan– Super Tarts

Darth– Super Tarts*

Off With Her Head– Super Tarts

Wonderland– Super Tarts

Nightmare Before Christmas– Super Tarts*

Briarcliff– Super Tarts*

Harry– Super Tarts

Rory– Super Tarts

Rosemary’s Baby– Super Tarts

Beauty & The Beast– Super Tarts*

Just Breathe- Super Tarts *

Violet Cocktail– Scentsationals 

Strawberry Patch- Better Homes and Gardens *

Sugared Melon Kiwi- Better Homes and Gardens *

Gio & Turner Haul

With summer almost in full swing, I thought it was about time to buy some body care for the season including scrubs which is what enabled this order. Being that this was my first order with this vendor I went in blind and picked things I thought I would like yet kept it small.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the packaging and all of the time and care that went into it.  From the delicate ribbon tying it all together to the take out box and all its contents.

Tipsy Melon-“Sparkling raspberry cranberry champagne (Blonde Moment) and honeydew melons.”

This almost reminds me of a melon lip-smackers I had as a child yet a bit more sophisticated with the  sparkling champagne. On cold it is rather light so I will let it cure before diving into this one.

Lavender Mint-Earthy herbal lavender and fresh peppermint and spearmint.”

The lavender is very herbal and almost astringent to the nose. Not much peppermint is present but with what I can smell I am hoping it will come out more when warmed.


Unicorn Pop Wax Bar– “Fruit loops & Butter Cream”

Look at this beaut! It’s colors, splats, the way it’s symmetrically satisfying! Fruity loop dreams. Lemon lime dominate as most fruit loops are but with an added creaminess from the whipped buttercream. This will be wonderful to melt on the weekends especially in the morning as you snack away on your favorite cereal.

Speaking earlier about the packaging, I really appreciated the time that was taken to package this wax bar. Strapped behind the bag that held the bar was a piece of cardboard to help support it in transit to deter breakage. Also layering it on the bottom with more tissue and frilly..worms? Yeah worms, for protection.



Scrubs were offered in options of 2 and 8 oz containers. Since I’m new to ordering with this vendor and a small amount of scrub goes a long way for me, I thought the 2 oz would be perfect.


Black Sea Silky Skin Body Scrub 2oz- Salty ocean ozone with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla.”

I spread the love and gave this one to my mom for Mother’s Day as she also enjoys scrubs and this scent description seemed right up her alley. You don’t get much scent until you “agitate” or disrupt the scrub so this particular one I will have to ask my mom how she liked it since I didn’t want to tear into her gift. 


Reverie-“A serene blend of cotton candy/lemon drops (pink sugar), honey nectar and lavender. “

Not being a big fan of honey, I seem to spot it on first sniff followed by the sweetened lavender which is perfect for those night time showers. The scent softly lingers on the skin after showering leaving the skin relaxed and scrubbed clean.

Have you tried Gio & Turner? Did you order from their pre-order?

Sniff My Tarts- RTS Haul 

I’ve been eyeing Sniff My Tart’s website for awhile now trying to catch some of their RTS product. Usually when I get on the site there is just one or two items that I would want at the time.

One afternoon last week I just so happened to jump on when some product had been uploaded. Surprised by how many of the scent blends actually called out to me, I loaded up my cart and quickly checked out with my first order. I had hoped that this order would keep me away from the customs that opened this weekend.

Vanilla Bean Noel Type:

Creamy, delicious, sweet, bakery, vanilla goodness! Rich and decadent that will be perfect for blending.

Pink Sugar Type/ Gain Laundry Type

Classic pink sugar type, super sweet and sugary blended with the cleanliness of Gain Laundry.

Sweet Lavender/Cotton Candy Frosting/Flannel Sheets

Cotton Candy frosting madness! Sweet sweet! Light linen notes linger with the sweet lavender creating a beautiful melt.

