Golden Doors of Wonder 

Vendor/Brand: The Bathing Garden

Product: 6 Cube Clamshell

Scent: Nothing Whatever

Online Scent Description: Earthy wild mint and ivy topped with vanilla cream

Throw: Medium to Strong with one cube


A sweet wild mint pulled fresh from the stem and ripped between the finger tips to release its crisp, earthy aroma mingled with a creamy vanilla. Truly a whimsical scent just as playful as the decor adorning the surface.

I just love the whimsical fun the doors create to this melt as it just adds a fun element of imagination to the little creature that could live within. Fairy door? Hobbit door? Troll maybe? Who knows, up to you!


Before any cure time, this threw at around a medium with one cube in my living room glade warmer. I believe it will throw even stronger in a smaller room like my bedroom. The coolness of the mint leaf and green ivy makes me think this would also be a good melt for the times those pesky headaches flare up as it is refreshing and soothing. A beautiful mint blend that I will want to have in my stash, a repurchase for sure if I make another order.



Have you tried this scent? What are your thoughts?

Summer Vibes-Rose Girls


Summer officially began yesterday, June 20th, so I felt like this was the perfect melt to kick off summer with a bang. Though with it being as hot as it has been I wouldn’t have guessed that summer had JUST now started.


Summer Vibes is defined as: To be in the moment of summer.

What exactly does my summer look like so far? I wish somewhere like in the above picture with nice ocean waves and sandy beaches to wash all my cares and worries away.

Instead it is just mostly hot hot hot and work work work with the occasional Taco Tuesday and movie night snuggles in between! Luckily enough the temperatures recently have been sticking within the 90’s not reaching the triple digits just yet.

Summer Vibes-Blue Raspberry, Lemonade and Strawberry Daiquiri.” 10 oz Bag



This melted strong in my bedroom and living room for several hours filling my house with the perfect beach beverage you’d be happy to hold in your hand while dipping your toes in the water. Strawberry daiquiri dominate with blue raspberry swirled in for good measure, Lemonade kicks it up a notch by quenching the thirst and all in all bringing this melt together for the perfect ‘drink’ melt that is wonderful for summer melting


Until Next Melt

 “Sometimes I’ve Believed As Many As 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast.”



My first Bathing Garden order is here! Finally after 6 weeks of checking the calendar periodically and counting the weeks to see if somehow time had magically sped up from the last time I checked. Now that I have experienced the wait though it truly wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be or had heard most say it was. I would make (and am waiting) on another order; the Sleepy bundle. I can not deny that I am pondering another order to pick up a few back up’s before they are pulled for good.


Nothing WhateverEarthy wild mint and ivy topped with vanilla cream

Sweet mint pulled fresh from the stem and crushed between the finger tips to release its crisp, earthy scent mingled with a creamy vanilla. Truly a whimsical scent just as playful as the decor adorning the surface.

Painting The Roses RedButter Cream Frosting and Coconut Cream Pie is layered over a blend of Raspberries and Roses

The scent of aged rose petals with the slightest raspberry note lingering behind mounds of butter cream frosting and shredded coconut.



Tea with the Queen -This tart is the most amazing scent of roobios red tea. Very comforting and mild, just like the drink. 

Tea fit for a queen. Perfumery almost to the nose as the florals swirl around with each twirl of the spoon followed by the bitter elegance of pipping hot tea.



Alice & Lavender Land –French lavender with vanilla extract and marshmallow cream.

Each lavender is unique in its own way. Shannon’s french lavender is more of a heavy, true lavender that becomes less offensive to the nose and more inviting with the added sticky sweet marshmallow cream. This one will be perfect for night time slumbers.

Sea of Tears -“Fresh air, sea salt, ocean mists, and aquatic floral. This is a sweet and beachy floral scent.”

Very beachy for sure as my nose picks up an almost copper tone type fragrance followed by aquatic notes of salty sea air. Perfect for summer melting.


When Wonderland Dreams –Wild berries blend with sugar crystals and powdery white floral’s for a sleep full of dreams

Comes off a bit clean and soapy to the nose with a hint of sugar to keep it from totally being a fresh scent. Very nice. Can’t wait to see how this performs once warmed.



NonWonderland Goodie


Lacquered Lollipops– Floral undertones with top notes of candied sweetness. 

Unsure of this one on cold. Very floral, a dried flower musk. Not much of a candied scent.



