Scents and A Touch of Artsy Magic

Brand/Vendor: Super Tarts

Price: $4.25

Product: Clamshell

Scent: Harry (Harry Potter)

Scent Description: Magically Delicious and French Baguette.

Throw: Knock Out Strong

Brandi’s Magically Delicious can go either two ways. Either it can give a blend more of a bread/yeasty type wang or it can add a nice touch of sweet bakery to the mix when blended with the right fragrances (Good Witch is a perfect example). To my nose it differs on blend to blend.

This melt however tends to be all yeasty as the french baguette really shines through while the MG comes through as more doughy than sweet adding an all around bread note. If you enjoy your home smelling of baked, sweet bread than this is the melt for you. Just be cautious of melting this in smaller rooms as even one cube threw me out of my bedroom and forced me to move my warmer into the kitchen since we have higher ceilings there.

I’ve been lacking on blogging as of late. My list of reasons are long but I’ll try and keep it brief. As you may (or not) know I had to try moving my blog over to another platform when I ran out of memory space on this platform. Followers remained following here rapidly while content wasn’t being posted and my other platform stayed at a stand still. Discouragement of life also set in along with health issues I’ve been struggling with on and off.

I have also been doing rather well the past several months not buying vendor wax. Most temptation has subsided for wax for now as something else has my attention as of late. This leads me into my next topic and hobbie that takes up most of my spare time and money. Crafting.

I love anything to do with crafting, art, painting, drawing ect. Being hands on and creating gives me purpose and fills a need in me that is so strong and so important and is just what makes me, well me. My most recent medium that I’ve been learning to work with is polymers clay and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Above is one set of the knitting wands I’ve been working on, a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans jar, a broom stick book mark, glow in the dark ghost charms and a ghost cuddling a pumpkin magnet. I’ll admit I’m not the best at it yet but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

So what does this mean for the future of the blog? What does this mean for my future with wax and candles?

Oh, believe me, My love of wax and candles is still here! I melt every night when I get home from work or have a candle going in the kitchen as I cook dinner. So there will be reviews to come. Also I am behind on a few hauls that I still need to post so bare with me.

As for the blog, today’s post will be a test on whether or not I decide if I move up to the WordPress plan and continue blogging here. If I do continue blogging here I will be sharing more of my crafting journey and cooking for my ic/gluten free life along with candle and wax reviews.

How have you guys been?! Thank you to all the new followers and my current readers as well.

Until Next Melt,


The Fall of My Super Pan

WARNING*WARNING*WARNING* Small rant ahead. If rants aren’t your thing then this part of the post may not be for you. You are welcome to scroll down to the marked stars that I have conveniently placed for you if you would like to skip onto the haul.

I have just about had it with my mail carrier. Let me be specific and say this one mail carrier as I only have problems intermittently when they are on rotation. Before I go any further I should say that I am very thankful for all the hard work and service that the postal service men and women put into getting our mail to us day in and day out but there is always one bad egg that ruins a good thing. I would think it should be common sense that if you have to put your fist into my package and beat it to a pulp to make it fit into my mail slot..than it wasn’t meant to fit and isn’t best to try. At this point I would rather them leave it on my front porch which some of the mail carriers have if the mail lockers are full or whatever the case may be. 

This has happened to my mail way too many times to count. The first few times it was wax packages and the seller had packaged them very well that even after the beating they were left in decent shape. Though I had to have my husband cut a box lose from the slot days after delivery after I had keyed the box open with my keys and all the contents dropped to the floor leaving an empty box stuck inside. Funny story that is as it was my Grimoire Tea sampler order. Imagine coming to check your mail and you see a woman chipping away at a box (angrily and determined) then see dozens of small zip lock baggies fall to the floor with what appears to be a substance that looks of dried leaves and her scrambling in a mad dash to pick them all up… I’ll just leave you with that image.. It’s tea!! Back on point. 