Sweet Lavender/Rosemary Mint/Spearmint/ Eucalyptus

Explosion of all the different scents yet you can take the time to pick out each one. The tingly, bright, mintiness peaks from the spearmint and rosemary mint while the eucalyptus freshens up everything. Sweet lavender mellows it all out to allow this to come into play as a fresh, minty bedtime melt.

(Note: So many lavender buds! I wish I could have requested these to not be on my melts)

Random Shapes:

Coconut Marshmallow Noel

If you’ve ever smelled RG Peppermint Coconut Marshmallow, this smells exactly like the creamy, sticky marshmallow and warm coconut. So mouth wateringly good. I can’t wait to blend this with some peppermint to see how well it compares!

(Happy to report it is a close dupe with the correct peppermint!! Very yummy!!!😋😋)

Coffee Cake & Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon and sugar dominate sprinkled and baked into a pastry roll. Not picking up on much coffee if any at all on cold.

Sample in Lavender Baby Powder:

Talculm powder fresh and sweet lavender.

Did you place a custom order this weekend? What are some of your favorites offered from SMT?

My Crazy Collections and Obsessions

After reading Jay’s collection post and speaking with her on things we both collected it inspired me to make a post about some of the things that I too  collected.

It would be impossible to capture everything in life that I show an interest for or have started to compile together yet maybe never picked up on or just have bits and pieces to where it’s hard to call a ‘collection’.

Funko Pop’s 

These are just a few of the Funko’s me and my husband own. Most are either put away that we have yet to pull out from our move or are randomly placed throughout our home. As you see, my pops make it out of the box so I can display them on my desk at home. Hagrid and The Mad Hatter are definitely my favorites. I really enjoy gathering these as it shares both our interest and it’s fun scouting them out together.

Side note: Yes, that is Sherlock, (mine), John Watson (Hubby’s)



Pulling out my tub of Bath & Body Works Pocket Backs & Germ-X’s, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’ve dwindled down my stash quiet a bit. Not by using all of it but mostly gifting it as I knew I would never get through it all myself.

These were my go to when going into a B&BW when they were 5 for $6 which is how I wracked up on them so quickly. Not to mention I am a bit of a germ freak. Clearly my favorites used to be Sparkling Pink Champagne & Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte.


To help keep this post waxy related, I figured it would be best to also share my candles! These are stored in my bedroom closet for easy access.

Brands include Bath & Body Works, Diamond Ring Candle, Yankee Candle and Front Porch Candle Co. 16 candles in total which is a number I’m comfortable with instead of that number being piled up in the 30’s or 40+.

My favorite Bath & Body Work candles are London Calling and Marshmallow Fireside.


*Not pictured-mini air hockey table, Love Letter Batman Edition, Manacola.*

Games, games, games! Love them!

Another really fun thing me and my husband enjoy collecting and playing together are board games!  I love the uniqueness and story behind each game. We used to have a game store in town that we visited often before it closed down that we really miss.

My recommendations from above would be:

  • Love Letter (Red Draw String Bag)
  •  Love Letter Hobbit Edition (Green Draw String Bag)
  • (Not pictured, forgot it) Love Letter Batman Edtion
  • Jaipur- (right side, beside Ticket to Ride)
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Monopoly Deal


Other Interest of Mine That I Collect Almost Anything In:

Wizard of Oz

Anyone else have a weird obsession with these little refrigerator magnets? The more I can get on my fridge to look at; the better! I should have taken them off my fridge and laid them out in one single picture but that would have disrupted all of the pictures and knick knacks we have adorning our fridge.


Just stare at it.. go on, take a moment. I’ll come back.
You had your moment? Good. It’s beautiful!

When I laid eyes on this gorgeous plate while shopping on my honeymoon in a little store we had stopped in to check out which  I believe to now named Dicks 5 & 10, I knew it was coming home with me! This is also where I picked up my Wizard Of Oz magnet. The plate is proudly displayed on a frame stand on my kitchen counter.


