Glade- Tree Lighting Wonder

Tree Lighting Wonder is a very fitting name as one does seem to gaze upon the glistening lights of a Christmas tree with eyes of hope, joy and wonder whether it’s while pondering deep thoughts, calling back memories or just taking a moment to stand in awe and breathe in the happiness of this time of year. 

Tree Lighting WonderFir Needle, Spruce and Eucalyptus. 

Glade has created a fragrance of what I imagine a fresh cut Christmas tree that has its branches dusted in sugar would smell like on Christmas morning. The scent has a bit of eucalyptus that helps even out the sweetness of the sugary spruce. 

Unfortunately the candles that I have purchased and burned from Glade do have tunneling issues. I cannot justify why I continue to buy knowing that they burn this way other than that they sell at a low price and are readily available in scents that I enjoy at any local grocery store. I occasionally grab these to have going around the house for when I’m in a candle mood but in the mood for something simple. 
Do you enjoy the Glade brand? What are some of your favorite scents? 
Until Next Burn, 


Rose Girls November Preorder

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Isn’t this packaging so festive and fun? It just called for a picture under the tree. 

This past restock Jenny and the Rose Girls team offered so many scents that were eye-catching, but I had my eyes on one scent in particular. This one scent inspired the order and flew into the cart before all of the others. Which am I referring to you ask? Vanilla Sandalwood and Campfire Marshmallows. 

I first fell head first for VSCM when I received a few chunks in my last Rosegirls order which was their fall sampler mystery box. From then on I knew I would have to get my hands on more even if it meant having to try and recreate it with Jenny’s mini melters. It must have been such a hit that customers requested it in the next opening and here we are now in all its pie glory. I believe the chunks are the smooth, creamy sandalwood with the crisp woody bite and the overpour to be the gooey rich marshmallow gone soft in the middle and crisp on the edges heating over a fire. So happy to have a half pie in this scent which I will happily try and hoard. Should have gotten two! 

Toadette is a blend of sugar plum, cherry coke and cotton candy frosting.  A cherry filled delight for my husband to enjoy with just the right amount of sugar to keep the cherry from being too medicinal. I had higher hopes of smelling the coke but it comes off more as domimate cherry than anything else. 

Metal Mario reminds me of a version of Super Tarts Tin Man with an added bit of fresh laundry to tone down the fragrance a few notches. So imagine the fragrance of Tin Man but in Mario’s clean, soft, overalls and you’d have this melt. 

If you are a peppermint fan like myself, I’m sure you’ve experimented with blending your minty blends. The most common blend that we all blend our peppermint with at bedtime is either a lavender or vanilla. Ever blended it with a rich vanilla or even a vanilla ice cream?Watermelon Peppermint Ice cream is that blend of ice cream parlor, one scoop or two ice cream with the added toppings of crushed peppermint candies. The watermermelon is present it is just hiding in the background which I believe will show its presence once melted. 

The sample that was included was Strawberry Apple Strudel which smells almost like the Fig Newton bars I ate as a child. Mostly fruity but with the bready/graham like outside dashed with allspice. 
It will be hard to resist not tearing into these goodies prematurely as they all smell so wonderful. 

Did you order anything this past restock? What were some of your favs?

Candle Day Shenanigans 

We need a button that says, We Survived Candle Day.” My husband announced after our trip to Bath and Body Works this morning. Though in all fairness, this year wasn’t as bad as previous years and I feel that is because we got there earlier.

The beginning:

I had all intentions of shopping candle day even if I decided to purchase online. Once we heard that our local store would be opening at 6 AM we planned our morning on a whim to allow Mr. Meltdown to be with me before having to go to work. We arrived to the store about 6:11 and there were already quite a few people inside while others were passing us with large bags full. One lady jokingly remarked, “Sorry, I’ve already bought them all” as she passed us while we were walking in. Everyone got a good laugh but I must admit it quickened my pace a little. 

Now, we stopped in the night before to sniff everything to allow time to decide which ones I wanted and to have my list in hand for today to speed up the process. What I was nervous about was not having any coupons. Not a one was mailed to me or emailed but more on that later. 

Divide and conquer:

Walking up to the wall of crates I immediately grabbed two giving Mr. Meltdown one of them in the process. Then we begin to tackle the list and have our candles picked out in no time. To the checkout line we go!
  Than my indecisive self couldn’t decide if my choices on my last few candles were good ones so I went back and forth a few times as my husband stood in line. 