Lemon CheesecakeDelicious cheesecake swirled with tart lemon

The juice of a fresh lemon is so tart it will make your lips pucker. The cheesecake in this blend helps take the edge off that tartness, working to curve it in the right direction of being the perfect smooth dessert.





Left to right

Marzipan Poppy Cakes(Top left)Creamy almond marzipan is swirled with pomegranate, orange, and spicy notes of cinnamon and cardamom

Nutty flavoring added by the drops folded gently into our soft dough like mixture that smells slightly of fall bakery from the orange and spicy undertones.

Sweet Madi (Left)- Sweet vanilla blends with succulent, ripe strawberries and the soft floral of violet and jasmine

Violet and jasmine dominate blended with a powdery vanilla lace and light strawberry.


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-White tea is layered under cool Moroccan mint in this refreshing tart.

Moroccan mint hits the senses, electrifying and tingly. White tea soothes and relaxes in the background all the while blending together to create a tea fit for the hatter.


Looking Glass-A fruity floral with cassis, peaches, sugar, and musk.

Sweet peaches and sugar granulates with just the faintest kiss of musk sitting on a top of a bed of florets drenched in the darkest of cassis. Elegant and dignified.


Top to Bottom, Left to Right.

Mid Summer SongSugared vanilla, candied lemon and orange and sweet dark berries.

Very tart and candy like. Makes me think of the powdered fun dips that would come in multi-colors with the candy stick or the baby bottle pops with the sour powder candy.


Bee SmittenSweet lavender, rose, ylang ylang, honey and citrus.

I really do not care for this one on cold.. something about it has me holding this one far, far away as it almost makes me want to sneeze. Just think allergies, pollen and honey.

Guava Berry GelatoGuava, raspberry, and strawberry iced up into creamy gelato.

Decadent creamy gelato with fresh strawberries and raspberries blended within to expose their seeds to give off its fruity aroma. At first the guava came off to my nose a bit funky but once you get past that and keep sniffing this is really a wonderful almost edible melt. DON’T EAT IT THOUGH.

Whimsy-Bergamot, orange, pineapple, and lemon combine with hints of banana and coconut for a bright and tropical smelling tart.

A beautifully complex fruity melt that makes me think of a mixture between smarties and a summer drink with hand squeezed oranges and bananas being the dominate notes. I think I may need this in a clam.



I am saving the last part of this order for a future post as it is pretty spectacular on its own and given its theme I think deserves its own post.


Did you order anything from the Wonderland collection? What were some of your favorites? Let me know!

Laveau- Super Tarts 

Vendor/Brand: Super Tarts

Price: $4.00

Scent: Laveau 

Online Scent Description: Lavender Cream & Raw Sugar Crystal Buttercream

Throw: Strong 

Warmer Used: Glade 24 Wyatt 

I first experienced Brandi’s lavender cream in a sample of her Imortal Child blend which I really just didn’t care for. I knew that her orginal Go To Sleep was also very popular so I had wanted to try it for a long time but it was always sold out. 

Fast forward to several months later when her Oz collection is released and one of the scents was Tin Man. Tin Man– Pink Sugar, sweet lavender cream and stainless steel. (A Go To Sleep blend)

I than quickly fell head over heels for this blend. It was so good! So relaxing and calming. It threw strong long into the night and on into the early parts of the morning with only one cube. I was super bummed when I had melted threw my one clam and just wanted to kick myself for only having picked up one. Tin Man is still to this day sold out. 

After a restock of the AHS collection and one afternoon of online shopping, I ran across Laveau and after reading the notes lavender cream and Buttercream it was already in the cart. Sold. 

I was thrilled to realize that it must have been the lavender cream note from Tin Man that I loved so much because Laveau hit the nail on the head perfectly and had me wondering Tin Man who? 

Laveau is now one of my top favorites from ST. This is a must try if you like Brandi’s lavender cream. Decadent butter cream by the mounds full with drops of lavender swirled in to soothe you. 

A very strong thrower with only one cube needed. I love that I can get away with one cube to ration and make it last longer. 
Do you have a favorite from ST? 
Until Next Melt, 

Solving the Mystery of the Unseen Box !

In a previous post I had mentioned buying a new box to store wax in and since then I’ve had the request from a few people to see this “mysterious” box. You guys have pulled my leg so I will show you my box and maybe just maybe I will show you the contents within.

I have a bit of an obsession with boxes, totes, containers, you name it! When I ran across the boxes in Ross’s, I had to assess each and every box to determine which was coming home with me. They had too many choices of different sizes and shapes of either ones in the same design family just different sizes or ones that ranged in multiple sizes and designs from beach themed to silhouettes of Boston Terriers with a pink background.