Anything Alice & Wonderland 


If you have read my blog for an length of time you also know I have a thing for Alice & Wonderland. Pretty much anything Whimsical. Dorothy and her wild tornado, colorful adventure to Oz than to Alice and her crazy adventure down the rabbit hole speaking to inanimate objects, growing and shrinking while being chased by an evil queen… wait why do I like this again? Though Mad Hatter is enough to stick around for sure!

Funny enough, this plate was also purchased on my honeymoon! Two to be exact. Also not allowed to be feasted upon.

The Statue Of Liberty 

Oddly enough since I’ve never been to New York, I am very fascinated with the Statue of Liberty. I love seeing pictures and learning more about Lady Liberty. I’ve always wanted a little greenish/blue mini statue you always see as a souvenir.

The one I have made due with for now is supposed to be a ornament from Dr.Who of the Weeping Angel when the angels took over. I’d prefer a real one though.

Recently I was surprised to find a Statue of Liberty  puzzle at the Dollar tree so I also swooprd that up to frame soon.
A little all over the place with my craziness but it is what it is! What are some of your interest and collection’s? Let me know!

Pick 4: Wonderland Warmed Review

Off With Her Head: Painted Roses, Mixed Berries, Marshmallow Fluff and Orange Zest. 

Rose Jam dominate, I do get more of the orange zests and mixed berries when warmed. 

Repurchase? No, it’s a bit too strong on the Rose jam for my preference but ones who adore RJ and rose in general will love this one. One cube is plenty throw. 

It’s Always Tea Time: Earl Grey Tea, Tea Cakes, Peppermint Swizzle Sticks and Whipped Cream. 

Tea and cakes with just the slightest touch of peppermint present. Vanilla swirls and cream by the spoonfuls sweeten the pipping hot tea. This melt is a little lighter and could stand to be melted with two cubes instead of my usual one cube melt. 

Repurchase? Probably not because it isnt my favorite with the tea and cakes note but I will finish it up as it isn’t terrible. Makes for a cute picture though!

Curiosity Often Leads To Trouble: Lemon Eclair, Sweet Amber and White Nectarine.

The nectarine is rather bold in this and mostly all I get when melting and cold alike. One cube threw strong for up to 4 hours before I changed it out

Repurchase? No. 

Wonderland: Apple Mango Tango, Sweet Lollipops and French Vanilla Meringue.

Happy to report that the cleaner scent has vanished and has been replaced by sweet lollies that resemble the sweetness found in the sought after Mouse Ears, Combined with fresh apples and mangos. It does have a kind of slight effervescence to it so if that isn’t your thing I wouldn’t suggest this one. I kept this on for 8 hours+ and it threw like a beast.  

Repurchase?  Maybe with the sweetness of the sweet lollies it tempts me to want to come back. 

What were some of your favorites from this collection? 
Until Next Melt, 

Body Care- Gollum

“So bright… so beautiful… ah, Precious.”- Gollum

“Smeagol..Smeagol..GOLLUM!”- Gollum

First time dipping my toes into the water of Super Tarts body care, I decided on a scrub. Afraid of abrassive scrubs with my skin, I went for a sugar scrub hoping for the best but also for the purpose of if I used it for shaving it would be the lesser of the two evils of not putting salt on an open wound. 

There were 4 or 5 scent options available to choose from with the RTS options but Gollum, ( The Omen- (Ocean breezes, Vanilla Bean Noel and Red Delicious Apple) and Blackberries) sounded the best as summer approaches and The Omen was one I had previously had in wax form being as fresh and strong as ever. 

“He wants the Precious. Always he is looking for it. And the Precious is wanting to go back to him… But we mustn’t let him have it. ” Gollum

While in the jar, it’s hard to detect any fragrance other than the scrub formula smell with the slightest blackberry note. 