The Line:

We got in line at 6:30. Speaking of the line, it was a never moving line.  You ever had a thought escape your mouth that should have stayed in your thoughts? Yep. Happened to me. [Remember it was early!] The words, “I’m curious why this line hasn’t moved.” Just slipped right out of my mouth.  Luckily nothing happened other than Mr. Meltdown questioning my sanity ha-ha than we continued to wait and watch. Finally as we approached being next in line, a woman turned around from the checkout and asked if I needed a coupon. 

Thank you coupon angels! Hot dog! Yes! I was so appreciative to whoever had left a few coupons on the counter ahead of us but they proceeded in handing out the two that were there and I was one of the two to get one. The coupon was for a $10 off $30 which in the end would pay for a candle in itself. Twelve candles and $196 dollars in Savings later, we got back to the car at 6:58. 


Candles Purchased:

Marshmallow Fireside x3- Toasted Vanilla and Cedarwood Essential Oil

LodgeSmoked Embers, Pine and Patchouli Essential Oils. 

Snowflakes & CitrusMandarin & Lemon Essential Oils and Notes of Mango.

PeppermintPeppermint Essential Oil and Notes of Creamy Vanilla. 

FlannelOrange Peel and Patchouli Essential Oils and Notes of Soft Musk

Fresh BalsamPine, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus Essential Oils

Winter Candy AppleCandied Apples, Crisp Pears, Oranges. 

Focus– Eucalyptus Oil & Tea Extract. 

Did you do any shopping today? What all did you get in your haulage? Let me know! Enjoy your weekend! 

“Oh, Ffffudge..” Chloe N Me Candle Haul 

The Christmas Story is a classic. It is a tradition in my family to have it on in the background as we go through our Christmas morning festivities. It’s special and will always have a place in my heart. So how could I resist a themed box dedicated to the movie? I knew the shapes and packaging would be adorable and guys.. I was so right. Let’s dive in so I can share with you the holiday goodness.

  Side note: This vendor creates their boxes in a way that allows you to choose a base scent as a blender scent in all of the melts.  My fragrance of choice this go around was Candy Cane! 

“Oh FFFudge”Candy Cane

Stay still my heart. It’s in the shape of his red soap bar! Ugh how adorable. A simple, straight candy cane yet of course with my minty loving nose it is amazing! Sweet candy pulled with fresh mint than formed into a swirled cane. 

 Pink Nightmare- Cashmere Candy Cane 

I don’t know if this bunny was made to look creepy on purpose to go along with the title and with Ralphie’s nightmare but if they did, they hit the nail on the head. *shudders* A soft musk and rich vanilla mingle with the minty candy cane. 

Bonafide Golly Turkeycanis Freak- Twisted Candy Cane. 

Without the B&BW version here to compare it, I have to go off memory on the comparison of these two. I’d have to say this is pretty close to how I remember it smelling. The fresh balsm is very crisp and mingled perfectly with the candy cane while the vanilla helps to sweeten and add depth. Beautiful and simple. 

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid- Candy Cane Tree 

Oh yeah, bring on the Christmas tree scents! This is good but I’m not as sold on it as I am for my strong pine melts this time of year because this reminds of a pinesol cleaner type fragrance than a true pine tree. 

Triple Dog Dare YouStraw Zucchini Candy Cane 

Alright. This is a daring blend for sure especially with zucchini. I’m pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Not a favorite but definitely not as bad as I had braced myself for. Rave review right? Sorry, let me try that again for you zucchini fans. Equally blended with fresh, juicy strawberry and a buttery rich zucchini bread with the slightest kiss of mint. 

“Fragile, It’s Italian”- Candy Cane Marshmallow 

Peppermint gooey sweet marshmallows. Yum!

For more on this vendor: 

If you are a fan of Ralphie and his adventures and quotable lines, this was the sampler to grab! 
Until Next Melt, 

“Thank You For Being A..” Follower!

Happy Turkey Day y’all! 

Today I wanted to share with you my appreciation for something special. What is that something special you say? Well it is actually a who instead of a what. Who? You guys! 

As cheesey as it may come off, I am so very thankful for each and everyone of you who takes the time out of your busy day and read my post and even comments. I enjoy sharing my hobbie with others who also enjoy the same passions and interest while giving you entertainment to hopefully let you escape from the busy, stress of the world if only just for a few minutes. 

So, thank you for being a friend! 

You know I can’t say that without involving my Girls. You may remember this from other previous post that I am a huge fan. Something else I will always be thankful for is my mother sharing this show with me when I was younger. The many memories of sitting on the couch watching them late at night on TV Land will always be priceless. That is probably one of the reasons why I find the show so comforting now is that it was a show my mom and me enjoyed together. 