Once my Christmas shopping started arriving and it too was getting the same abuse, smoke began coming out my ears. I had ordered a book for my husband as one of his gifts. Upon opening the mailbox and finding it sandwiched into the slot in a “U” shape I let out a squeal and quickly began trying to get it out without ripping or damaging it further. Bookworms will also understand my pain here for when you bend a paperback book it usually is forever stuck in a “U” bend. Somehow after a day and a half of working it loose it didn’t appear to be severely damaged or bent.

What have I done to try and solve the problem you ask? Not too much because I figured when it first started happening that it was just a mild frustration and yes it annoyed me but it was wax and I could handle it. Once it started coming to my Christmas gifts that I was gifting to other people I tried to call and put in a complaint but to speak with a human is near to impossible and once you do get through to a rep line, they put you on hold where they tell you it could be a wait time of an hour. I understand that they are busy, extremely busy, but I also see that is probably put there as a deterrent for people who complain. Who has that kind of time to wait around? Notes also don’t seem to work as they aren’t seen.


So, what was it that got me upset (truly sad) this time and inspired this post? Knowing that my Super Pan from Super Tarts was due to arrive and going to the mail to find this. Why? The first time I treat myself to one of these gorgeous pans does it arrive like this. Why did it have to be that mailman running deliveries that day? Any other time it would have been tucked away safely in a mail locker.  The package was wedged in very tightly into the slot that every time I gently rocked it back and forth I could hear it making a crunch and occasional bubble wrap pop that crushed my heart.


Time to see the damages. Upon un-wrapping all the envelopes and bubble wrap it appears to be in fair condition other than a sliver wedged from the bottom and side and that the bottom left corner completely broke off which I was hopeful that I could make work in pictures for you guys. Once it was time for pictures I found that “slight damage” was in fact not the case. The bottom had been fractured causing cracks up the sides and the top frosting portion where the corner broke, shattered and slid off. I know that this is just wax and it will be chopped and melted but for Pete’s peppers! I wanted to at least enjoy this piece of art for a little while before destroying it. It wasn’t even in my home an hour before falling apart. This must be the world’s way of making me use it and enjoy it instead of hanging on to it.






 Vendor: Super Tarts

Product: Super Pan

Price: $25

Scent: Good Witch

Good Witch- Magically Delicious and white clouds


 *I did my best to reconstruct the pan to its original form before it broke for the pictures for you guys so hopefully the pictures will still do this beautiful pan justice.*


 I remember first melting this scent and becoming obsessed right off the bat and kicking myself for not ordering more so once this scent became available again I jumped on it in the large quantity you see here. Brandi’s Magically Delicious can go two ways in a scent blend to my nose. Either it can give a blend more of a bread like wang to it (my husband describes it as smelling like feet) or it can add a nice touch of bakery to the mix. 

With Good Witch my nose picks up a lovely blend of soft clean linen, not the starchy, chemical kind that burns your nose and is headache inducing, but the kind of linen that beckons you to a good night’s sleep and that you’ll want to shove your face into.  Mixed with sugary puff cereal bits like the little Leprechaun guy’s cereal (you know the one). Now I know that must sound strange but believe me, it is so magically dreamy. 

Is this one of your favorites of Brandi’s? Did you order from the Super Pan Pre-order? Let me know!

Until Next Melt!


 I know it has been awhile since I Iast posted. I’ve had some technical difficulty recently. This may have to be my last post for the time being until I can work out the details and get back up and running. Please bare with me during this time until I can decide how to move forward and continue giving you fun waxy content! 


Super Tarts Wax Wednesday & Bam Bags

*cricket cricket* hmm.. That is odd. I could have sworn I used to do these hauls all the time but now it’s been ages since I’ve ordered from ST. I went ahead and placed an order on Wax Wednesday with all of the hussle and bussle and finally received it than my two winter bam bags made it in too so I figured we would combine the two. I didn’t grab much as I made it in late to Wax Wednesday. (don’t get me started or there will be a rant to follow) It is probably for the best as I’m realizing more and more that I need to go on a low buy/ no buy soon until I go through some of this wax. 