I like my items to have multiple purposes so I tried to pick one that I could see myself using in pictures as a possible background for wax but also having it fit into decor so it won’t be an eyesore it I leave it out for easy access at a warmer. That is when I decided on the wood finished detailed box that you see above. Not to mention the well-known and inspiring words of “Faith, Hope and Love” that are beautifully inscribed on the top.


 Now let us take a gander what is inside the box.

You really want to know what is inside the box? It’s an embarrassing snap shot of Sponge Bob at the Christmas Party! 😁😁

I just had to make sure you were paying attention. Whats truly inside my new box is my Super Tarts clams. Most of them since I’m sure I have a few stragglers here and there throughout the house that are still on the loose. This box is much bigger than what I had my clamshells in before which still gives me room to grow. Very, very happy about that!


So there it is, my mystery box! Not much of a mystery huh?


Do you have any of these decorative boxes? What do you keep in yours?


Until Next Melt,


Bloom & Prosper Candle Co. Apple & Pear

Oddly enough I ran across this candle while in a Ross’s Dress for Less while looking for my husband a pair of pants. I wouldn’t have expected them to have a home fragrance isle. Long story short we walked out with two candles and a box to store wax in but no pants. Usually how the shopping game goes right? Go in for something but end up buying ten other things instead. 

Brand/Vendor: Bloom & Prosper Candle Co. 

Product: One Wick Scented Candle 

Cost: $2.99

Scent: Apple & Pear

Burned strong with a high flamed wick for at least 5-6 hours the first round. The next day I went to light the candle and it needed a little trimming yet it was as if I had hardly made a dent in the candle after many hours of burning. A+ on long lasting. Though for the scent throw I give it more of a C- because I just don’t get much of a throw unless I hover over the candle. This is a small candle so I tried moving it to a smaller room than my kitchen, a.k.a now the bathroom candle.

 It preformed a little better than before but not to my liking. If only it truly smelled as strong and sweet as it did on cold. The juiciness of a tart, sweet granny smith apple mingled with the crisp bite of fresh pear. Such a wonderfully sweet, green almost candy like scent that I wish I could have gotten more of when burning. 

 I recommend this being paired with a melt or being used mostly as a setting the mood candle as it just doesn’t put off much fragrance. Maybe I just got a dud this time but I would try another one for the price, convience (and cuteness!) in size and the longevity of the candle. 
Have you tried any candles from this brand? Any new candles that you have fallen head over heels for? Let me know! 

Vintage Road Candles Haul

One Sunday afternoon as me and the hubbie relaxed in bed watching the Dark Knight Rises, I was also Instagram serving and eager to make a wax order. If you are a true wax addict you will understand what I mean when you get that itch to place an order. The itch that won’t be tamed until it sees that confirmed order screen and even then sometimes only managed with one order if it is a mild case. That is when I ran across a gorgeous haul picture from a vendor by the name of Vintage Road Candles. After searching the site and seeing many blends that peeked my attention and just the most darling shapes, I started filling my cart with wax goodness!

The vendor was offering a 10% off your order of $25 so of course I couldn’t pass up a deal. Shipping was $7.20 shipped in a priority box.


Above is what I saw upon opening my box. Included under the tissue paper was instructions on how to care for your candles and the proper cure time for the wax. (NOTE:It is recommended to wait 2-4 weeks from the pour date.) Inside on the folded paper the instructions were printed on, was a hand written note from the vendor (Sarah) thanking you for your order and a business card.

It is the small details that I really appreciate, they do not go un-noticed!


So I am happy to share with you my first haul with this vendor. I do have to warn you that the wax is softer than most I have worked with so bare with me as some of it is smudged and battered in the pictures.

Strawberry Banana Sundae Bunties (pk of 6)

“Strawberry, Banana Cream Pie, & Vanilla Ice Cream Cake”

Vanilla ice cream and more of a banana pulled taffy than banana cream.


Peach Bellini Bundties (pk of 6)

“Peach Puree & Sparkling Wine”

Sparkling freah peach with the slightest boozy undertone. The peach is actually delightful and not chemically like most come off in wax. 


Pink Eucalyptus Spearmint Noel-Turtle Tart


Pink Eucalyptus Spearmint Noel-Puddle Pups Tart

“Pink Sugar type, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, and Vanilla Bean Noel”

 Rich, delectable VBN with the added sharpness of the Spearmint and calming Eucalyptus.