I am so thrilled to have the full set of Girls in my collection of Funko’s now and to add to my slow growing GG collection. These were given to me for my birthday this year from my loving husband who knows my obsession all to well. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving whether it be with friends, family or however you choose to celebrate! 
Happy thanksgiving from Mr Meltdown & I! 

Matrix Flame Candle

“Fill the room with the warm glows of candle light using the latest reinvention of our LED technology- Matrix The most realistic flicker invented, the candle comes with programmable settings to adjust flame movement, which can be viewed from 360 degrees, and provides a safe yet stunning ambiance. 

I’ve been interested in the battery operated candles for awhile now. They continue to improve more and more with some of them leaving me to question if they truly are real or not until I really examine them. Some are very outrageous in price but they are all stunning with the different movements of their flames whether they are LED or an actual mechanical piece moving to reenact a flame.

Brand: Matrixflame/ Liown, Bethlehem Lights

Product: Melted Edge LED Candle 

Price: $9.99 (TJ Maxx Homegoods)

Color: Slate (Smooth Finish)

Size: 3.5″x 5″

Scent: Coconut

Extras: Remote ready, 5 hour timer, runs on two double D batteries. 

Please enjoy this video I’ve included so you can get a feel for what it looks like in person.

Up close I wasn’t very impressed as you can clearly tell this is LED but from a distance it looks much better and resembles a true candle flame. I enjoy using this most now as it gets colder and right around bed time when my husband and I are snuggled up watching tv and kust want to enjoy the ambience of a soft glowing candle. What’s really nice is if we fall asleep there is no harm since there is no real flame to worry about putting out or threatening your home. Safety first lovelies! 

I’ve really enjoyed this candle so far and will want more in the future. 

Warmed Reviews

It’s been awhile since I last did a warmed review over wax that I’ve been recently melting so I think it’s about time we do one. I’ve had a few of you drop some comments on some recent hauls on scents you were curious about so some of those will also be below. 

Super Tarts, Fake-N-Bake-Warm and fuzzies house bakery scent. Now you can fake it to make it when guests are coming over! Or should I say “Fake it to BAKE it!”? Blending Zucchini bread, our signature Sugar Cookie and our sweet cream fragrance.

Everything you could possibly want from a so called bakery scent. I’ll admit that I have put off trying this scent for the longest time on account of the zucchini bread and just the overall smell on cold wasn’t wowing me. I know better than to judge something on cold and boy did this hit me between the eyes and wake me up. It smells super creamy with the slightest saltiness to balance out the sweetness of the sugar cookie dough. This really does make your house have a warm, cozy, just-been-baking type scent. The throw was phenomenal with one cube throwing well out of my bedroom and drifting off through my two bedroom apartment with ease.


Bento Wax, Reindeer Food-Peppermint Candy Mixed With Fresh Pine. 

In the bag, the wispy pine needles are the first to snag the noses attention before a cooling sensation passes through from the crushed peppermint candies. Sweet yet refreshing. A little over a half of a sushi roll melted, I didn’t get much of a throw.

Better Homes & Gardens, Marshmallow Candy Cane

This is such a step up from the “peppermint” that was offered last year. Peppermint Vanilla Macaroon was it? Yack! (Sorry if that was one of your favorites) Honestly there were so many complaints about it, I don’t think it was anyone’s favorite. This year the peppermint is spot on. The sweetness in the package almost resembles a sweet, pink spun sugar but it does mesh into a soft marshmallow once warmed. If you see this one in your local Wal-Mart and love sweet peppermint scents, grab it up!

Rose Girls,Vanilla Sandalwood and Campfire Marshmallows:

To say I am excited to have a half pie of this scent coming soon is an understatement. Once I finished these two cubes I threw around the idea of trying to go through her mini melters to see if I could recreate the scent myself but by the time I decided to do that she had launched a restock that included this scent. Rich, white wood and gooey toasted marshmallow fill the air and leaves me craving more. One cube has a medium throw but if I were to be patient and have let them cure longer I would have probably had a better outcome with throw.

What have you melted lately? Anything worth mentioning? Let me know! 
Until Next Melt, 

First Bento Wax Haul

I’ve been meaning to place an order with this vendor for awhile now but I had just never gotten around to it. I finally took the plunge and placed a small order this past pre-order mostly to get my hands on some Twilight wax and my first bit of Christmas wax of the season. 