Skip ahead several weeks later.. I have neglected to post this haul. It has been on my to do list to sit down with these fragrances and give you cold thoughts but the past week and a half I have been so congested that I haven’t had the nose for it. So that I dont keep you guys waiting any longer and before this post becomes anymore irrelevant I have attached below the scent notes and pictures of what I bought. Please let me know if you would like warmed reviews on any of these.

Wax Wednesday:


Dream Girl (Pink)Sugar dusted mandarin oranges and cotton candy mimosas.

Peter Parker (Blue)Fresh picked strawberries and sweet lollie. 

Both new to me scents and of what I can smell they smell pretty good. I believe my husband would enjoy these more than I would since fruity/tropical scents are more his forte. I may try adding some cake batter or vanilla alongside some lemon to Peter Parker to see if I can get a little Flash (Flash- Fresh Picked Strawberries, Sweet Lemonade and Creamy Cake) action since I missed that Petal and Bam Bag. 

Middle Earth– Dirt, rosemary and fresh mint leaf. 

Repurchase. Always good to have at least a clam of this on hand at all times. 

GrudgeBlueberry muffins, vanilla bean noel, sandalwood and fall leaves.

A new one for me, I was intrigued by the blend of blueberry muffins (yes please!) sandalwood and fall leaves. Technically a fall melt but I will be melting this one when my nose clears. 

BabadookCola, pumpkin ice cream & frosted cupcakes. 

I bought this melt in hopes of it being close to my hoard worthy Coven. Guys I’m telling you, the cola just adds a sweetness to the bakery tones that is like no other! This melt is a bit different but once I get my nose back I may have to do a side by side comparison. 

Diva Duck- Iced lemonade, sweet lollipops, & grape soda 

Another repurchase. Mr. Meltdown and I were craving some grape scents. Hopefully this will satisfy my craving for a grape soda pronto before I break my ban against sodas. This Thanksgiving marked a year since I’ve had a carbonated beverage! 

Bam Bags Pre-order 

White Walkers: Spearmint, peppermint, fresh mint leaf and VBN

A great melt to have on hand for headaches, stuffy noses or just to relax! Every kind of mint blended smoothly with rich vanilla bean to help sweeten and take the edge off. You better believe I’ve already dived into melting some of this. 

Merry Mouse: Sweet lollipops, iced lemonade and christmas trees. 

This one surprised me. It doesn’t smell the way you would think it would. It takes on a bakery, vanilla like scent (again this is to my nose) once it’s melting. On cold it is just rather sweet and lemony with a twang of pine floating around but when melting it almost smells like a lemon pie maybe? I’m not sure. I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve passed this one on to a friend in hopes that she might enjoy it more. Fingers crossed as I just remembered she doesn’t like lemon.. but I remembered she loved pine so maybe! 50/50 chance. 

I’ll have one other Super Tarts goodie to share with you once it arrives and I get photos of it so be on the look out for it. Did you get anything from Wax Wednesday? Is it a sore subject? Let me know!
Until Next Melt, 

Happy Wax Wax Popper Review

 Disclaimer: The following product was given to me as a gift for Christmas and below are my honest opinions. 

If you are anything like me, you dread two things when it comes to melting and changing your wax. One, the dish becoming filthy and two, the hassle of changing out your wax.  

Now hear me out. If you catch it while the wax is still warm it isn’t much of a problem since I normally will take a few cotton balls and let it soak up the wax as I am not big on the hot pouring method. Hot pouring is when most of my waxidents seem to occur. 

Though when the wax has cooled, say when my husband or I turn it off for the night, the next morning we have a round solid disc stuck to the plate that at times can be challenging to remove. 

Recently I have turned to the method of rolling ice cubes around the dish to loosen the wax instead of waiting on the freezer to do this for me. This works well most of the time with the occasional tar-like wax that just refuses to let go. I would than have to turn to putting it in the freezer and waiting several minutes or begin angrily chipping away at it with a butter knife. Up to you but either way is a nuisance. 