 Once on the skin, I was able to smell The Omen and blackberries more clearly. It has the texture of cool whip with fine granulated sugar crystals to form the most non-abrasive scrub I’ve ever used so far. At times I felt like I was using more of a whipped soap than a scrub but than I get to the end of the creaminess to find the small bits of gritty sugar. I like it and could get away with using this daily or inbetween days of using a more abrasive scrub. If you need more scrubbiness maybe try the salt scrub option. 
 Though the scent didn’t linger on my skin after my shower, I did notice my skin to be incredibly soft and smooth with no agitation or redness. 
Have you tried any new body care recently? Any from ST? Let me know!

Destination Wax- 221b Baker Street

“I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.” -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Vendor/Brand: Destination Wax

Product: Wax Blocks 4 Block Option, approximately 0.75 ounces each.

Scent: 221b Baker Street

Online Scent Description: “The warm rich scent of sweet cherry pipe tobacco, vanilla, and deep, soft leather armchairs.”

This was shared with me by a sweet friend who included it in an ROAK. I was so excited to find this in my box as this was one of the scents I’ve been eyeing from DW so getting a chance to try it first before buying it in bulk as I probably would have, is amazing.

Full of mystery, deep and rich, I could see this fragrance describing the home of our beloved Sherlock Holmes. I feared that I might not like this fragrance with reading that their was cherry tobacco in the mix but it’s such an elegant scent that the fear has now vanished. This melt comes off a bit powdery to my nose on cold yet in the end turns to a thick vanilla and musk wood type scent which is what I picture would be the rich oak book shelves in the study blended with the scent of a scuffed leather armchair worn from use sitting in the corner of the room . I find that the scent lingers on your skin and in the air after picking up the wax and examining it or even the slightest peak into the bag for a sniff.




One cube threw amazingly in my glade warmer for several hours filling my home with swirls of deep thought and shenanigans. Like I mentioned above, don’t let the tobacco scare you away as this is a nice melt if you want something different from your regular routine of melting for a change of pace.

Repurchase? Yes, I could see myself buying more of this scent in the future.


Until Next Melt,


Wilma’s Handmade 1st and 2nd Order

First Order: 

My first time ordering with Wilma’s was just a dip into the waters with this vendor. I had previously melted her wax before in a few swaps and got amazing throw but didn’t really know what of hers I’d like without sampling a few more. As you see below my order was completely random yet scents I was currently craving at the time. With her $1.99 shipping or free shipping for orders over $25, it is a great way to grab refills on scents you may be getting low on or to treat yourself to a small order without breaking the bank.



Pink Boxers 2 oz cubes 

“Pink sugar with fresh, clean linens.”

*Still sniffing bag* It is just so wonderful.. fresh out of the laundry linen than sweetened by the pink sugar. Most laundry scents can be a bit harsh on the nose almost headache inducing but with this one it is light and airy like laundry hanging out on the line.

Cherry Cola Cake 2 oz Cubes
“A scent blend by Denise G that is absolutely fabulous! Sweet cherries, fizzy cola, and velvety cake.”

Fizzzzzz. If your nose rejects anything fizz than this wouldn’t be the scent for you. Otherwise, come try this scent! Strong cherry soda syrup makes its appearance on first sniff followed by the bubbly of the soda. I can tell this is more than just a cherry cola with the hints of vanilla bakery I pick up on but hopefully on warm that cake note will peak.

Mustache Melts- Barbershop 

“This scent brings back memories from my childhood! The nostalgic fragrance of shaving cream with maybe a touch of aftershave.”

How cute are these!? Not only offering tiny, adorable cubes but also cute shapes! 

Like picking up a bottle of Gillette gel shaving cream freshly foamed out of the can. Soo soo good.

Fresh Baked Bread Mini Cup Melts

“So realistic you’ll think you are smelling warm bread, fresh from the oven. It’s like sweet wheat, yeast and a touch of crust.”

I don’t know what to think of this one. Smells of a sour dough bread, very bitter. It will definitely have to be blended with something, maybe try to make it into a sweet bread type scent.

Down Home Muffins Mini Cup Melts

“Good ol’ southern buttery sweet corn bread muffins! This is not your average corn bread scent.”