Let’s dive right in! 

3 Pack Sushi Rolls & Spray

Santa’s SuitChristmas Pine, Clean Cotton, Barbershop. 

Classic shaving cream mounds blended with washed linen sheets and the softest  touch of pine. 

 Reindeer FoodPeppermint Candy Mixed With Fresh Pine. 

Winter fresh mint breathes it’s fresh breath against the branches of tall pines brustling it’s needles and giving us that crisp scent. 

TwilightLavender, Ylang Ylang & Tonka Beans.

Spot on Lush type, herbal lavender sweetened and softened by ylang- ylang and tonka beans helping the lavender to be more palatable and relaxing.


Dark Sheets– Midsummers Night & Clean Cotton. 

I figured this would be a winner by the scent description. In my mind the two would have blended extremely well together but something has me turned off from it. I believe it may be the Midsummers night (Yankee Candle) that could be giving it the wang of some sort that I’m not caring for on cold but of course I will let it cure and still give it a shot warmed. Very musty and old lady like to my nose so far. 

Twilight Body Spray 1 oz

 Smells exactly like Lush’s Twilight bath bomb poured into a body spray. The body sprays run about $9 dollars and are pretty decent sized to last awhile. 


Monster Eyes– Calacas & Juicy Purple Grapes. 

Calacas Lush type which is a fruity lime candy scent with an added tartness of the purple grapes giving it a grape candy blow type feel. 
To learn more about this vendor:

All in all I am very happy with my order and would order again. 

Have you ever ordered from this company? What’s your favorite? 

Lush Hauls: Birthday and Small Christmas Haul 

I have been waiting in anticipation for Lush to release their Christmas range so that I could finally see for myself what this ‘cola scented’ shower gel was all about. I wasn’t about to make the mistake of buying one than really enjoy it and wishing I had bought another so I bought two small bottles with plans for sharing the unopened bottle if the scent didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. 

  • Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream 3.3 oz x2 

To my surprise, it truly does smell SPOT ON to a vanilla cherry cola. As someone who no longer drinks sodas, this really had me craving a good ole coke. The scent will have to do for now! Smooth in consistency and rich red lathers that won’t leave the skin colored but will instead leave the mind with holiday cheer…and cola cravings!

  • Twilight Shower Gel 3.3 oz

Tonka and lavender dominate, this shower gel will sweep you off to dream land. Unlike the shower creams, the gel is much thinner in consitancy. My Twilight is very runny and has the tendency to leave a mess down the side of the bottle each use so as long as I rinse the bottle off before storing it, it works out. 

  • Butterbear Washcard 

Smells of classic butterbear. Can’t wait to give this a whirl!

  • Cristingle Solid Body Conditioner 

This is my first product from Lush’s new naked products line. I don’t have the potted conditioner to compare it to as this is my first time using Cristingle. My Cristingle arrived melted and squishy so I quickly put it in the freezer and this is the mangled shape the product came out as after being unwrapped from the shipping paper. Very thankful it was wrapped or it would have made the biggest mess on all of the other products and it wouldn’t have been able to be saved. 

A piece had broken off after freezing giving me the perfect piece to sample. Running the small piece across my skin while in the shower, the product leaves behind a blueish hue on my skin that reminds me of the color a Smurf would be. Who wouldn’t want to be a Smurf though? After rubbing the product in with a little elbow grease, the blue dissipates and your skin is left with water proof super powers! Seriously, I watched beads of water repell from my skin. I patted down with a towel and was left with smooth, soft, moisturized skin. I think I might really enjoy this product! 

*Angels Singing* 

Reading reviews, I mostly go in skeptic because not all things I’ve tried were as amazing smelling or have worked as well for me personally as the reviews suggest. This product on the other hand smells on point to the reviews and works phenomenally leaving me feeling pampered in a sweet, cookie treat for the end of the day. Another bonus is the corn meal used for the scrubbiness is not apprasive but is gentle while cleaning the skin. 

One of my birthday presents from my husband was the haul above. He picked everything himself and I must say, he did very well! 

  • Snowman Bubbleroon
  • Snow Fairy 3.3 oz Shower Gel 
  • Shooting Stars Soap
  • Tree D Bath Melt 

Snowman Bubbleroon
 Poor snowman lost his nose and looks pretty sad about it! Though isn’t he still just the cutest? Scented in Lush’s carrot scent, this shares the same scent as the Bunny shower jelly. Im going to save it for once it gets a bit colder for a chilly winter night. 