How cute is this little turtle?!


Rainbows & Lollipop- Puddle Pups Tart

“Pear, Kiwi, Green Grapes, Raspberry, Peach, and Sugary Lollipops.”

The dog above is hiding.. terrible picture I’m sorry!

 Fresh sugar rolled fruits. Raspberry and pear most dominate creating the perfect sweet puree.


Strawberry Lemonade Splash- Puddle Pups Tart

“Strawberry, Blackberry, Country Lemonade, and Sweet Citrus Punch”

 Sweet, tart and delicious. I don’t pick up much of the lemonade on cold so maybe on warm. This almost reminds me of a lip-smackers I used to own as a child.


When purchasing these I really didn’t think this through on how sad and almost a little morbid it would be to have to watch these little guys melt! First time melting it must have been the disruptive air flow from my ceiling fan and air conditioner combined because I just didn’t pick up anything. The next time I tried the other “half”.. dog’s hiney and legs, it threw like a champ! Sweet, sweet berry lemonade almost as if it were to be a pink lemonade with added fresh mixed fruit and a fun umbrella to top it all off!

Candyland (Peppermint Fluff) Puddle Pups Tart

“Cotton Candy, Peppermint, Toasted Marshmallow”

Soo good.. the peppermint is just how I like it. Not medicinal, not butter-minty, the perfect icy mint with the bonus added sweetness of the cotton candy and toasted marshmallow. Julie, I think you would like this one!



Frosted Coconut Vanilla- Puddle Pups Tart x2 

“Peppermint, Coconut, Vanilla Bean Noel”

If you like the RG Peppermint, Coconut Mallow, I would give this one a try. It isn’t exactly the same but it has a resemblance.



Birthday Party- Puddle Pups Tart

“Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, Sugar Cookie”

 Smells as if you were making sugar cookies out of a Pillsbury vanilla cake mix. Not your traditional sugar cookie scent.


Sweet 16- Chunkies Tart 

“Strawberry/Bubble Gum base, Pink Sugar/Cotton Candy & Lavender middle chunks, Sugar Cookie/Birthday Cake top”

Sweet, pink, bubble gum tape powder, Cotton Candy lavender.

Samples that Sarah includes, Thank you Sarah!


Left to Right:

Lavender Tea & Berries: French Lavender & Honey BBW Type, White Tea and a light berry scent. 

If I ever order again, this one will go into my cart. Fresh brewed white tea and sticky sweet honey swirled with the perfect amount of French lavender


Strawberry Lemon Sherbet Cotton Candy Frosting: Strawberry, Iced Lemon Cookies, Rainbow Sherbet, Cotton Candy and Buttercream Frosting.


Very light on cold, I mostly pick up a sweet vanilla sugar with a hint of sherbet.

Yuzu Volcano Salty Sea BreezeMandarin, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Volcano Capri Blue Type and Salty Sea Air


Fresh, sea-side citrus with a touch of what I believe to be the Volcano everyone races about. First time smelling but I think I like it.


Lemon Marshmallow Sugar Cookie: Iced Lemon Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Toasted Marshmallow. 

If you have ever had ScentScationals Lemon Iced Sugar Cookies, this is almost the exact same lemon sugar cookie.



If you would like any of these reviewed in further detail let me know. 

I am very pleased with my order and how everything turned out. 

Humbled and Thankful 

I am very thankful and honored to have been chosen as one of the top 60 candle blogs of the internet! How crazy and exciting is that! 

 I appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their day to read my blog and who help keep this hobby worth the time and the effort. I’ve had so much fun this year and a half meeting new friends and trying many new vendors and brands while all the while opening my nose to many new scents I never knew possible to fall for. 

I hope to continue making fun and informative new content for you all while all the while continuing to grow on this crazy adventure we all know as wax! 

Until Next Melt, 

The Meltdown Challenge #2 Grass Cake?

Many of you seemed to really enjoy the mini challenge that I did a few weeks back so I decided to go on and do another one. This week with it being summer I thought it would be fun to incorporate something from the great outdoors (i.e. grass,wood,smoke,dirt) and put it into something you normally wouldn’t. My challenge this week is to create a cake blend that would include my choice of an outdoor element which I have decided would be grass.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had been craving cake for days so once I hit up the grocery store for some much needed house essentials, it was cake time! Looking through Wal-Mart’s selection of cake goodness is when these lovelies showed up. Blueberry iced cupcakes filled with a blueberry filling ? Yes please! This inspired me for my cake blend this week to try and recreate it in wax.