 I bought this thinking it would be perfect to mix with a blueberry scent! Fresh out of the oven, rounded topped muffins dressed with a thin layer of margarine. Update: This has changed and no longer smells what I described above. It now mostly more of a buttery corn bread. We will see what it is like when I mix the blueberry in.

Second Order:

My second order I was on a mission. A mission for grabbing up scents that I have been craving to blend together such as blue sugar and shaving cream (The enabler knows who they are that let me try a blend from SGA and I now cannot seem to get enough) and stock up more on pink sugar and marshmallow also for blending purposes.

Pink Sugar Type 6 oz Cubes 

“A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam. Inspired by Aquolina.”

Think I got enough? Nah! I should have gotten all of the scents in the 6 oz. I’ll know next time!

This is your basic, sweet pink sugar. So good and rich. Wilma’s definitely has a good PS if you are trying to find a vendor that does PS well.

Blue Sugar Type 3 oz Cubes

“Inspired by Aquolina’s Blue Sugar cologne”

As you see above, the blue sugar didn’t make it through the abuse the mailman put it through. Shattered a few of them and cut one completely in half by shoving my package into my tiny mail slot. Ahh, no matter it was perfect for me to chunk a small piece into my warmer with a piece of Barbershop and melt away the stress of the day. This blend is amazing by the way but that will have to be for another time!



Mallow Puffs 3 oz Cubes

“Sweet and sticky plain marshmallow with no toasty notes.”

Not the authentic marshmallow we all know and love but more of a tacky, sweet sugar.

 Barbershop 3 oz Cubes 

“This scent brings back memories from my childhood! The nostalgic fragrance of shaving cream with maybe a touch of aftershave.”

See first order.

Peppermint 2 oz Cubes 

“A straight peppermint. Mint, mint, and more mint.”

The soft candied butter mints that fill the bowls at weddings and baby showers.

Pink Boxers & Barbershop will be repeat purchases time and time again as they are just too good to not have on hand.

Have you ordered with Wilma’s? What are some of your favorites? Let me know!

Diamond Ring Candle- Miami Beach 

Brand/Vendor: Diamond Ring Candle

Product: 21 oz. One Wick Candle 

Price: $24.99 (Clearance run around 19.99)

Scent: Miami Beach


“Miami, Miami, you’ve got style. Blue sky, sunshine, white sand by the mile…”  If you get these lyrics.. we can be friends! 😉

Diamond Ring Candles uses a natural soy wax so they tend to get the soy ‘frost’ on the top. I thought it looked fitting for our beachy theme as it looked like waves rolling through the water or a sky view of a sandy island.

If you are unfamiliar with the Diamond Ring Candle this company includes a ring inside each candle. If you find a winning ring/code you get the chance to customize a ring worth up to $5,000. Even if your ring isn’t a winner never fear, you still have your candle and a fun ring to add to your jewelry box!

I had a bit of tunneling issues at the beginning but after burning a few hours it resolved itself burning bright with a strong flame and even wax pool across the top. Though I got through the tunneling issue, sadly this candle just didn’t throw well for me. Out of the candles that I’ve burned from this brand, this is the first one that was this light and has given me any trouble.

Entering the room between doing chores this weekend I could pick up on the slightest tropical notes with the coconut being the strongest I assume as I could barely smell it and was unable to find scent notes. Sadly I may have to throw this in my candle warmer to see if I can get a better throw if I don’t decide to go ahead and continue burning it to finish it.


Ring reveal:


On the side of the candle there is a gold marker/sticker that indicates approximately where the ring will be in the candle. Once you burn down to that area or your wax pools out, that’s when you will see the foil of the ring appear and are than able to scoop it out. The ring is protected by a layer of foil and then zipped in a baggie that includes your reveal.

As you can see above I didn’t win but it’s still a cute ring.


Have you burned any candles lately? Have you ever burned any from this brand? Let me know!
Until Next Burn,