I say all of this to get to what I wanted to discuss today. While shopping on Amazon a few weeks back, I ran across a few different warmer accessories including several wax warmer cups. One of them being the Happy Wax, Wax Popper. On the page it states to be a liner for your warmer made from a “durable, reusable silicone”

I was a bit skeptical on whether it would work well or if it would tamper with the throw of the wax. I had previously tried using the reusable silicone muffin liners as a ‘hack’ for easier clean up with melting but I didn’t receive as strong of a throw compared to just melting in the dish itself. Being mindful that this item would have been made specifically for warmers unlike the muffin liners and being familiar with the brand name, I felt the urge to give it a try. I mentioned this item to my husband as it was getting close to Christmas and a few weeks later I am thrilled to bring you a review and hopefully an answer to our messy dishes and stuck on wax!

Now before I go any further and am asked in the comments, “But why didn’t you buy direct through the seller on their website?” My husband shops with ease on Amazon and I did indeed buy this through Happy Wax on their Amazon page which I also confirmed with HW to be legit.


About The Product:

Here is the link for their website and direct page for Happy Wax Poppers and many other beartastic, waxy products but you can also find them on Amazon. 

Product: Wax Popper

Made Of: Silicone

Price: $9.95

Dim: 2” wide at base x 2.5” wide at top (“flare”) x 1” tall/deep but claims to be One Size Fits All

 You will receive one wax popper per package/order for $9.95. 


As you can see per the picture above, the wax removes with ease. No freezing or chipping away with a butter knife required! Just peel back the silicone liner once the wax has dried and the popper allows you to ‘pop’ the dried wax right into the garbage with ease! As for throw the only difference I’ve noticed is it takes a few minutes longer for me to notice the smell as it begins to melt but then after the wax has had a chance to completely pool out I get a nice even throw. (This is melting in my bedroom and tested with several vendors)

Although I am very happy with my liner, it has come to my attention that something on the liner cup peels/sheds off as if it were a snake after a few uses. Whether it somehow be old wax peeling off after heating or just the silicone burning off the new layer, I’m not sure but it doesn’t seem to harm the liner. It does leave me to wonder why it does this and if it’s safe but for now when I use it I am rinsing it off to keep the shedding mess to a minimal. 

What are your thoughts on melting liners? Have you ever used them? Would you use them? Let me know! 

Until Next Melt! 

The Gift Of Wax- Wax I got For Christmas 

Hello there my fellow waxies! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and were able to eat lots of delicious food and open all the gifts you wanted while spending time with your loved ones. It’s been a few days since my last post but as the holiday season is coming to a close things have started to slow down a bit for me to put together this one. I wanted to share with you some of the waxy goodness that I received for Christmas this year. I’ll keep it brief to just the descriptions on each as I plan to do seperate hauls with cold sniff thoughts but if you would like a warmed review on any of them please let me know!

Disclaimer: This is in no way me bragging or showing off, this is just me wanting to share with you what my loved ones bought for me and how I see it in turn will be shared with all of you lovelies in reviews and pictures. Enjoy! 

Goose Creek Candles & Melts


Christmas Cake Candle (x2):

Top: Fluffy Vanilla Cake

Mid: Vanilla Bean, Warm Butter 

Base: Twisted Vanilla Bean

Cozy Home:

Top: Warm Woods, Toasted Coconut

Mid: Balsam

Base: Amber, Sandalwood and Musk


Top: Tea Leaves, Harvest Spices

Mid: Orange Blossom, Crunchy Leaves

Base: Birch Leaves, Light Cinnamon


Burwood & Oak:

Top: Rosemary, Orange, Lemon

Mid: Lavender, Light Rose

Base: Oak, Cashmere Woods, Sandalwood Oak Moss


Butter Cookie-

Top: Warm Vanilla

Mid: Melted Butter, Sugar Crystals 

Base: Warm Baked Cookies 

Christmas Cookie- I wasn’t able to find a description for this one but if you’ve ever had a bag of the holiday short bread cookies that came in the bell, tree and star shapes and had the different colored sugar sprinkles on them, this is SPOT ON to what it smells like on cold. So delicious

Classic Christmas Tree- Exactly like the name sugggest, a classic true pine aromatic of a Christmas time fragrance. 