My grass ingredient will come from the known Sam’s Shire from Super Tarts: Fresh Cut Grass and Watermelon Rock Candy. Don’t let the rock candy fool you, the grass note is very astringent on cold and will be difficult to hide.
Vanilla Cookie Crunch– Better Homes & Gardens 

Blueberry- Tiffany Candles 

Marshmallow Puff– Wilma’s Handmade

Coconut Marshmallow Noel– Sniff My Tarts



Mmmhm! This actually makes me think of a blueberry cupcake! First off as this began melting it came off to the nose as more of a blueberry muffin type. After about 15-20 minutes of melting the marshmallow and coconut noel kicked in and helped transform this into more of a sweet, cakey note. The grass comes through as more of a bitterness that adds to the tartness of the blueberry so it somehow comes together and worked out well for this blend. It melted as a medium thrower in my bedroom warmer for several hours.


What about you, what would you choose to mix up with this challenge? 


This week I challenge my friend Avalon128 on Instagram to the challenge! She also has a YouTube Channel (Link in her biofeed!) where she does wax hauls and reviews of what she has been melting so check her out!

Anyone else who would like to do this challenge, I would love to see those wacky blends! Remember it can be any kind of cake blend you can think of! If you do, tag me in your post on Instagram in the comments so I can see (@themeltdown15)! 

Until Next Melt,

RG Flash Sale-What I Managed to Snag

RG Flash Sale-What I Managed to Snag

Eager fingers raced across the keyboard once I found out that Rose Girls was having a flash sale. Usually I am too late once I get to the website and everything is sold out. NOT THIS TIME! No, No!

Looking around me for angels singing when I clicked on lot #4 that was offered to see that it included a ½ pie of the well sought after (well at least by me) Alice & Slumberland and that it was still available. ADD TO CART! Run to check out!

This is when I did a big dance for finally breaking down and buying a pie/snagging a pie. Then a few days later, I got the news… My flash sale had oversold…heart shattered.

But Jenny offered the option to re-make the lot or to refund the full amount.  I was hesitant with worry in wondering if this was my second chance to get out of having a large portion of a scent I may not like as honeydew can sometimes rub me the wrong way. That feeling quickly faded and I decided to push forward as I already had my heart set on owning a pie. I was also excited about getting the chance to try the Fresh Cucumber and Pink Sugar that everyone had been raving about.


Alice & SlumberlandHoneydew, Cotton Candy & Lavender. 

Honest time here.  I am a little confused on why shipping is $10 and than in turn everything gets thrown into a PFRE and with no extra care of padding/packaging. My pre-order arrived the same way. My mailmen are usually very gruff with my packages so I have to worry about how things are packed. If they aren’t packed well most of my orders end up shattered or pounded to a pulp looking like it’s been through the wringer. (Yes, it all melts the same, I just prefer to have it look as neat as possible for better pictures for you lovelies).
For example there is a vendor that I can order from and everything fit well into a PFRE ($6.75) and they take the extra time to ensure that package is getting to you in the best care that they can manage (i.e. double envelope and bubble wrap). So I guess what I am getting at is that I wish with as much money as we put into ordering that in return the vendor make an effort to ensure the product goes out of their facility with care. NOTE: I understand that they can not help what the mailmen do, that is not what I am saying. 

Returning back to the positive, only one of my pie pieces was a bit shattered which gave me the perfect excuse to sample (FIND POSITIVES IN LIFE MY DEARS!) I have chopped up one slice for future melting but the rest of this gorgeous pie will be admired and kept safe off the ole chopping block for now.

Before any curing, it already has a very nice throw. It smells wonderfully of fresh, juicy honeydew and sweet, candied lavender. The cotton candy mellows out the crisp honeydew all the while blending together the lavender to sweet candy dreams. A nice change up for a bedtime melt than the normal pink sugar/lavender/peppermint blends I usually reach for.

The cucumber is watery, straight from the vine fresh. As I type this I sneak a sniff and it takes me to a scene of my mom standing in the kitchen chopping cucumbers that we would get fresh from my grandmas garden to make her cucumber salads. Not getting much of the pink sugar on cold as the cucumber in mine is very over powering. This will be an interesting one to melt.


 Sample: Raspberry Fluff Puffs 

My nose picks up a sweet, vanilla caramel blended with raspberries. I have had fluff puffs before though this one smells a bit sweeter and blends well with the raspberries.



Have you ordered anything recently with RG? What are some of your favorites? Let me know!