Shooting Stars Soap-

Lemon suds awaken the senses with a tang of sharp lime to give this citrus bar the true lemon lime fragrance. 

My tree did arrive broken so I couldn’t assemble it for pictures. That is okay though because everytime I tried to make the pieces stand and have them possibly fit together, they were instantly melting in my hands as you see by the finger prints in the photos. Oops! 

Are you ordering anything from the Christmas line? What is your favorite Christmas product of Lush’s? 

Pixie & Toad Wax Haul 

Pixie & Toad Wax Co. is a company that has a knack for creativity. That creativity and uniqueness is what drew me to them along with many, many other customers. So many that it became a little overwhelming especially with the amount of time and detail that goes into each piece. I placed my first order with this company on August 5th with all understanding that there would be a wait time of about 4-5 weeks. Though when that TAT came and went, I became a little weary especially after hearing some of the negativity that began to sprout up and others who had also not received their order that had ordered before I had. 

That is when I politely contacted the vendor. She was very quick to respond and explain that they had fallen behind and would get to mine as soon as they could. I’d say about a week and a half went by before I made contact again. This time I was told that my order would be ready by the following Tuesday to ship, which it did and I received this package on the 20th of October. As I can see by the pour dates, they are shooting these orders out as fast as they can and shipping them within a day or two of them being made trying to catch up. 

I’ll start with the Halloween portion of the haul. I also want to start off by saying the detail on these items are outstanding esepcially for rushed/fast paced work. As I hold the wax in my hand and examine each one while taking these pictures, I can see the time it must have taken to paint on the color and or luster dust on each groove and indent (especially with the unicorns you will see later on.)

I believe that Frank and Bride are both scented in crisp clean, cotton sheets which smell true to its description. Laundered and clean giving off that snuggle feeling without the harsh chemical type linen smell that some home fragrances have that are headache inducing. This is just enough freshness and it is very nice. 

Bride- $2.00

Frank- $1.25

Jack $2.25 A blend of rum soaked cherries, buttery orange, warm maple sugar drizzled with chocolate, caramel, sugared vanilla and honey. 

A light sugared honey comb drizzled in caramel. Not much else detected though with some curing the scent may deepen. 

Jack & Zero $3.00- Apple Honey Clementine 

 Scented in golden delicious apples, picked bright yellow from the bushel. Slightly tart but with a crisp and sweet finish. The clementine adds a citrus aroma that’s tangy and sugary giving it a perfect balance to the tart apple. 

Unicorns(6 pack) $2.50Majestic, glittery and scented with lavender and coconut milk…yum!

This reminds me of what I believe Jergens lotion smells of. Soft, pampered and calming. Coconut rich nutrients with lavender undertones. Aren’t these stunning?!

Rhizzo The Green Dragon $1.25Moroccan Mint

Rich mint leaves picked and crushed for their essence than combined in a creamy vanilla mint. 

Than I’m torn. Do I go ahead with my Harry Potter portion of the order or leave that for another fandom haul/review?

Okay. I decided to share but be prepared for them to make a reappearance in a warmed Potter post! 

Hedwig $2.25Fresh, crisp, snowy blend of juniper, sage, bergamot & aromatic evergreens and Amber. 

An overwhelming amount of sage hits the nose first dominating the fragrance before allowing any other scent to break through. Besides the smell of sage, a slight winter evergreen woody tone can be detected. 

Pygmy Puff ($2.75)- Dazzleberry, sugared berries blended with ginger ale 

Sweet spun sugar clouds and ripe berries dance around effervescent bubbles to create this fun childlike fragrance. 

Mandrake $4.00 (One) A fall blend of Oakwood, hay, mint, beeswax and chamomile. 

A very unique, earthy blend. Minty undertones and bundles of hay mingle together with twigs of oak and a breath of fall to create this screaming fragrance. Really wonderful on cold so I am excited to give this a go once cured. 

Exploding Bon Bons $2.75 (6 pack)-  Explosive blend of Satsuma, half blood Orange, pineapple and a crackle of cake. 

Fruit enriched tartness that will make your eyes bulge and your lips pucker before exploding in your mouth a sweet blend of pineapple juice and smooth, juicy citrus. A true tangy, fruit explosion! NOTE: The tops are coated in pop-rock candy which in turn leaves the wax and bag sticky to the touch. I hope that doesn’t make a mess in the warmer.. we will test that in the warm review. 

Have you ever ordered from Pixie and Glad? What were your thoughts? Let me know! 

Happy Halloween Ghouls!! 🎃🎃🎃

Until Next Melt,