All the Goosecreek goodies were given to me by Mr. Meltdown.

Super Tarts:

Coven(x5)- Cola, Cake Batter, VBN & Zucchini Bread

Go To SleepPink Sugar & Sweet Lavender Cream

White Christmas- Peppermint Frosted Cranberries, Serendipity and Vanilla Bean Gelato

Polar Express- Creamy slow simmered hot chocolate, topped with warm toasted marshmallows, raw cocoa dusted raspberries and served with Christmas tin butter cookies

A Christmas Story- Hot Orange Danish, Flaky pie crust, sweet cream and spicy cinnamon sticks

Die Hard- Pine Needles and Sugar Cookies 

All the Super Tarts goodies were also gifted from Mr. Meltdown. 

Marshmallow Fireside- Made with notes of Toasted Vanilla and Cedarwood Essential Oil

Vanilla Spiced Pear-  Bartlett Pears, White Rum, Creamy Vanilla, Fresh Cinnamon

I received these two candles from my in-laws which is very special as they are sensitive to scent but went in to Bath and Body Works, a place they usually avoid like the plague, just for me! Very thankful. 

Better Homes and Gardens Botanical Wax Warmer from my brother. Very sweet of him to remember this interest of mine or shall I say obession!!
I am very thankful for everything and can’t wait to dive into everything. What all did you get this year? I would love to hear!

Winter Retail- BHG & ScentSationals

Retail wax continues to amaze and draw me back in year after year with their wax. Not only is it affordable but it also performs phenomenally. What’s not to love? 

Better Homes and Gardens, ScentSationals and Mainstays have a huge selection this year with some returning scents and a few new scents sprinkled within. I picked a handful to review that were in my scent preference though keep in mind there were also several others to choose from if none of these tickle your fancy. While shopping for these, I mostly was in the mood for pine so that will reflect here. 

Perfectly Pine– Fresh pine combined with eucalyptus lightly sweetened with raspberry.

Love! One cube of this goes a long, long way. A very true pine fragrance that gets me into the Christmas Cheer. I love melting this near the tree while wrapping presents. 

Welcome– Sweet orchard apple embellished with spicy clove, crushed cinnamon, tart cranberry, and a splash of winter pear gleams with rich nuances of aromatic evergreen and soft balsam.

Now that I am having the chance to smell this one again it is giving me a cinnamon, craft store type vibe. There is just a lot going on with this one. 

Aspen Evergreen Walk– (Unable to locate scent notes) 

Woodsey pine though not the sweet, sharp pine I was looking for that reminds me of Christmas. 

Marshmallow Candy Cane– (unable to locate scent notes)

A step up from the “peppermint” that was Peppermint Vanilla Macaroon offered in last year’s collection. This year the peppermint is spot on and smoothed out by a decadent marshmallow. The sweetness in the package almost resembles a sweet, pink spun sugar but it does mesh into a soft marshmallow once warmed. 

Iced Winter Cranberry– (Unable to locate scent notes) 

Tart delicious cranberries squeezed and collected to create this winter fragrance. Icy fruit has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to fragrances whether it be iced cranberries, strawberries, pineapples, ect. Any time you add that tartness with a hint of sweetness than give it a bit of a frosty tingle, you’ve got me on board. 

What are some of your favorites that are floating around right now? 

Rose Girls November Preorder

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Isn’t this packaging so festive and fun? It just called for a picture under the tree. 

This past restock Jenny and the Rose Girls team offered so many scents that were eye-catching, but I had my eyes on one scent in particular. This one scent inspired the order and flew into the cart before all of the others. Which am I referring to you ask? Vanilla Sandalwood and Campfire Marshmallows. 

I first fell head first for VSCM when I received a few chunks in my last Rosegirls order which was their fall sampler mystery box. From then on I knew I would have to get my hands on more even if it meant having to try and recreate it with Jenny’s mini melters. It must have been such a hit that customers requested it in the next opening and here we are now in all its pie glory. I believe the chunks are the smooth, creamy sandalwood with the crisp woody bite and the overpour to be the gooey rich marshmallow gone soft in the middle and crisp on the edges heating over a fire. So happy to have a half pie in this scent which I will happily try and hoard. Should have gotten two! 

Toadette is a blend of sugar plum, cherry coke and cotton candy frosting.  A cherry filled delight for my husband to enjoy with just the right amount of sugar to keep the cherry from being too medicinal. I had higher hopes of smelling the coke but it comes off more as domimate cherry than anything else. 

Metal Mario reminds me of a version of Super Tarts Tin Man with an added bit of fresh laundry to tone down the fragrance a few notches. So imagine the fragrance of Tin Man but in Mario’s clean, soft, overalls and you’d have this melt. 

If you are a peppermint fan like myself, I’m sure you’ve experimented with blending your minty blends. The most common blend that we all blend our peppermint with at bedtime is either a lavender or vanilla. Ever blended it with a rich vanilla or even a vanilla ice cream?Watermelon Peppermint Ice cream is that blend of ice cream parlor, one scoop or two ice cream with the added toppings of crushed peppermint candies. The watermermelon is present it is just hiding in the background which I believe will show its presence once melted. 

The sample that was included was Strawberry Apple Strudel which smells almost like the Fig Newton bars I ate as a child. Mostly fruity but with the bready/graham like outside dashed with allspice. 
It will be hard to resist not tearing into these goodies prematurely as they all smell so wonderful. 

Did you order anything this past restock? What were some of your favs?

Candle Day Shenanigans 

We need a button that says, We Survived Candle Day.” My husband announced after our trip to Bath and Body Works this morning. Though in all fairness, this year wasn’t as bad as previous years and I feel that is because we got there earlier.

The beginning:

I had all intentions of shopping candle day even if I decided to purchase online. Once we heard that our local store would be opening at 6 AM we planned our morning on a whim to allow Mr. Meltdown to be with me before having to go to work. We arrived to the store about 6:11 and there were already quite a few people inside while others were passing us with large bags full. One lady jokingly remarked, “Sorry, I’ve already bought them all” as she passed us while we were walking in. Everyone got a good laugh but I must admit it quickened my pace a little. 

Now, we stopped in the night before to sniff everything to allow time to decide which ones I wanted and to have my list in hand for today to speed up the process. What I was nervous about was not having any coupons. Not a one was mailed to me or emailed but more on that later. 

Divide and conquer:

Walking up to the wall of crates I immediately grabbed two giving Mr. Meltdown one of them in the process. Then we begin to tackle the list and have our candles picked out in no time. To the checkout line we go!
  Than my indecisive self couldn’t decide if my choices on my last few candles were good ones so I went back and forth a few times as my husband stood in line. 

The Line:

We got in line at 6:30. Speaking of the line, it was a never moving line.  You ever had a thought escape your mouth that should have stayed in your thoughts? Yep. Happened to me. [Remember it was early!] The words, “I’m curious why this line hasn’t moved.” Just slipped right out of my mouth.  Luckily nothing happened other than Mr. Meltdown questioning my sanity ha-ha than we continued to wait and watch. Finally as we approached being next in line, a woman turned around from the checkout and asked if I needed a coupon. 

Thank you coupon angels! Hot dog! Yes! I was so appreciative to whoever had left a few coupons on the counter ahead of us but they proceeded in handing out the two that were there and I was one of the two to get one. The coupon was for a $10 off $30 which in the end would pay for a candle in itself. Twelve candles and $196 dollars in Savings later, we got back to the car at 6:58. 


Candles Purchased:

Marshmallow Fireside x3- Toasted Vanilla and Cedarwood Essential Oil

LodgeSmoked Embers, Pine and Patchouli Essential Oils. 

Snowflakes & CitrusMandarin & Lemon Essential Oils and Notes of Mango.

PeppermintPeppermint Essential Oil and Notes of Creamy Vanilla. 

FlannelOrange Peel and Patchouli Essential Oils and Notes of Soft Musk

Fresh BalsamPine, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus Essential Oils

Winter Candy AppleCandied Apples, Crisp Pears, Oranges. 

Focus– Eucalyptus Oil & Tea Extract. 

Did you do any shopping today? What all did you get in your haulage? Let me know! Enjoy your weekend! 

“Oh, Ffffudge..” Chloe N Me Candle Haul 

The Christmas Story is a classic. It is a tradition in my family to have it on in the background as we go through our Christmas morning festivities. It’s special and will always have a place in my heart. So how could I resist a themed box dedicated to the movie? I knew the shapes and packaging would be adorable and guys.. I was so right. Let’s dive in so I can share with you the holiday goodness.

  Side note: This vendor creates their boxes in a way that allows you to choose a base scent as a blender scent in all of the melts.  My fragrance of choice this go around was Candy Cane! 

“Oh FFFudge”Candy Cane

Stay still my heart. It’s in the shape of his red soap bar! Ugh how adorable. A simple, straight candy cane yet of course with my minty loving nose it is amazing! Sweet candy pulled with fresh mint than formed into a swirled cane. 

 Pink Nightmare- Cashmere Candy Cane 

I don’t know if this bunny was made to look creepy on purpose to go along with the title and with Ralphie’s nightmare but if they did, they hit the nail on the head. *shudders* A soft musk and rich vanilla mingle with the minty candy cane. 

Bonafide Golly Turkeycanis Freak- Twisted Candy Cane. 

Without the B&BW version here to compare it, I have to go off memory on the comparison of these two. I’d have to say this is pretty close to how I remember it smelling. The fresh balsm is very crisp and mingled perfectly with the candy cane while the vanilla helps to sweeten and add depth. Beautiful and simple. 

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid- Candy Cane Tree 

Oh yeah, bring on the Christmas tree scents! This is good but I’m not as sold on it as I am for my strong pine melts this time of year because this reminds of a pinesol cleaner type fragrance than a true pine tree. 

Triple Dog Dare YouStraw Zucchini Candy Cane 

Alright. This is a daring blend for sure especially with zucchini. I’m pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Not a favorite but definitely not as bad as I had braced myself for. Rave review right? Sorry, let me try that again for you zucchini fans. Equally blended with fresh, juicy strawberry and a buttery rich zucchini bread with the slightest kiss of mint. 

“Fragile, It’s Italian”- Candy Cane Marshmallow 

Peppermint gooey sweet marshmallows. Yum!

For more on this vendor: 

If you are a fan of Ralphie and his adventures and quotable lines, this was the sampler to grab! 
Until Next Melt, 

“Thank You For Being A..” Follower!

Happy Turkey Day y’all! 

Today I wanted to share with you my appreciation for something special. What is that something special you say? Well it is actually a who instead of a what. Who? You guys! 

As cheesey as it may come off, I am so very thankful for each and everyone of you who takes the time out of your busy day and read my post and even comments. I enjoy sharing my hobbie with others who also enjoy the same passions and interest while giving you entertainment to hopefully let you escape from the busy, stress of the world if only just for a few minutes. 

So, thank you for being a friend! 

You know I can’t say that without involving my Girls. You may remember this from other previous post that I am a huge fan. Something else I will always be thankful for is my mother sharing this show with me when I was younger. The many memories of sitting on the couch watching them late at night on TV Land will always be priceless. That is probably one of the reasons why I find the show so comforting now is that it was a show my mom and me enjoyed together. 

I am so thrilled to have the full set of Girls in my collection of Funko’s now and to add to my slow growing GG collection. These were given to me for my birthday this year from my loving husband who knows my obsession all to well. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving whether it be with friends, family or however you choose to celebrate! 
Happy thanksgiving from Mr Meltdown & I!